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Top season for North & South Federation
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Malachy Maguire and grand daughter Caoilhionn collect one of many awards from Homer at the Newry North South Fed dinner and prize night.
The Donnelly Family had a big night of success, inc Fancier of the Year. Included Richard, Irene, Emma Jane, Johnathan and camera shy Victoria.
Rosie presents awards to Tommy Mooney who had another top season in the local area.

Mark Maguire and big son Mark won a number of top awards racing in Millvale.

The Byrne Family have a long history of racing in Newry, three generations here inc. Pat the Chairman Newry & Dist.
Adie presents the Young Fancier of the Year award to Kenneth Havern of the Ballyholland HPS.
Rosemary Mulholland (r) collects a gift for her tireless work in the Newry area. She is also involved at the Besfast Show.
Group pic for Millvale includes John & Cathy Dodds, Raymond & Carol Little, John Power and Shirly Hamond.

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The Golf Inn in Newry City played host on Friday 29th of February to an excellent well organised 3 in 1 dinner and prize distribution for the following parties, Newry & District HPS, Millvale HPS and the North South Federation. As the main guest for the event along with my father Homer and mother Rose I opted to travel on this occasion as a passenger in my fathers car, which meant I could enjoy a drink or two without the pressures of having to drive home on what was a dreadful night of weather with unrelenting heavy rain and high winds on our journey from Lisburn to this fabulous location on the Forkhill Road. With the racing season only a matter of weeks away I personally think this is a good time of the year to have your annual presentation, as your achievements or under achievements are fresh within in your memory and for many will be the flame that can signal the levels of determination that can sometimes lead to greater things. Another plus point with a presentation at this time of the year is you are very unlikely to clash with any other event, as a scribe you would be surprised how many dinner presentations actually are held on the same nights and for instance I recall a Friday night in November last year when my father and I has the choice of six dinners to attend. Although over-all there are now many clubs around the country that don’t go to the trouble of organising such events due to the lack of support hence the emergence of these combined presentations. Last nights attendance in Newry topped the 130 mark which is something similar to the numbers enjoyed by the Mighty NIPA Awards Night held back in November. So the officials can take good heart from the excellent turnout which is a true reflection on the professional manner in which the Newry & Dist HPS, Millvale HPS and The North/South Federation are run.  

Among the excellent attendance were some of Northern Ireland’s elite fanciers, no surprise of course as the Newry Area have enjoyed un-relenting success at all levels of competition for many years now, John and Richard Donnelly racing as Donnelly Brothers would certainly come under the elite fanciers banner having this year clocked up their 27th NIPA Open Success and when having a quick glance over a sample of the impressive North/South Federation Diploma which I might add looks fantastic I can see that out of the 30 Federation races the Donnelly Brothers partnership won 13 of these. No easy task against excellent competition from many of the local members that would see birdage topping  the 1500 mark.

Newry and District were the first to distribute their Annual Awards and Homer was called upon to conduct the presentation I would like to add praise at this point to Rosemary Muholland  who was compare for the evening and what a job she did. As stated earlier in this report all Clubs in the Newry area have had their fair share of top results from all organisations over the last few years and when your topping your relevant Clubs in this area you are always likely to feature prominently in the over-all Open result. The Newry Prize List in order of races won is as follows:- O/B Winners Tullamore (1) 1st Gary Hughes, 2nd, T Hughes and 3rd J F McCabe, Tullamore (2) 1st Gary Hughes, 2nd J F McCabe, 3rd Niblock Bros, Roscrea 1st and 2nd Gary Hughes, 3rd J F McCabe, Clonmel 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ron McKelvey, Pilmore Beach 1st and 2nd Ron McKelvey, 3rd Gary Hughes, Rosscarbery 1st Mark Maguire and Son, 2nd and 3rd J F McCabe, Pilmore Beach 1st Ron McKelvey, 2nd Gary Hughes, 3rd Ron McKelvey, Skibbereen North 1st Gary Hughes, 2nd Mark Maguire and Son, 3rd R McKelvey. Talbenny 1st J Kennan, 2nd G Dixon, 3rd R McKelvey. Barley Cove 1st Mark Maguire & Son, 2nd Niblock Bros, 3rd Mark Maguire & Son. Roscrea 1st Ron McKelvey, 2nd Gary Hughes, 3rd Ron McKelvey. Talbenny (2) Kenny Byrne & Sons, 2nd T Hughes, 3rd Gary Hughes. Talbenny (3) 1st Kenny Byrne & Sons, 2nd K Byrne & Sons, 3rd Gary Hughes. Mallow 5 Bird 1st and 2nd Ron McKelvey, 3rd Owen Markey. Sennen Cove 1st K Byrne & Sons, 2nd M Maguire & Son. Sennen Cove Clasic 1st K Byrne & Son, 2nd M Maguire & Son. Sennen Cove 1st G Dixon, 2nd L Falloon & Son, 3rd J F McCabe. Portsmouth 1st , 2nd and 3rd M Maguire & Son.

Y/Bird winners :- Mullingar 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ron McKelvey. Tullamore 1st Niblock Bros, 2nd J F McCabe, 3rd R McKelvey. Roscrea (1) 1st and 3rd Ron McKelvey, 2nd J F McCabe. Roscrea (2) 1st, 2nd & 3rd Ron McKelvey. Clonmel 1st Ron McKelvey 2nd G Hughes and 3rd J F McCabe. Sennen Cove 1st M Maguire & Son. Sennen Cove O/Hens 1st M Maguire & Son. Pilmore Beach 1st and 2nd J F McCabe, 3rd G Hughes. Talbenny 1st M Maguire & Son, 2nd J F McCabe, 3rd G Hughes. Tullamore 1st and 3rd J F McCabe, 2nd G Dixon. Fermoy 1st, 2nd and 3rd Owen Markey. Fermoy 5 Bird 1st, 2nd and 3rd Owen Markey. Rosscarbery 1st Ron McKelvey, 2nd M Maguire and Son 3rd Owen Markey. Skibbereen North 1st, 2nd and 3rd Owen Markey. Excellent racing from some of the fanciers listed above with many very consistent throughout the Old and Y/Bird Seasons.

Next it was the turn of the Millvale HPS to hand over their awards to the respective winners and my mother Rose was called upon to do the honours. In no particular order won of the biggest winers of the night was the Maguire family who I have personally known for some time a substantial loft report I have already started will for sure have to get it completed. In the Millvale HPS Malachy Maguire and son Mark collected awards for outstanding results in the following races during the season :- The O/Bird French Derby Cup, Talbenny Y/B Derby Award, The Best Average in the 2 Y/B Derbies, The Lowest Winning Velocity (on a hard day you look for the Maguire pigeons). The Mooney Bros Cup for the Best Average in the 1st and last races in both Y/Birds and O/Birds and finally they lifted the R & M Mullholland Cup for the Most Points in All Derbies and Nationals. Son Mark races very well assisted by his son Mark also they lifted three awards including the O/Bird Cross Channel Average, Bude O/Birds and Best Average 1st Inland and 1st Cross Channel O/Birds. Noel Murtagh had an outstanding season collecting a number of awards during the night including the Y/B Inland Average and the Points Cup. Aiden Curran had a super year also lifting six awards from the prize table they included the O/B Inland Derby Cup, Y/Bird Longest Inland Award, Y/B Inland Derby, Y/B Mallow (Fermoy) and the W Black Cup for the Best Average in the Longest Inland Races in both the Y/Birds and O/Birds, Well done Aiden. P McAteer and Son collected awards for the Yearling National and collected the much sought after O/Bird Inland Average Award. T Mooney & Son collected the O/Bird Combined Average and the Longest Inland  Award in the O/Birds. H Walsh & Son also made it to the prize table collecting the Club Award for achievements from the Sennen Cove O/Birds. Again a very well done to all the winners and indeed to all the members who create some great competition.

The longest presentation of the evening was next and that was the North/South Federation Awards it was my turn to present these and what an honour it was, each Federation winner was presented with a Full Colour A3 Certificate and the Cup winners were as follows :- The Roland and Harris Cup was won by H Walsh & Son, The Lowest Winning Velocity was won by Malachy Maguire and Son with a super super pigeon named “Caoilfhionn’s Choice” what a pigeon this is bred down from a pair of Jan Ardens bought direct from Louella Pigeon World. In total this Blue Pied 3 Year Old Hen has won 7 x 1st’s and a host of seconds and has topped the Newry Combine no less than 5 times from some of the most difficult races a Gem of a pigeon and one any body would be proud to have around the loft. Y/Bird of the Year and O/Bird of the Year were both won by Donnelly Brothers, once again what can you say about these two boys I can only refer you to my loft report that was published within the last four weeks, their racing exploits are something else. Cross Channel Points was won by the distance loft of  Malachy Maguire and Son. The young Fancier of the Year was Kenneth Havern who finished second Federation on a couple of occasions and as Richard Donnelly quotes a star for the future. As the Donnelly Bros were once again crowned North/South Federation  Fanciers of the Year. Before detailing all the Federation Winners I would kile to mention the successful Breeder/Buyer event run every year by the Federation this Year the Winner and Breeder was the WKD Lofts of Timmy & Kiera Mawhinney they weren’t in attendance as they along with many other fanciers were away for the weekend at the Dutch Show. 2nd in the Breeder/Buyer event was P Murtagh with a pigeon bred by N Murtagh, 3rd was A McAteer with the breeder being M Maguire and Son and finally fourth went two Eddie McAlinden who was the Breeder and the Buyer.

Federation winners :- Old Bird Races Tullamore (1) 46/913 1st N. Murtagh 1492, 2nd N. Murtagh 1482, 3rd G. Hughes 1475, 4th T. Mooney and Son 1464. Tullamore (2) 49/1010 1st G. Hughes 2097, 2nd Donnelly Bros 2095, 3rd P McAteer 2086, 4th J F Mc Cabe 2085. Roscrea (1) 51/1178 1st G. Hughes 1335, 2nd Donnelly Bros 1334, 3rd Donnelly Bros 1330, 4th Donnelly Bros 1332, Clonmel 50/1179 1st Donnelly Bros 1726,  2nd R Mc Kelvey 1720, 3rd R Mc Kelvey 1715, 4th R Mc Kelvey 1711. Pilmore Beach (1) 54/1194 1st Donnelly Bros 1645, 2nd O Markey 1641, 3rd Donnelly Bros 1600, 4th M Maguire and Son 1599. Rosscarbery Old Bird Nat.34/294 1st Donnelly Bros 1678, 2nd A Curran 1674, 3rd Mark Maguire and Son 1673, 4th J F McCabe 1670. Pilmore Beach (2) 46/979 1st Donnelly Bros 1595, 2nd T Mooney and Son 1586, 3rd R Mc Kelvey 1585, 4th Donnelly Bros 1581. Skibbereen Nat. INFC 23/210 1st Donnelly Bros 1414, 2nd G Hughes 1412, 3rd Mark Maguire and Son 1410, 4th R Mc Kelvey 1399, Talbenny (1) 43/531 1st Donnelly Bros 1046, 2nd A Mc Ateer 992, 3rd J Murtagh 982, 4th Mark Maguire and Son 982. Barley Cove Yearling Nat. 22/132 1st P Mc Ateer 1148, 2nd Donnelly Bros 1127, 3rd Mark Maguire and Son 1121, 4th E Niblock 1121. Roscrea (2) 12/232 1st R Mc Kelvey 1363, 2nd A Mc Ateer 1361, 3rd J and N Boyd 1360, 4th G Hughes 1357. Talbenny (2) 36/383  1st Donnelly Bros 1319, 2nd Mark Maguire and Son 1299, 3rd K Byrne & Sons 1271, 4th Mark Maguire and Son 1251. Talbenny (3) 28/182 1st Donnelly Bros 1418, 2nd Mark Maguire and Son 1308, 3rd Donnelly Bros 1306, 4th Donnelly Bros 1301. Sennen Cove Yearling Nat. 24/131 1st A Mc Ateer 1173 , 2nd K Byrne and Son 1102 , 3rd C O’ Hare 1068, 4th J and N Boyd 1036, Mallow 5 Bird 26/120 1st R Mc Kelvey 1368, 2nd T Mooney and Son 1358, 3rd Donnelly Bros 1356, 4th R Mc Kelvey 1340, Sennen Cove 39/335, 1st H Walsh and Son 1161, 2nd H Walsh and Son 1144, 3rd H Walsh and Son 1124, 4th J Murtagh 1111. Portsmouth Nat. 16/48 1st M Maguire and Son 989, 2nd A Mc Ateer 946, 3rd M Maguire and Son 854, 4th Mooney Bros 853. Lamballe Nat. 22/92 1st A Mc Ateer 1052, 2nd E Niblock 992, 3rd J Murtagh 986, 4th Donnelly Bros 902. Sennen Cove Old Hens 14/32 1st M Maguire and Son 562, 2nd M Maguire and Son 328, 3rd H Walsh & Son 298.

Young Bird Races  Mullingar  44/1067  1st N Murtagh 1147, 2nd Havern Bros 1136, 3rd Donnelly Bros 1132, 4th R Mc Kelvey 1129. Tullamore  47/1432 1st O’ Markey 1608, 2nd O’ Markey 1606, 3rd Niblock Bros 1605 , 4th O’ Markey 1604. Roscrea (1) 46/1416 1st R and M Mullholland 1930, 2nd R and M Mullholland 1929, 3rd R and M Mullholland 1929, 4th R Mc Kelvey 1895. Fermoy  32/450 1st A Curran 1281, 2nd Donnelly Bros 1272, 3rd O’ Markey 1266, 4th R and M Mullholland 1262. Clonmel 47/1350, 1st Donnelly Bros 1327, 2nd J and N Boyd 1304, 3rd O’ Markey 1290, 4th D Larkin and Son 1288. Pilmore Beach 39/837 1st Donnelly Bros 1543, 2nd J F Mc Cabe 1529, 3rd J F Mc Cabe 1509, 4th G Hughes 1499. Talbenny Young Bird Nat. 29/210 1st Donnelly Bros 1310, 2nd M Maguire and Son 1303, 3rd Donnelly Bros 1283, 4th Donnelly Bros 1278. Sennen Cove Young Bird Nat. 18/36 1st M Maguire and Son 572. Rosscarberry Young Bird Nat. 20/172 1st Donnelly Bros 1816, 2nd R Mc Kelvey 1803, 3rd Donnelly Bros 1778, 4th Donnelly Bros 1759. Skibbereen Nat.17/182 1st Donnelly Bros 1742, 2nd Havern Bros 1736, 3rd R McMinn and Daughter 1720, 4th Donnelly Bros 1706. Roscrea (2)  48/1402 1st R Mc Kelvey 1680,  2nd Donnelly Bros 1675, 3rd R Mc Kelvey 1675, 4th Donnelly Bros 1672.

After a very enjoyable presentation and a very attentive aiudeance a few gifts wre presented to some of the ladies who assisted in various ways in helping the organisations function in 2007, a very nice gesture. I on behalf of the guests would like to thank Malachy Maguire for inviting us down to what was a very enjoyable evening with excellent food and company and a Dinner presentation that would sit at the top of the many that I have attended over the years. A very well done to all involved on what was truly a magical night and I wish all the members of Newry & District, Millvale HPS and the North/South Federation every success in the 2008.

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