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 Jed Jackson - Poet And Pigeoner
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I will begin with the following statement '...there are few of God's gifts I enjoy better than the seductive warmth of the early morning sun when the vegetation and the hand- rail to my loft are wet with early morning dew.' That my dear readers has come from the mind and the heart of a poet and his name is Jed Jackson. But not only a poet he is one of the best pigeon racers that the island of Britain has produced. In truth based upon what I have read and heard the man is an example to us all!

An interest in our feathered friends began in the blossoming time of his school days. Jed once recalled that one of his birds was the means by which the half time score of a soccer match was conveyed. Here our subject was lost in the wonder of the orientation ability of his blue pigeon which he had sent initially in a paper bag with the local team to be the courier of good or bad news from miles away. Of course the wonder increased when this pigeon returned from 100 miles. For distance to a child is impregnated with the imaginable and the magical.

The love of our thoroughbreds, therefore, was planted early in the life journey of Jed Jackson and with them he was in paradise. So deep was this love that it was inevitable that he would be forever a pigeon fancier and inspite of the twists and the turns, and even the tragedy of life, Jed Jackson has been a life long pigeoner. A person who has won many prizes from a modest loft at Worthing with approximately 30 pigeons. One of those prizes was the 1980 Pau National into England. His two year old hen 'Genista' beat 5,884 pigeons to win the most sought after prize in English pigeon racing. This blue chequer's dam was of Langstone bloodlines and the sire was of Jackson's own family. Well, others have won the National but what adds to the uniqueness in this achievement is the fact that Jed Jackson is a blind person. Yes, we all know what it takes to manage a loft of pigeons but to do it with such a disadvantage is amazing! Of course, Jed Jackson is a born fancier, that is acknowledged by those who know him, but to overcome such an impediment and achieve what he has reflects the very best of the human spirit. Now inspite of his condition in one sense our subject has been endowed with many blessings, one being a loving wife, Joan, who played her part in his many successes. In a sense, like the touch of his fingers, Joan is his sight for without her by his side his managerial duties would have been much more difficult.

Sadly with the joys of life lies the sorrows for 'Genista' died from what her friend and breeder thought was the result of her efforts in winning the National. A terrible blow for any fancier but Jed Jackson got on with his productive life and even witnessed a grand-daughter of 'Genista' winning a 550 mile race from Thurso. Upon her arrival the Thurso winner landed upon Jed's shoulder from where he clocked her in. A wonderful image of the bond between a man and a bird, a poetic image of the genius of Jed Jackson.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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