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 The Kreuer Brothers of Germany
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Bernd and Werner Kreuer are two German brothers from Bornheim- Hersel, they have been flying the long distance races across Europe for many years. The name frequently appears in the results at National and International level. Since 1987 they have concentrated on over night racing only. One of the brothers Werner works at Bonn University whereas Bernd is employed as a postman. The brothers initially were fascinated with the exploits of distance and marathon racing in the Netherlands and were inspired and taught by Jan Ernest of Steenbergen, and Jean Hausoul of Epen.

From German fanciers Herbert Gross and Rudi Köhne the brothers procured their first successful pigeons as well as the Dutch fancier Joep van Dongen from Middlelharnis. Later, in the early nineties, further stock was purchased from Jac van der Wegen, Jan Ernest, the Frenken brothers, as well as Jean Hausoul of Holland, to be followed in latter years with the bloodlines of Brockamp, as well as birds from the Paulet partnership and some from Dr. Henk de Weerd of Breda.

Their foundation, or base, bird is 'Joep' a son to 'Vale Barcelona' hen of Joep van Dongen, which scored 19th, 32nd, and 47th National Barcelona. Another important stock bird is 'Queen' that came from Jean Hausoul, and a daughter to 'Super 21st', winner of 9th National Dax. 'Queen' is also grand-daughter to 'Barcelona', a son of the great breeding hen 'Elza' and grandam to the 1st National Montauban; as well as dam to the winners of 3rd National Perpignan, 6th National Bordeaux, 43rd National Marseille and 45th National Bordeaux plus others. There is also in their lofts the good breeder 'De Witpen' a pigeon of Jan Ernest which is closely related to 1st National Dax in 2000. Being also dam to 35th and 37th National Barcelona, 57th National Dax, 97th National Cahors, etc.

In 2004 from Barcelona at a distance of 1,111km, the Kreuers in the German National against 2,601 pigeons were 30, 85, 201, 246, 383, 424, 469, 629; and in the International against 24, 913 of a convoy scored 223, 838, 2140, 2782, 4565, 4887, 5366. Seven out of 18 sent. Again this is mainly an Aarden based family and as well as obtaining good stock the brothers were determined to build the proper loft environment, alongside learning the technique of modern pigeon racing at the long and marathon distances.Coupled with a mutual astuteness the Kreuers have made steady progress on the road of moulding their own strain and competeing against the best the Europe can provide. As relatively young their future appears bright and they are a partnership to watch out for as they make another interesting chapter in the Aarden dynasty.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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