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The De Weerdts
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The name De Weerdt of Kortemark, Belgium, relates to another master of the sport of pigeon racing. This being the first loft to win the The Europe Cup and the West European Super Marathon in the same year. A father and two sons partnership namely Emiel and Bernard and Freddy. Emiel's first pigeons were part of a wedding dowry. This was in 1947 and it is reported that Emiel once stated-' I got four birds and a beautiful blonde from my father- in- law'.

The gifted pigeons formed the basis of a good short distance team but eventually Emiel desired to ascend to middle and long distance forms of racing. He decided to base his hopes on the strain of Charles Van der Espt. As a clerk De Weerdt's senior's income was not large so he saved up in order to make his first purchase. When he saved 5,000 Belgium Francs his father gave him another 5,000 upon which he purchased 4 eggs and happily returned to his loft. Thee of the eggs hatched and within two years De Weerdt had champions. Thus began a great career and by 1967 our subject again purchased from the same source.
In due course they decided to cross some other strain into their own and decided upon the Stichelbauts of Marcel Desmet, purchasing two sisters which contained Barcelona International bloodlines. They also at that time purchased a small blue pied and after a short period of time the cross proved to be a good one.

As a line bred family the De Weerdt lofts won the Barcelona International Championships in 1984 (as stated), which included 1st Europe Cup Barcelona with the FC Gistel Team. The latter was an outstanding success and perhaps was the creme de la creme of many victories not alone for themselves but for others. In fact a study of the pedigrees of great modern European distance families reveals their influence.

In their own lofts a few of their favourites included 'Spiritus' who won 12th National Cahors, 40th National Limoges, 1st National Cahors, 23rd National Montabaun. Also 'Anja' who was 1st Hens Barcelona International and 'Liesbet' who won 1st National Barcelona. The De Weerdts are small to medium with great feathering and a very rich eye colour. The partners raced them on the natural system and as stated preferred line breeding.

I hope that this brief introduction will pay due tribute to a great strain of long distance and marathon racing pigeons. And yet paradoxically perhaps not as well known as it should.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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