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 The Decroix Strain
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The Decroix's, Noel and Serge, from Rumbeke in Belgium were perhaps the first international specialists in long distance pigeon racing. Little unknown until 1980 after the partners won the Lourdes International with a pigeon known as De Haan, in English translation The Rooster. To be followed in 1984 with 1st International Perpignan with a bird called Goliath. Then in 1986 Jonge Bliksem (Young Lightning) won 1st International Lourdes. That year the partnership also took 4th International Lourdes with Domino. To be followed by many other successes over the years.

There were a number of inputs into the Decroix family but as great fans of Leopold Bostyn the latter strain had a strong influence. In fact some of Decroix's other champion stock bore Bostyn like names such as Chico, etc,. The latter champion was a direct daughter of Bostyn's Chico and she won 1st National from Cahors for the Decroix's.

Although bearing Bostyn bloodlines there were other inputs into the Decroix family during its initial development such as the bloodlines of Michel Descamps- Van Hasten and Daniel Labeeuw. Thus the great Stichelbaut blood lay at the core of the Decroix pigeon racing enterprise. Flowing in the genes of such Decroix favourites as Witpentje, Plastron, Bleken, and Pol amongst others.

Interestingly, the genes of the great Benoni are in the Decroix strain via their Chico or as it has been called Geschelpte Chico.
This can be seen in the journey of breeding and racing accomplishments via Daniel Labeeuw's 1st National Libourne of 1949 which produced a stock bird which in turn bred Benoni, 1st International 1970. Benoni in turn bred a stock bird Benoni 2 which bred Chico, 1st National Brive and 1st National Argenton. Chico then bred a stock bird which bred Geschelpte Chico which won 1st National from Cahors. Thus four generations of national winners divided by three generations of stock producing winners. An excellent breeding approach, perhaps.

In the thoughts of many knowledgeable pigeon sport commentators or pigeonologists there is no doubt that the Decroix strain occupies a hallowed spot in the pantheon of European International pigeon racing. I have no doubt that they deserve it and I hope that this brief piece will make the strain known to a wider audience.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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