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Devriendt Partnership
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The Devriendt partnership stretched across the decades of the last century beginning in 1907 with Oscar who, following in the footsteps of his father, started in the sport after ending his college education. Obtaining his first stock from the Cools Brothers of Earnegem and Jerome Stael of Moere. The town of Moere was the home of this family as well as being the base of two famous brothers- the Cattrysse's. However due to the 1st World War the pigeon sport was abandoned as Oscar joined the army in defence of his country. Upon its ending he restarted in the sport and selected the great Theo Vandevelde to be the source of future greatness. That being the core but other bloodlines were brought in from Cattrysse, Bernaert, Van der Espt, amongst others, which implies that Oscar Devriendt was determined to build a family capable of competing with the best. Which as the records show he did. Winning in his time an endless list including a bedroom suite, mirrors, armchairs, gold jewellery, cycles and cars, etc,.

In later years Oscar had the joy of being joined with his sons Maurice and Marcel in the sport and this trinity of fanciers made a reputation across Europe and beyond. Some of their champion birds included Le Zwarteband who scored 1st Derby National Angouleme, 22nd National Montabaun, 15th National Dax, 38th National Limoges, 1st National St. Vincent plus 12th International St.Vincent. This great flyer won the last national by one hour with only two birds on the day. Another great was Le Paon who won 2nd National two weeks running, each time winning a car. He also scored 11th National Libourne, 2nd National Bergerac, 1st National Cahors, 44th National Montabaun, 45th National Cahors, 77th National Dax, 57th National St.Vincent and 170th National Montabaun. Another was Le Pale Oeil Blanc who won 2nd Libourne National, 3rd Libourne International, 68th Angouleme National, 6th Derby National Limoges, alongside other national and provincial positions. This family of pigeons also won well in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.A.. Indeed representatives of the family scored at the middle distances as well as the longer distances. It also had the reputation of being the best strain to conquer the rough terrain of the Rocky Mountains according to research material.

The Devriendts housed about 15 pairs of breeders and raced widowhood with about 35 to 40 cocks. As a winning team their strength lay in the stock loft, a fact or requirement that many fanciers overlook at their peril even today. But Oscar and his sons Maurice and Marcel knew, as masters of the sport of pigeon racing, that in order to win one had to breed winners. If one has to take a message from this small tribute let it be that: without the right stock your plans will forever run amok.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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