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 Eric Vanacker of France
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In a small French village called Pouilly-sur-Serre lives Eric Vanacker, a name perhaps unknown to many outside of his native country but one with the potential to spread beyond national boundaries. Vanacker's family background has no trace of the sport of pigeon racing but the sport is beginning to make this particular surname one to be proud of especially at the distance and at international level.

Always a lover of animals, Eric, in his early years kept various species but when a stray racer touched his life this opened the door to the world of our thoroughbreds. This being when he was approximately 14 years old. Then he lived at Halluin where in due course he was to race in the sprints and at the middle distances. In time however his forte was to be the long and marathon distances especially within the latter years of the previous century.

Coupled with his decision to go for the ultra distances in about 1994 Vanacker purchased some new bloodlines more appropriate for the type of racing he had decided upon. These were of the Eijerkamp/ Muller and the Roosens/ Cobut families coupled with some Silvere Toye lines. This proved to be a good choice for after due patience and proper preparation Vanacker won 1st National, 9th International from Pau in 1999. This base lies at the heart of his many following successes.

The 1999 accomplishment was to be outpassed by the wonderful achievement in 2003 when 'Le New Perpignan', a blue chequer cock won the Perpignan International. This great pigeon prior to this win had scored in 2001: 8th National, 177th International Marseille; 152nd National Pau, and 236th National Perpignan. 2002: 5th National Pau; 8th National, 137th International Perpignan plus 184th International Dax. Also sometime prior to the International Perpignan win 'Le New Perpignan' was 14th National and 25th International from Dax.

Other loft successes in recent years included 8th and 170th National Marseille; 125th National Dax ; 5th, 8th, 17th, 214th National Pau; 12th National Perpignan as well as another International win when Eric won the Montelimar International. In 2004 Vanacker scored 56th, 103rd, 119th, 137th, 152nd, 226th National Barcelona as well as 86th and 201st National Marseille. All from a team of 24 widowhood cocks for cocks alone are seriously raced as 2 years old and beyond while the young and the yearlings are raced for education purposes only. 'Gerry Plus' being their basic feed.

The Eric Vanacker family of pigeons are destined to reap further glory within the international pigeon arena in the years ahead for if one can achieve the above results in a brief period of time as an extremely busy person what will be the fruit of his retirement years? It will be interesting to witness.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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