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 Emile Denys
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Emile Denys is one of the greatest masters of the sport of long distance pigeon racing and in the opinion of many amongst the top three Barcelona flyers since the race's origin. He was one of the famous Denys Brothers who in 1969 were so outstanding in national racing that the great pigeonologist Piet De Weerd said that the Denys loft was the second best in Belgium. De Weerd made his announcement in 1970 and because of his standing amongst the world's pigeon community the Denys name came to the fore.
One of Emile Denys notable achievements was his ability to successfully nominate pigeons to win the Belgium Golden Wing Award on a number of occasions. This award was conceived by the Barcelona Club of Brugge in order to equalize the competition from Barcelona. With fanciers sending one or a few entries and other fanciers basketing 50, 100 or more it was felt that a single bird nomination would be more equal. Thus one entrant alone was nominated i.e. a 'One Bird International'. It followed that Emile Denys won the competition in 1982 and 1986 with a father and son combination named 'Tee' and 'Playboy'. On another occasion 'Tee' was runner up. The odds against the latter achievements are tremendous and the fact that Denys was so successful implied he was one of the great masters of the sport.

His success at nominating winners of the Golden Wing Award are not alone the reason for his appearance in this series. For other results of the Denys strain in high class competition reveals 1st International St.Vincent in 1969 with 'Bliksem'; 1st International Narbonne with 'Prins' in 1974; 1st, 2nd and 3rd National St.Vincent (hens) in 1974. During that period Emile Denys was crowned General Champion of All Belgium KBDB from a total of 97,000 other fanciers. Then in 1983 Deny won 1st International Hens Perpignan with 'Blue Perpignan'. A great pigeon which flew from Perpignan 5 times in total.

Perhaps Denys best racer was the famous 'Tee' whom many consider was the greatest Barcelona racer ever. He flew Barcelona 5 times and each time he was in the prizes. Being officially recognized as the best from the Spanish racepoint for the years 1978- 1982. In Belgium Nationals from Barcelona 'Tee' scored 2nd, 3rd, 24th, and 69th as well as 4th, 8th, 46th, and 102nd in the Internationals. Competing against entries of between 12,200 and 15,600 of the best pigeons in Europe. 'Tees' son 'Playboy' scored 2nd National Barcelona and 5th International as well as the Golden Wing Award in 1986.

Apparently the Denys base were Vandevelde but Stichelbauts were introduced and this proved to be a stroke of breeding genius for from the cross came the great producer 'Remi' who left his mark upon this outstanding strain. Other bloodlines were apparently introduced over the years such as Vanbruaene and Cattrysse which added to the ongoing development of the strain which continued to win for the founder and others in many countries. Yes, this is one of the great strains since the origins of the sport and in this brief introduction or tribute there is not the space to illustrate its successes wherever it has taken root. No wonder Emile Denys is known throughout Europe as 'Mr. Long Distance"

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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