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Jose Ledesma And Bayo Casablanca
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The subject in this article is a pigeoner who like Jo Hendrix was focused since he entered the sport of pigeon racing to create a strain of birds to conquer the distance.In due course through the obtainment of and based upon the right bloodlines Jose Ledesma carved thoroughbreds to conquer the tasks of endurance and will power.So much so that he has a bird which holds the
world record for flying the longest distance over water.The latter is the great Bayo Casablanca which flew across the sea from Casablanca, Morocco, into the Canary island of Tenerife, a distance of 1064 kms, winning the International race in 2003.

The reader may have read from me about the successes of the Irish pigeons from France across the English Channel and the Irish Sea. And why ? Precisely because, aside from other physical
configurations, the crossing of water by the pigeons on their way home. The ultimate test of the stamina and makeup of a true racing pigeon according to the sports veterans is the challenge of racing over open water.

Weather comes into being over the sea and a calm stretch can in moments become very turbulent.The winds can vary in intensity and of course because of the nature of the sea and
associated atmospheric reality wind direction can change very quickly.In fact the sea routes into
Ireland are the watery graves of many gallant pigeons since the arrival of the sport into our island.We know what it's like to prepare and send our pigeons because of the extreme hazard of the sea and its associated weather conditions.

Racing into the Canary Islands presents perhaps the most challenging in the world because of the points made above in relation to the Irish experience. There 'heating patterns drive up humidity and dust blowing from the islands as well as Africa is observed frequently'. Thus this has to be a powerful family of flying athletes which Jose Ledesma has sculptured over the years. And what was the material of that sculpture? The Sion and Janssen strains.Yes Ledesma used the Sion family of the well known American pigeoner Chareles Heitzman as his material in a cross with one of the best families for crossing with long distance strains- the Janssens.

This is far from being a one bird establishment for the perches contain many worthy champions.More will be heard from this establishment and strain in the future because Jose Ledesma is one of those persons whom destiny apparently touches and who is conscious of what he set out to build as a pigeoner.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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