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Piet de Vogel
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I first made reference to Piet de Vogel in an article on the Jan Aarden dynasty, for his family of pigeons has been referred to as a superior Aarden based marathon loft. It is considered one of the best Dutch based families for breeding and overnight racing at the present time. Situated in Oude- Tonge, which is the centre of the Netherlands long distance region, the reputation of the pigeons of de Vogel has increased in recent years arising from the fact that he has the best of stock and he is an astute manager.

From the start our subject was determined to create a family of pigeons capable of overcoming all obstacles in the overnight or two day type of pigeon racing, therefore he knew that in order to realize his ambition the best of foundation stock was required. Opting for the Aarden distance pigeon he purchased the best of the Cools and Lazeroms bloodlines. In due course he decided to cross Brinkman, Cees de Jong, Carteus and Brugemann Brothers bloodlines into his initial stock. As a result de Vogel has one of the best families of distance racing pigeons in the world today and it is still being formed by a master craftsman.

The family has won many 1st prizes in the very strong regional competitions and as expected it has received excellent results at national level competing against pigeons from the best lofts in perhaps the number one distance racing country in the world. As a competitor he believes that winning many prizes is fun but the fun is better if they are 1st prizes. Therein lies the reason for the crossing in of other bloodlines, for de Vogel wanted his pigeons to fly faster so that he would obtain the top honours. So far scores of prizes have been won racing against thousands of the best bloodlines that one could expect including at least three times in the first ten of national racing and on a number of occasions being very close to winning in a number of contests.
Results such as 3rd, 22nd, 25th, 33rd, and 52nd St.Vincent; 3rd and 57th Mont de Marsan; 7th, 40th, 43rd, 48th, and 66th Bergerac; 23rd, 38th, 39th, 52nd, 60th, and 68th Dax.

Two of his top pigeons is Ullrich who won 3rd National St.Vincent and 7th National Bergerac in the same season. Then there is Monty Boy who had about twelve good prizes including a 3rd National. In 2001 Monty Boy occupied 6th position in the best long distance category of Dutch national racing. Piet has also been 1st National Barcelona of the World Pigeon Center as well as scoring 28th National Barcelona as well as being in 30th ranking position in the Western European Super Marathon.

As a family experiencing on going development the latent potential will in due course seek expression and there is no doubt in the opinion of some European pigeonologists that the de Vogel strain will leave its mark in long and marathon pigeon racing.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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