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Derwin Lofts ( Dublin ) The Humble Rumble!
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The small back yard stud has indeed caused a rumble in Southern Ireland pigeon racing.

Devoid of any ornamentation whatsoever, we are interested in one thing only, Winners. Nothing else matters. Any novice who is interested in starting properly would be well advised to contact Derwin Lofts where they will be patiently guided to win races almost immediately.

In 1992 one such novice was David Riordan of finglas S.W. who had a shed installed in May and was presented with the Novice Trophy in October having won 2x1st and a 1x7th club 14th open 6,500 birds Barleycove and 20th fed. 8,430 birds Youghal. From 5 races entered. Another novice is David Cullen of Skerries club who although not racing Derwin birds until 1993, won with our help, first race nowhere, second race nowhere, third race 3rd, fourth race 8th, fifth race 1st + 3rd, sixth race 2nd+3rd.

We told David it would take 2 weeks for results to come. By the way David is 12 years old. A great future looks certain for this lad. In Tallaght ( Dodder valley Club), Peter Smith also flew extremely well winning best Derwin Y.B Trophy with 1st, 2nd, 3rd club 2nd section 19th Fed 12,952 birds. Same bird won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2 bird club. Again Peter was only racing the birds 3 weeks before his first win. Naturally these lads carried out our advice to the letter. If you are prepared to do the same you will be named on this page next year no matter which club you fly in. We promise!.

"Don't put your hand out to be slapped" is a pigeon term we dislike very much as it applies to people with inconsistent management. How do you expect to win races with the attitude " I won't win this week". Why bother racing? Why not take the attitude of Pat Leonard, one of our best novices who said on bank holiday monday that "I'm going to win today" he did. Below is the results when racing against 300 + birds in the Northside open race.

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th all were approx. 3 min's ahead of the next member. He won 2x1st in the nearly impossible club to win in Dublin North east. Also 2nd Fed 10,000 birds.

last year flying in Malahide club he was challenged by his boss to a bet of 100. His first race and here he is with a chance of loosing 100. What would you have done? Well you are not Derwin novice so you wouldn't have taken the bet. We did not advise him to take it. we ordered him to. Result 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 374 birds again 3 minutes in front. Our birds are not bad either.

The results are to numerous to list but thousands of pounds have been won in just two years with birds from the Derwin Stock.

Derwin Lofts ( Baldoyle, Dublin ) Ponderosa Janssens, William Geerts, Verheye.

by: (Ray Delaney)

Article by: Ray Delaney

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