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INFC Y/B National 2008: National Prizes Rain Down

It is a day that will live long in the memory of Richard Cassells from Edgarstown, winner of 1st Open INFC Sennen Cove Y/B National.
From (l) Gerald Creaney, Willie Neill and Mark Neill finished 2nd Open for the 3rd time this year, pictured here with three of their Champion pigeons.
When your competing in a Club along with the likes of Willie Neill and Ron Williamson to name a couple you have to be at the top of your game, David Calvin certainly is there finishing 3rd, 7th and 8th Open INFC Y/Bird National.

Gilbert Kennedy of the Moira based T & G Kennedy finish 4th Open Y/B National and continue their fabulous form in this particular race, they have been in the prizes for the last 6 years .

At the Muckamore Centre, Geoff Dickey (r) winner of 1st Mid Antrim Combine Sennen Cove YB Nat with Alan Darragh who also races into Galgorm winner of 1st Mid Antrim Combine Sennen Cove Old Hens National.
70 year old Francey McCann of Laurelvale has raced some fine pigeons in his day with a run of 17 years as top prize winner in the Laurelvale Club. He can still time them from the big events and finished 6th Open.
Richard Donnelly of the Donnelly Bros Partnership enjoyed yet another super season they finished 1st Open Friendship National earlier in the year with ‘Lily’ who was the only bird into Ireland on the day, they timed from this race 4 Y/B’s within an hour to finish 9th Open with the first one.
David Calvin of Annaghmore also has a tremendous record in this race over the years he finishes 10th Open and has another finishing 19th Open to collect the Bricon sponsored ETS System and the £10 Nom lifting him just over £1,100 in pools and prize money.

Portadown Area Dominate in Blue Riband YB National

The Irish National Flying Club Y/Bird and Old Hens Nationals were held last Friday 12th September. Liberated at 7.50am after a two day hold over as the result of rain in one area of the route one day and obviously as the band of bad weather moved over it prevented a liberation the second day. So with a liberation on Friday morning in a Light Westerly wind many of the pundits reckoned nine or ten hours up into the North of Ireland. The convoy of 1,856 young birds entered by 351 fanciers racing for £17,672 in pools and prize money plus a Bricon ETS System, were joined in the transporter with 280 O/Hens sent by 96 competing members for £1,870 in pools and prize money. In reflection looking at last years figures it is encouraging to see the Y/Bird entry up by 457 especially after such a turbulent Y/Bird season for all fanciers both North and South with regards the ever increasing problems with the weather. As for the O/Hens entry disappointedly it was down considerably from an entry of 470 last year to 280 this year, with many fanciers I spoke to admitting that the feathers just didn’t hold as well this year with regards the moult especially with ones that they had ear marked for this event. The winner this year of the Natural Granen  sponsored Y/B National is Richard Cassells of Edgarstown just outside Portadown who will no doubt be booking his tickets now for the Irish National Flying Club Dinner which takes place in the 4 Star Stormont Hotel in Belfast on Friday 28th November were he will pick up the J M K McGugan Perpetual Cup for winning the Y/Bird National, also hopefully attending will be R Fox who finishes 1st South Section winning the William Erwin Memorial Cup which is awarded to the 1st Section winner not winning the race. Joining them will be Derek, Cyril and Jim Niblock from Newry who won the Gem Supplements sponsored Old Hens National, they will be lifting the Alan Darragh Challenge Cup and the Framed Diploma for winning their first ever National after many years of very credible efforts including finishing 2nd Open in the Y/B National in 1997. The winning Y/Bird was timed at 3.44pm into Edgarstown just a few minutes short of the 8 hour mark for the 305 mile fly, with the winning Old Hen clocked at 3.15pm into Newry flying 285 miles. It is very pleasing to say that this race will go down as one of the most successful in recent years for returns and with this difficult challenge added to their individual CV’s,  many will I am sure be going to the second part of the three tiered challenge with the Yearling National next year which is traditionally flown from the same race point before the final ultimate goal in arriving home in the prizes from the Blue Riband Kings Cup event, such courageous pigeons are now awarded the Triple Champion Diploma for finishing in the prizes from all three events.

INFC Young Bird National - Top Ten Report

1st Richard Cassells Edgarstown - Vel 1134 winning £724.

Richard Cassells they tell me was considering giving the pigeons up this year, if he ever needed a result to change his mind it has certainly arrived. Only sending two pigeons to this race he clocked the National winning Cheq Pied hen at 3.44pm flying 305 miles to his lofts on the outskirts of Portadown, what a year the Portadown area are having flying with the Irish National Flying Club, certainly looking as if they are the new Mid-Antrim following many years of success up there in National competition. Richard has a very impressive record over the years especially with the distance races memorably he won the French Diploma in 1991 after finishing 4th in Friendship National and 20th Open in the Kings Cup. His biggest regret over the years he was telling me was not concentrating enough on those old successful pigeons specifically breeding of the winning line for stock purposes perhaps the loft has turned full circle so to speak and this is the start of many more years of success. Sire of the winning pigeon was a 2 year old Cheq cock bred by John Dowey of the Laurelvale and Tandragee Clubs who knows all about racing himself. This cock was mated to a 2002 bred Blue hen of Soontjen breeding coming from Alan Capper which in turn was bred from his No 1 Pair which contain all the Blue Thunder lines direct from the master himself Bob Fenech. This particular hen was 1st Section, 11th Open in the NIPA Mallow 5 Bird race in 2003. When I arrived Richard was wiring up a large plasma T.V in time to watch Manchester City take on Chelsea unfortunately he didn’t get the result he wanted in the match but know doubt being confirmed as the Y/Bird National winner took some of the disappointment away. Well Done Richard.  

2nd Willie Neill Bondhill - Vel 1105 winning £316.

No fancier has had worse luck this year than the racing lofts of Willie Neill, Willie assisted by loft men Gerald Creaney and Jim Cullen have already this year finished 2nd Open in Tullamore with the NIPA just a couple of weeks ago beaten by one yard, they also finished 2nd Open in the Penzance Classic and now 2nd Open in the INFC Y/B National. On a brighter note they topped the NIPA from Talbenny in South Wales and have finished 1st Section no less than 4 times throughout the season. They have enjoyed Y/Bird National success before with the NIPA winning the Talbenny National in 2002 and then in 2006 winning the same race again with a son from the 2002 winner. This pigeon that was 2nd Open in this particular National from Sennen Cove was a Cheq Pied hen timed at 3.55pm flying 304 miles into Annaghmore, again on the outskirts of Portadown. Dam of this Cheq Pied hen who was flying to the perch is of Chris Masserhoven breeding purchased from the Clearance Sale in 2006 for Billy Hayes.  She was mated to a Hofken that was on loan to Willie from the Gibb & Byrne Stud in Lisburn, Willie was telling me that Ian Gibb has been very good to them in supplying a number of pigeons over the years that have proved successful. In all the Neill loft recorded 12 arrivals on the day with the second arrival a Black Cheq hen clocked at 4.11pm finishing  11th Open in the over-all result, Gerald was telling me that this hen is an inbred grand-daughter coming down from a cock direct from Norrie Sharpe’s Golden Pair, he is now 13 years old and his bloodlines over the years have accounted for throughout the stock lofts, no less than 100 x 1st prize winners. In 2006 from this very same race the Willie Neill loft clocked 8, all with that winning bloodline in them. Excellent racing gentlemen and I look forward to catching up with you all next month.

3rd Open David Calvin Bondhill - Vel 1099 winning £244.

Yet another loft not too far out of the Portadown Area, re. the headline to this National report. David Calvin is a fancier that rarely gets the media spotlight, but more often than not deserves a line of flood lights, I will be calling with David within the next few days to carry out a loft profile so keep watching this publication for what promises to be an exceptional article on a line of pigeons that are winning out of turn. In this race, like he has so often done over the last few years, he clocked more than his fair share from this particular race. Following a 9th and 22nd Open in 2007 and a 7th and 21st Open in 2006 he has went more than one better this year and put 3 in the top 10 of the Y/Bird National result timing at 3.55pm, 4.01pm and 4.03pm to finish 3rd, 7th and 8th Open. In total the loft at 10.00am on Saturday morning had eight returns, six on the night and two the following morning. The first pigeon timed flying 303 miles was a Blue hen, she was racing consistently well over the last number of weeks indeed as with typing results each week you come to realize the fanciers whose pigeons are in form and ever since the recent race from Pilmore Beach were the Calvin loft finished 1st, 2nd & 3rd Club, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Section E NIPA and 4th, 5th and 6th Open NIPA with 23,000 pigeons competing. He was 1st Club Bondhill, 7th Section E and 20th Open NIPA from Mullingar, he was 4th Section E, 38th Open NIPA Tullamore and 3rd Section E, 12th Open Fermoy Five Bird last week. So all in all ever since the small team of pigeons hit form he has never looked back. The first pigeon timed as mentioned was a Blue hen coming down on both sides from a very famous pigeon in the area, and one I am very much looking forward to documenting when I complete the loft profile “The Mealy Hen” a 2002 bred pigeon of Van Lock breeding. David was telling me that he has no less than 16 direct children from her who are all breeding the goods in all she has been responsible for David winning no less than £25,000 in pools and prize money over the last 5 years. (what is a breeder like that not worth??)  the Blue hen is off a cock known at “The 17 Cock” a direct son of the Mealy Hen, he as a youngster was a winner of 3 x 1st Sections, and twice 2nd Open. The third pigeon that David timed is a Mealy hen and nest mate of the first pigeon in the clock. 2nd pigeon timed finishing 7th Open was again a Blue hen who is a direct daughter of “The Mealy Hen” when mated to a Black cock which is a direct son of one of Ronnie Williamson’s many NIPA Open Winners. David says that ever since the two men started to share birds Ronnie’s have particularly done well mixed in with David’s own. Just another example of this “Mealy Hen” for instance “The 17 Cock” nest mate “The 18 Cock” was 4 x times 4th Open NIPA, David has promised to document the whole lot from A to Z for you the readership to enjoy and I look forward to writing such an article. Well done David.

4th Open T & G Kennedy of Moira - Vel 1095 winning £491.

The Moira based partnership of Trevor and Gilbert Kennedy is the closest to my own home town of Lisburn. Called with Gilbert on Sunday afternoon on what has been a very busy weekend for myself. Gilbert has a very tidy and impressive set up and the gardens are kept to the highest standard much to be expected in Moira for the town is well renowned for its well displayed flower arrangements which have accumulated on the town winning many awards over the years. Gilbert has looked after the birds for the last seven years on his own due to Trevor not being well and being advised to stay clear of the lofts and more particularly the pigeons by the doctor. He timed his Blue Cheq Pied hen that was sent sitting on 10 day old eggs at 4.00pm flying 305 miles to the lofts in the St John’s Court area of Moira. The pigeon itself was a gift bird from fellow club mate Roy Kennedy who Gilbert says has religiously supplied a pair of youngsters ever since he took over the running of the lofts, and he is very pleased that finally he has worked successfully with one of the many exceptional pigeons that he has been gifted. Gilbert talked to me as if success is a rare thing to the Kennedy loft, but in fact when checking the records this loft hasn’t been out of the result for the last six years that to me is an achievement on its own. The results state that the T & G partnership have finished 23rd Open in 2003, 30th Open in 2004, 37th Open in 2005, 108th Open in 2006, 10th Open in 2007 behind David Calvin I might add, and then this year 4th Open again behind David Calvin. Checking with Roy Kennedy he has established that the sire of this 4th Open pigeon is off Jackie Patience bloodlines including the bloodlines of the one that finished 2nd Open Kings Cup for Jackie. The dam is from another very successful loft that being the C & L Woodside team from Ballyclare, no strangers themselves to National Glory, finishing 12th Open in this race. Through the report Gilbert would like to thank Jackie Patience for all his help over the last seven years with much of his advice leading to were the Kennedy loft is today, and of course not forgetting Roy who continues to breed  a pair of exceptional pigeons for Gilbert to race each year.

5th Open Geoff Dickey of Ahoghill - Vel 1089 winning £204.

The furthest flying member of the National Flying Club to make up the Top 10, an exceptional pigeon on the day up into the County Antrim village of Ahoghill. When Geoff Dickey of Ahoghill called on The King Tommy Cotter to cover the clocking duties in the YB Nat he was not to know just how important that would be and that little bit of extra luck. On Friday Geoff was involved at the wedding of his sister and it was handy that he was able to call at the Clock Centre on the night with the wedding reception just a couple of miles up the road. The King is famous in the Mid Antrim fancy, over the years he has timed numerous winners and has the unique distinction of winning Top Prize-winner in all the three local clubs he has raced in. Included were the big Harryville HPS, Randalstown and Ahoghill Flying Club. Tom Cotter was to time another important winner this time for good friend Geoff Dickey who won 1st Club, 1st Mid Antrim Combine for the first time, and 5th North Sect & 5th Open INFC in the Blue Riband YB Nat. The young Blue cock raced through the programme, his hen had just laid her first egg prior to basketing. He was timed at 16.45hrs to record velocity 1089 for the 331 miles racing to new lofts at Galgorm, just outside Ballymena. Geoff had moved home in the last year and the lofts which measure 52ft are the latest state of the art, fitted with the modern equipment including Pippa Boxes, Grilled floors etc at a cost of several thousands. Only racing since 2001 he had set himself a target this year of winning 1st Combine and that has been achieved, he has also had a very good season at club level. On a never to be forgotten day the bird timed by Tommy Cotter has been named TC, although it had raced consistent it never collected any prizes, that was left to a full brother and sister who both collected prizes. The dam was Staf Van Reet the top bloodlines of Ian Stafford purchased from Colin Brown and she was dam of a top winner in 2006. The sire was Soontjen from Ray Forbes purchased at a local sale. Well done Geoff and many congratulations.

6th Open Francey McCann of Laurelvale - Vel 1088 winning £117.

Called with Francey on Saturday to discover that he was in fact recovering from a very bad bout of flu that had kept him in bed for a couple of days prior to liberation on Friday. This man I met last year for the first time at the Laurelvale Prize Distribution, a true gentleman who you would never put down to being 76 years of age. My father who has scribed for far longer than me informed me when learning that Francey had timed recalled that this man was unbeatable for more years than he cared to remember racing a wonderful team of Kilpatrick Grizzles. Upon spending a few minutes with Francey we went into a bit of history and he recalled the 17 year spell that seen him top prize winner unbroken, including winning all averages. More recently in 2003 the NIPA raced the Y/B National or Derby as it was then from Swansea having been held over until a Tuesday, it turned out a hard race this being only the second time that the NIPA had liberated from this location, Francey was to time a pigeon after nine hours and nine minutes to record 1st Open, with Henry McLaughlin in Coalisland finishing runner-up, I think I would be right in saying their weren’t to many home from that race, similarly to the last time the NIPA raced from Swansea in 1974 when only 24 birds were recorded in race time, Francey was the only fancier to time two, finishing 4th and 9th Open. Back to the race in hand making it five in a row Francey also timed a hen, a Blue Pied she was timed at 3.50pm flying 297 miles into his loft in Tandragee, which yet again is only a few miles from Portadown. This hen was showing improved form in the lead up to this National coming well a number of times from various races in different conditions. Her sire is a Black Busschaert cock when mated to a Willy Jacobs hen which was one of four purchase by Francey from Gerald Delaney of Dromore. Previously to this Francey’s best position with the Irish National Flying Club was in this race the year 1972 when the loft finished 4th Open once again from Penzance, the pigeon flying through a North West Wind and taking some 10½ hours to home into the Tandragee town land. Well done Francey and trust you are now over you bout of Flu.

7th Open D Calvin Bondhill - Vel 1086 winning £92 (3rd Open Text)

8th Open D Calvin Bondhill - Vel 1082 winning £92 (3rd Open Text)

9th Open Donnelly Bros Newry City - Vel 1079 winning £444.

Richard and John Donnelly, what a year for these boys having previously won the Friendship O/B National with ’Lily’ earlier on in the season, they nearly made it two Nationals in one year for they finished 2nd and 3rd Open Rosscarbery Y/B National on Friday also, this time flying with the mighty NIPA. The Newry area have also had exceptional success this year flying with the NIPA with a great number of Opens won into that area. From this INFC Y/Bird National they clocked a Cheq Pied hen at 3.38pm flying 287 miles to their lofts sited just of the dual carriageway on your approach to Newry City. Sire of this pigeon which wins the partnership £444, is “Ballybay Kieran” who was raced by Prunty & Larkin finishing 1st Section Penzance. Dam is a direct daughter of their Mallow Open winner could have done with finding out which one for the Donnelly Bros have won a countless number of NIPA 1st’s over the last few years. She is a Grand-daughter of their “Champion Lucky” who has flew France 3 times and is Dam to a host of winners including 1st Open Penzance Classic, 1st Open Mallow and 5th Open Yearling National. Richard was also telling me that this pigeon is bred along the same lines at this years Friendship National winner “Lily” who won the national by a cool 199 yards, the only bird on the day into Ireland. The Donnelly Bros timed four Y/Birds within the hour and all feature well in the over-all Open result, with the third pigeon timed being the nest mate of the first one in the Clock, an exceptional family of pigeons raced by an exceptional pair of Brothers. Well Done boys. 
10th Open R D Calvin of Annaghmore - Vel 1076 winning £660.

We have another David Calvin in the result, and yes he is related to the other David Calvin in this result and funnily enough this David’s success is all but down to a Mealy Cock. Also this man has also a prolific record in this particular race finishing 22nd Open in 2007 having clocked early the second morning with only 12 home on the day, in 2006 his best position was 5th Open with a Grand-Daughter of the Mealy Cock that particular year he had 5 pigeons in the first 50 of the Open all in all since 2002 his worst position in this race is 33rd. David timed a Cheq Hen that was flying to the perch at 4.06pm flying 303 miles into Annaghmore. Sire is a Blue Cheq Soontjen cock obtained from Darren Thompson of Tandragee when mated to one of his own hens who won 12th Open Talbenny Y/Bird National and this hen was a G/Daughter from the good Mealy Cock, this Cheq hen won the partnership £660 in this race with the fancied pigeon also a hen arriving at 4.22pm to record a velocity of 1042ypm, it happened to be the first real fancied pigeon in the race finishing 19th Open and winning the Nom of the Bricon sponsored ETS and also the £10 Nom which wins him just over £1,100 with this arrival alone. In total the R D Calvin loft clocked 6 arrivals and before leaving I had to enquire if his Mealy Cock was anyway connected to “The Mealy Hen” that was responsible for all the winners for the David Calvin who flies with the Bondhill Club in this report. David said no this pigeon of his was off Frank Aarts breeding and was sourced from his Grand-Father the late and great Sammy Buckley the pigeon in question was a supper racer on the road with a 1st and 5 x 2nd‘s to his name in Y/Bird racing so was put to stock after that. Although he went on to say that both he and David had discussed putting both pigeons together, what a pair that would be.

Well done to all the winners on what turned out to be a very successful race, notably the first ten positions were all filled by hens. Thanks again to Adie who was able to cover more than his share around the area where he lives. Next time I will look in more detail at the area competition and list a number of club results.

INFC Sennen Cove YB National 351/1,856 – R Cassells Edgarstown 1134 ABCD IJKL £724, W Neill Annaghmore 1105 £316, D Calvin Bondhill 1099 £244, T & G Kennedy Moira 1095 DE DE £491, G Dickey Ahoghill 1089 IJKL £204, F McCann Laurelvale 1088 £117, D Calvin Bondhill 1086 £92, D Calvin Bondhill 1082 £92, Donnelly Bros Newry City 1079 ABCDE IJKLM £444, R D Calvin Annaghmore 1076 ABCDEF IJKLMN £660, W Neill Annaghmore 1069 ABCDE IJKLM £288, C & L Woodside Ballyclare 1067 ABCDEF IJKLMN £511, A Thompson Ballyclare 1061 £43, M Gowdy Dromore WE 1057 £43, W Neill Annaghmore 1057 £43, R Fox Ballybrack 1056 OPQR £237, W Neill Annaghmore 1048 £43, H Beattie Laurelvale 1042 IJKL £86, R D Calvin Annaghmore 1042 ABCDEF NOM & £10 Nom IJKLMN NOM £1,166, G F Lindsay Crumlin 1034 ABCD IJKL £141, Donnelly Bros Newry City 1026 ABCDE IJKLM £220, Cooney Bros Monaghan 1026 ABCDE OPQRS £368, Donnelly Bros Newry City 1017 ABCDE IJKLM £181, Capper Bros Bondhill 1013 D L £73, M Hughes Edgarstown 1008 ABCDEF & £10 Non IJKLMN £619, J Robinson Drumcree 1005 £43, R Williamson Bondhill 1002 ABCDE IJKLM £160, D Calvin Bondhill 999 £43, N Grant & Sons Balbriggan 998 ABCD OPQR £214, L & A Toner Annsborough 997 ABCDEF IJKLMN £265, G Calvin & Son Annaghmore 997 £35, R Williamson Bondhill 996 ABCDE IJKLM £149, S Neary Gorey 994 £60, A Meehan Ind South 990 ABCDE OPQRS £265, A Curran Millvale 989 ABCDE IJKLM £149, S & J McCullough Dollingstown 985 £43, T Lennon & Son Banbridge Soc IJKLM £90, F Scott & Son Dromore 980 ABCDE IJKLM £149, R D Calvin Annaghmore 979 £43, T McKinstry Dollingstown 978 £43, Donnelly Bros Newry City 974 ABCDE IJKLM £139, R & G & G Donaldson Portadown Inv 973 ABCDE IJKLM £139, L Magee & Son Lisburn & Dist 970 ABCDE IJKLM £139, W Ellis Ballybrack 969 OP £69, R Williamson Bondhill 965 ABCDEF IJKLMN £255, K Tompsett Comber Soc 947 DE LM £110, J McGreevy Crossgar 944 ABCDE L £105, J Doheny Malahide & Dist 942 ABCDEF OPQRST NOM £478, M Robinson Bondhill 941 DE LM £110, G Marshall Cookstown 937 £33, Dando & Bennett Lurgan Amat 935 ABCD IJKL £92, Rafferty & Toman Gilford 933 ABCDE IJKLM £139, R McDowell & Son Annsborough 932 IJKLM £80, J Braniff Fortfield 931 ABCDEF IJKLMN £240, S & K Duke Crossgar 927 DE LM £95, S & K Duke 920 E M £80, Harford & McNally Balbriggan 914 £43, R D Calvin Annaghmore 914 £33, Reilly & Martin Bray SE 912 ABCDE £87, Hunter & O’Neill Wicklow SR 910 ABCDE OPQR £149, Merrigan & Jody Rathnew 908 ABCDE OPQR £119, Capper Bros Bondhill 902 D L £48, D Corrigan Boyne Valley ABCDEF OPQRST £295, J Robinson Drumcree 900 £31, J Nelson Milltown 898 E M £66, T McKinstry Dollingstown 898 £31, M Robinson Bondhill 897 DE LM £81, W Neill Annaghmore 895 £31, G Douglas Wilton Cross 893 IJKL £50, K Carolan Coalisland 888 ABCDE IJKLM £101, P Kennedy & Sons Stillorgan 888 ABCD OPQR £98, A Meehan Ind South 888 ABCEF OPQRST £272, D Ronan Rathnew 881 ABCEF OPQR £150, G Douglas Wilton Cross 877 IJKLM £72, S & J McCullough Dollingstown 876 £31, R Fox Ballybrack 874 OPQR £62, J Robinson Drumcree 870 £31, J & E Calvin Annaghmore 869 £31, E McKnight Portadown Inv 868 £31, Thompson Bros & Jameson Laurelvale 868 ABC IJKLM £69, E McKnight Portadown Inv 868 £26, K Henderson & Son Lurgan Soc 866 IJKL £39, R Williamson Bondhill 863 ABCEF IJKLMN £173, M Maguire & Son Millvale 863 ABCEF IJKMN £144, A Meehan Ind South 860 £28, P Jones Skerries 858 ABCEF OPQRST £220, B Doyle Bray SE 856 ABC OPQ £52, G Buckley & Sons Annaghmore 854 F MN £117, W Neill Annaghmore 853 £26, G Douglas Wilton Cross 852 IJK £32, C McArdle & Sons Banbridge Soc 852 IJKM £43, J Sharkey Boyne Valley 850 F QRST £167, S Corrigan Loughgall 846 F IJKMN £123, B Doyle Bray SE 844 £27, R D Calvin Annaghmore 842 £26, P J Corcoran & Son Balbriggan 841 £27, W Neill Annaghmore 839 £26, Russell Bros Cullybackey 837 IJKM £43, W Ellis Ballybrack 831 £27, C McArdle & Sons Banbridge Soc 827 IJKM £43, J Murtagh & Son Ballyholland 825 IJK £32, Gallagher Bros Annsborough 824 IJKM £43, J Joyce & Son Ind South 819 £27, D Farrell Arklow Utd 814 £27, A Smith Sallynoggin 811 R £40, P J Corcoran & Son Balbriggan 810 £27, R Duddy Ballyclare 810 F MN £117, F Scott & Son Dromore 809 £26, McCartan & Woodside Crossgar 809 F N £96, G & C Simmons Drumcree 806 £26, G F Lindsay Crumlin 802 £26, W Neill Annaghmore 800 £26, B Creaney Drumcree 798 £26, J Dowey & Sons Tandragee 796 £26, Byrne Duffy & Sons Ind South 796 F ST £125, R Shaw Annsborough 796 £26, W Patterson & Son Dromore 795 N £56, P J Corcoran & Son Balbriggan 793 £27, D Ronan Rathnew 793 £27, J & E Calvin Annaghmore 793 £26, J Adamson Gilford 792 £21, P Rock & Son Skerries 791 S £45, W Neill Annaghmore 788 £20, P Doran Millvale 784 £20, W Neill Annaghmore 784 £20, T Smith Wicklow SR 777 £22, J Sharkey Boyne Valley 777 ST £80, J & J Greer Cullybackey 773 £20, A Thompson Ballyclare 771 £20, W Neill Annaghmore 766 £20, Capper Bros Bondhill 765 £20, P Owens & Son Ind South 760 ST £80, F Roche Stillorgan 760 £22, G Buckley & Son Annaghmore 760 N £50, McCracken Bros Banbridge 758 N £50, W Neill Annaghmore 755 £20, D Calvin Bondhill 743 N £50, L Magee & Son Lisburn & Dist 735 £20, P J Corcoran & Son Balbriggan 732 £22, D Calvin Bondhill 732 £20, S & J McCullough Dollingstown 730 £20, S Doyle Shankill 728 £22, J Doheny Malahide & Dist 725 £22, J Serplus Laurelvale 723 £20, P Jones Skerries 721 S £36, K Henderson & Son Lurgan Soc 713 £20, Doyle Bros Rathnew 712 £22, G Marshall Cookstown 712 £20, P Brown & Son Annsborough 711 N £50, R Williamson Bondhill 711 £20, D Roe Kish Inv 709 £22, B Creaney Drumcree 707 £20, P Kennedy & Sons Stillorgan 696 S £36, M Daly Newtown Killpeddar 690 £22, P Rock & Son Skerries 685 S £36, S Doyle Shankill 680 £22, M Robinson Bondhill 673 £20, M Graham Ballymena 671 N £50, C & D Fox Ballybrack 664 £22, D Calvin Bondhill 659 £20, C O’Toole Sallynoggin 659 £17, C Brown Laurelvale 657 £15, J Connolly Ballymoney 654 £15, Burke Kenna & Finn Arklow Utd 649 £17, J Crockard & Son Comber Soc 645 £15, T Speers Malahide & Dist 642 £17, R Fox Ballybrack 641 £17, B McKeown & Sons Largymore 640 £15, D Croskery & Son Annsborough 635 N £45, M/M C G Gibson Corcreeney 635 £15, P Jones Skerries 629 £15, P Rock & Son Skerries 621 S £29, B Creaney Drumcree 619 £15, E McKnight Portadown Inv 618 £10, J & J Greer Cullybackey 617 £10, T McKinstry Dollingstown 613 £10, A Darragh Cullybackey 610 £10, E McKnight Portadown Inv 606 £10, J Smyth & Son Ahoghill 606 £10, Donnelly Bros Newry City 597 £10, McCartan & Woodside Crossgar 594 £10, M Graham Ballymena 593 £10, W Patterson & Son Dromore 590 £10, Leonard & Greenaway Arklow Utd 589 £15, B Chambers Dundrum 589 £10, T Marshall & Son Newtownbreda 588 £10, M Conlon & Sons Banbridge Soc 585 £10, D Calvin Bondhill 583 £10, L & A Toner Annsborough 579 £10, A Thompson Ballyclare 578 £10, R McDowell & Son Annsborough 577 £10, A Thompson Ballyclare 575 £10, A Thompson 572 £10, L Magee & Son Lisburn & Dist 571 £10, R D Calvin Annaghmore 568 £10, J & E Calvin Annaghmore 567 £10, J Robinson Drumcree 563 £10, A McDonald Portadown Inv 560 £10, A Darragh Cullybackey 556 £10, L & H Fields Hillfoot 553 £10.

Remainder South Sect prizes – S Doyle Shankill 549 £5, W Bearns Gorey 548 £5, A Meehan Ind south 545 £5, D Ronan Rathnew 530 £5, W Matthews Ballybrack 513 £5, Cooley Bros Newtown Kilpeddar 486 £5, P Jones Skerries 462, W Pickens Boyne Valley 445 £5, N Grant & Sons Balbriggan 435 £5, P Owens & Sons Ind South 432 £5, B Doyle Bray SE 417 £5, P J Corcoran & Son Balbriggan 416 £5, Byrne & Mooney Stillorgan 409 £5, V Kelly & Son Kish Inv 389 £5, B Doyle Bray SE 379 £5, S Richardson Balbriggan 367 £5, B Doyle Bray SE 346 £5, P Jones Skerries 341 £5, Ingle Bros Ind South 339 £5, D Roe Kish Inv 270 £5.   

* Race was sponsored by Natural Granen and Scullion Veterinary Services.

* ETS sponsored by Bricon won by R D Calvin Vel 1042.

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Ireland’s Own Pigeon Auctions
Tel. 028 92 604778.

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