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The Padfields Of Wales
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In this article I am am going into the land of the valleys namely Wales. Our subject is the Padfield family of Cwmtillery who are amongst the elite of the modern distance fancy in the island of Britain.

As a partnership the Padfields originated from about 1988/89 when the brothers Vince and Dave came together with their father Albert to form a team of outstanding pigeon racers. It was not long before the family had their experience of success for they scored 2nd National from Lerwick in 1991. This success and their enthusiasm led the team to consider the purchase of new blood in which to realize their ambitions in the long distance races, especially those from Spain. After some reflection it was agreed to base their family on the Jan Aarden dynasty, especially the Wim Muller strain. Eventually through the Ponderosa Stud in England some young stock was purchased, which in time were to become a treasure trove. One of their offspring scored 81st in a race from Rennes, being the only bird in Wales, then as a yearling 3rd Federation Sartilly and 74th National Flying Club Open from Nantes. The latter race being contested by the fanciers of both Wales and England.

The base and the management were beginning to bear fruit but the partners knew that more of the same were required therefore via the same source the Padfields obtained more young. From the latter introduction came the partners famous 'Albert' who was 250th Open against 65,000 pigeons in a centenary race from Nantes and also 13th Open in the NFC race from Pau in 2002.A son of this great pigeon was 3rd Open from San Sebastian plus 91st Open NFC Pau.

The careful management of the Padfields were bearing fruit and although initially kept pure the Muller bloodlines were in due course crossed with the Janssens. In time producing 1st, 3rd, 23rd and 39th Welsh National from Pau. Excellent flying and confirmation of the necessity of obtaining the proper stock initially if one desired to succeed at the longer races. The Janssens have always crossed well with the Aardens and the Padfield experiment was confirming this reality.

Many other successes were to come to their lofts including 2nd Open British Barcelona Club National from Palamos and, at present, they are are a partnership always thinking and forever striving to improve their stock via selective crosses. This can only be defined as a team effort with each partner fulfilling his duty in the daily management of a blue blooded family of racing thoroughbreds. In truth we have yet to see the best of the Padfields and I for one will be following closely their endeavours as they bring further glory to Wales. And this inspite of the fact that their loft location is to the left of the majority in national racing...

Well done!

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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