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A H. Bennett Of England
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This is an insight into one of the best pigeon fanciers that England ever produced and I hope that I pay him due credit. Albert Bennett upon his entrance into the sport of pigeon racing had his original stock from Den Healey of Wem and it is believed that the bloodlines initially came from Heber Fearnall. Apparently the latter named family was flown successfully by a number of fanciers in Britain at the time.

In due course Bennett won the NFC Nantes Open (1969) and at this time he was living in Church Stretton in South Shropshire. He had other successes since his beginning in the sport but he was always on the look out for a reliable family for the longer distances. His prayers or hope was answered so to speak when upon a number of trips to the European mainland he concluded that the type which could perhaps end his quest was the strain of Andre Vanbruaene. The latter was one of the best strains in the history of the sport and in due course Albert Bennett's decision was confirmed over and over again. He and Vanbruaene became good friends and even changed stock with each other which proved profitable to both including national prizes for the great Belgian fancier. One of Bennetts best flyers who recorded twenty 1sts in his racing career was named Andre after his friendship with Vanbruaene. The Bennett bloodlines have also won for others in Britain and beyond including the Far East. He was a man who gave total commitment to the sport at all levels inspite of holding a day job. As well as the national successes there were countless club and federation successes.

Albert Bennett reached the pinnacle of the sport in England when in 1982 he won the NFC Open National from Pau in France at a distance of 644 miles, flying at a speed of 972 yards per minute. What a magnificent accomplishment! Confirming Bennett as a master of the art and science of marathon pigeon racing. An interesting aspect of his management was that he never raced his young birds and never trained his old birds. Yes, against the norm but as a racer Albert Bennett was most successful with his pigeons. The latter being of medium size, mainly blues and blue cheques, always well fed and exercised around their home environment.

A truly great distance family.


Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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