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  The Brockamp Partenership of Germany
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Peter & Hans Brockamp live in a place named Boppard in the region of the Rhine Valley. The senior member of the partnership that is Peter has been involved in the sport of pigeon racing for approximately 55 years. In fact he started in nineteen 48. However, in the early 1950s at the age of 20 he experienced his first taste of being a champion when he won in the regional racing society of Koblenz. He then raced representatives of the great Huyskens-van Riel strain.

It was in 1967 that he won 12 x 1st prizes in one year. Hans became part of the partnership soon after and this was the first step to long distance racing. From then on since the middle 1980s the partners decided to take part in the international races from Pau, Barcelona, Dax, Marseille and Perpignan. Since then the Brockamp partnership have turned out to be one of the best one day racing lofts in Europe. They have won 1st international Bordeaux against 11,644 pigeons and the 1st international Perpignan in 1999 against 17,584 pigeons within only three weeks. The partners keep only 15 pairs of breeders, ten of them first prize winners including 'Armstrong', the international winner of Perpignan, it's parents, the parents of the first international Bordeaux and also the parents of the Olympia pigeon in the long distance category Cape Town South Africa in 2001.

Some of their successes also include 1st National Champion long distance south-east 2000, 1st National Champion long distance south-east 2001, 2nd International Champion Euregio; 2nd International Champion Euregio Marathon, 2nd West European Super Marathon Germany, 3rd West European Super Marathon Germany, 4th European Marathon, 5th National Champion long distance, 6th Mediterranean Cup and 7th National Marathon Champion.

From Belgian fanciers Andre Vanbruaene, Ivo van Lergerghe and Jozef Vervisch the Brockamps obtained their stock, for they knew that to compete in the hotbed of German and European pigeon racing that they had to have the best. Their decision was a wise one and slowly they have laid the basis for further success in thes port. Since the original basis other bloodlines has been purchased including birds from Wijnands lofts and Georges Carteus.

One of their best pigeons known as the 'Crack' fathered 'Dunkler Barcelona', 'Blauer Pau' and 'Super 196' who respectively won 38 prizes in 39 International races. There is also 'The Champ' which has won 12 good prizes in 12 International races between 1990 and 1993 with 1st at Pau, Barcelona and Perpignan This has proved a gold mine at stock and is producing winners at time of writing. This includes 12 different grandsons and also 'Marseille Star' who has won first prize from Marseille.

The partners place the greatest emphasis upon breeding and acknowledge that if the right birds are bred they will face anything that the basket will present. Therefore they seek for and purchase the best. One of best birds purchased was a son of the famous 'Soustons', national winner of the race from Soustons (950 km). The 'Junge Soustons' and the 'Kleine Limoges' from Georges Carteus is a top breeding couple. The couple bred among others 'Armstrong', who won 1st International Perpignan with an advantage of 50 minutes in 1999. 'Armstrong' was five times successful in five international races.

Approximately 50% of the their stock came from George Carteus, the Perpignan specialist from Ronse, Belgium. One of their present best breeders is the 'Junge As', a son of the 'As', 2nd International Perpignan in 1995 and 4th Belgian National Ace Pigeon in the Long Distance Category of 1993. He is father of 'Blauer Budapest I', 'Blauer Budapest II', '612', 'Bordeaux 652'and also of 'Olympiade Kapstadt', '420', and '306'. Today the offspring of nearly every Carteus ace pigeons is breeding in their lofts. Yes, a partnership which has the potential to become one of the best in the new millennium.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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