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Hard test from Tullamore
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Billy & Kate McIntyre of West Belfast HPS winners of 1st Open Ulster Federation from Kildare last weekend.




With the weekend weather looking somewhat dodgy to say the least the N.Ireland based organisations decided to basket as normal on Friday evening with the full knowledge that early Saturday morning looked the best opportunity during the weekend for a liberation, with the NIPA and the East Down Combine in Tullamore and the Ulster Federation in Kildare all where looking down the barrel of a stiff East/North East Wind. The NIPA went first at 9.00am with the East Down Combine following suit 30 minutes later both from Tullamore and the Ulster Federation cut the strings on their tranporter at 10.15 all race controllers reported a strong East to north East wind on route and what a test it turned out to be. While watching for the birds on Saturday the song came to mind 1step forward and two steps back, that’s what the pigeons certainly looked like trying vainly to battle against the strong and blustery winds that curtailed a lot of there speed during their homeward journey. Reports from various fanciers around the country are similar, many with a few empty perches. It would seem that many just didn’t face the stiff wind.
One bird that did and the best reported so far in the NIPA is that of Micky McPhillips from Coalisland. Micky timed a Blue yearling hen sitting 10 days on eggs at 11.33am flying 99 miles. I met up with Micky McPhillips on Sunday with the help and assistance of Micky Hamilton of the M & R Hamilton partnership, Micky Hamilton was telling me that the members couldn’t be more happier for Micky McPhillips and were really hoping he could go on and win the NIPA Open for the 1st time. Micky had raced pigeons on and off for years, he relates back to his father bringing a pigeon back to the family home one dark night and after presenting it to him, set about clearing out the coal shed to accommodate the new family member, hence the start of the pigeon bug. The pigeon timed is a Yearling Blue Hen bred from pigeons obtained from good friend Denis Carville of Lurgan, after handling the hen it was no surprise to find out that it was in fact a Wal Zoontjen This family of pigeons have did extremely well over the last couple of years in N.Ireland with much of thanks owed to Peter Fox of Syndicate Lofts. Locally in Lurgan Geoff Douglas has the best of this family of pigeons as have the Gibb & Byrne Stud in Lisburn. I have previously reported on two outstanding winners, namely an Open winner in 2007 for D & J Armstrong of Carrickfergus and of course not forgetting the Europa Classic Winner in 2007 belonging to the Gibb & Byrne partnership it was also of Wal Zoontjen breeding. So we could very well have three Open Winners in the matter of months from the Wal Zoontjen Family of birds.
The breeding of the above winner is as follows. Both Sire and Dam were from D.Carville & Son of Lurgan from his family of pigeons that originated from Peter Fox of Syndicate Lofts. Sire GB 05.1547948 Snow Gold and Majesty ( this being a direct daughter of Peter Fox’s famous Young Couple) when paired to GB 05.1547965 Miguel Angel ( A direct son of "The Patriot" 1st Nat. Ace N.P.O.Middle Distance Holland 1999) and "Ester" ( A direct daughter of “The King”  1st Nat.Ace Sprint 1999.
Dam is off GB 05.1547937 "Young President" Ganus bred pigeon from "The President"1st Nat. Ace N.P.O. Sprint 1995 and  GB 05 T29660 from "Joop" Full Brother to  "The President" and "Cher" direct daughter of "Vivian" Wal Zoontjen,s No.1 hen.
Micky McPhillips I met for the first a few months ago after extracting a few pound from him for an ETS System, not on his own I am glad to say with the help of Micky Hamilton most of the Club are now on ETS. Having moved from the Lurgan area to the Brackaville area of Coalisland only 3 years ago Micky McPhillips now looks after his elderly mother who lives close by. What time he then has spare is spent with the pigeons, not an ardent supporter of Y/B racing Micky would rather train them hard and give them a couple of come back races and then keep the majority of Y/B’s until they are yearlings. It was no surprise then to hear that the winner was in fact just given two races as a youngster and was bumped into Tullamore once again this week after a steady training programme that included three tosses this week prior to the race from a distance of 30 miles. She was back sitting on her nest today and without any exaggeration she would have took the hand of anybody going towards the nest. Micky has named his pigeon “Denis’s Dream” after his good friend in Lurgan Denis Carville the man who talked him into and supported his start up in pigeons once again.
The card of the day most be that of the A & R McAuley partnership from Ballymoney, they timed at 12.50.40, 12.50.46, 12.54, 12.58, and had many more in the clock in a short space of time, velocity wise they are good 1083, 1082, 1066, 1046, 1024 etc. Not surprising they take the first 2 positions in the Ballymoney club with 664 Birds away and could have took a lot more positions had it not have been for the 2bird Rule. This partnership have two outstanding families the Soontjens are one, only last week I reported success in Rasharkin for young Chris Tweed with a Soontjen cock that had won 5 x 1st’s yes bred by A & R McAuley, numerous fanciers around the country are winning with this partnerships pigeons. The second family need no introductions Keith Morgan’s Herman Van De Weyer. Andrew and Keith have been  the best of buddy’s for a long time with Andrew and the good lady spending many weekends in England at the Morgan household. I personally know all about these pigeons for as well as A & R McAuley having the best of them, Gibb & Byrne also have them, I sold for Gibb & Byrne in Blackpool just past in January, only three pigeons in the sale of the Keith Morgan pigeons they averaged £500 per pigeon. They are very much, the sought after article just not in Ireland but the rest of the U.K. Andrew McAuley has lofts coming down with Champion after Champion both on the Soontjen side of things and of course the Keith Morgan Lines, this weeks winner a Blue Bar Cock is direct of the famous “Belgium cock” as he is known this pigeon has bred countless winners just not on these shores but for Keith Morgan as well including Fed winners. The Ballymoney Winner in question a pigeon that is sure to make the top ten of the NIPA Open has already previously finished in the top ten of the NIPA from Barleycove Last Year in the Yearling National race were he finished 1st Club 2nd Section, 6th Open. In such a hard day what an incredible performance.          
NIPA Results and Minor Reports
COLERAINE Triangle Tullamore (1) – T & J McDonald Coleraine Prem 1099, J L Madden Coleraine Prem 1085, A & R McAuley Ballymoney 1083, A & R McAuley 1082, A & R McAuley 1066, A & R McAuley 1046, T Stewart Windsor Soc 1030, Nevin Bros Coleraine Prem 1035, T Steele Coleraine Prem 1034, A & R McAuley 1024.
NIPA Sect A & A West Clubs Tullamore (1)
Coalisland & Dist 14/353 – M McPhillips 1135, K Murphy 1040, J Devlin 1023, M McLaughlin 1019, M McPhillips 1015, K Murphy 1015, K Carolan 1011, K Murphy 1010, J Devlin 999, 994.
Cookstown Social 9/260 – K Morton & Sons 1099, Speirs & Campbell 1019, 1018, V Thom 1016, Marshall & Harkness 989, 974, V Thom 973, G Marshall 969, Speirs & Campbell 959, 956.
Coleraine Premier HPS – T & J McDonald 1099, J L Madden 1085, Nevin Bros 1035, Diamond Bros 1035, T Steele 1034.
Castledawson 4/80 – T Leacock & Son 1087, S K Watson 1028, T Leacock & Son 1027, Gilmour & Watson 1026, T Leacock & Son 976, 974, M Lynn 962, Gilmour & Watson 951, 847.
Omagh & District – A Kelly 1076, K Armstrong 982, R Adams 924, A Kelly 901, A Hall 811, J McGlade 805. Two wins on the trot for Alan Kelly, Kenny Armstrong back racing is runner-up just sending one bird.
Windsor Social 10/151 – T Stewart 1030, K Glass 1018, F McIlreavy 1007, 1007, K Glass 1006, Horner & Scott 1002, R McAlary 999, K Glass 994, R & J Parke 948, F McIlreavy 943, J & S Brennan 786. The Sect B loft of Trevor Stewart has the winner doing velocity 1030.
Limavady – R McIlmoyle 969, R Witherow 967.
Strabane RPC – Quinn & Harper 960, 923, 868, T McBride 855, Quinn & Harper 811, T McBride 788. Two wins on the trot with the same Soontjen bird.
Section B & Mid-Antrim Combine
For the second race of the old bird season the NIPA had a single liberation from Tullamore in County Offaly, a distance of around 125 miles into Ballymena. Conditions at the race-point were not as good as at the home end and the birds were released at 9.00am in a east north/east wind. It was dull and overcast but with bad weather forecast for later in the day and conditions no better for Sunday there was really, no alternative but to liberate. East in the wind is always a sign of an erratic race to come and that indeed was how it turned out with a number of birds still missing at dark. Thankfully most have turned up, but a hard race was not what we were looking for so early in the year and also the fact that a fair number of lofts were just sending for the first time.
Best in Mid Antrim are Milliken & Barkley who record velocity 1068 and a second bird is runner-up, both birds will be well placed in Section B. Davy Houston & Son top Broughshane & Dist for the second week doing velocity 1043 followed by three club winners all on the one yard. McFall & McManus are 1st New Antrim Amalgamated, Geoff Dickey 1st Ahoghill FC and Des Robinson 1st Cullybackey HPS.
It was the first week of the Old Bird Champions League and the leading position are as follows. Sect A: 1st Milliken & Barkley (Rasharkin) 27 Points, 2nd Tom McMillan (Randalstown) 19 Points winning 1st Club for the second week and a great start in his new club, 3rd Gary Gibson (Cullybackey) 17 Points and 4th Joe Devlin (Ballymena) 1 Point. Sect B: 1st Davy Houston & Son (Broughshane) 25 Points, 2nd Stewart Bros (Randalstown) 8 Points. Sect C: 1st Des Robinson (Cullybackey) 22 Points, 2nd J & N Simpson (Broughshane) 21 Points, 3rd T & G Cotter (Ahoghill) 11 Points, 4th George McDowell (Kells) 4 Points 1st Club and a good card from Tullamore. Sect D: 1st G & A Eagleson (Broughshane) 15 Points, 2nd Christopher Tweed (Rasharkin) 3 Points, 3rd Alan Darragh (Cullybackey) 2 Points.
Mid Antrim Combine Tullamore (1) 120/2400 – Milliken & Barkley Rasharkin 1068, Milliken & Barkley 1045, D Houston & Son Broughshane 1043, McFall & McManus New Antrim 1029, G Dickey Ahoghill 1029, D Robinson Cullybackey 1029, J & N Simpson Broughshane 1027, W Livingstone Ahoghill 1019, T McMillan Randalstown 1018, W & J Smyth Ballymena 1014, G Gibson Cullybackey 1014, T McMillan 1010, G & A Eagleson Broughshane 1006, W & J Smyth 1005, J Smyth & Son Ahoghill 1002, G Gibson 1002, T & G Cotter Ahoghill 998, C Young Ahoghill 993, Balmer Young & Son 992, Stewart Bros Randalstown 991, G Dickey 989, S Millar Randalstown 987, J Smyth & Son 987, G McDowell Kells 987, C Tweed Rasharkin 987, A Darragh 986, J Devlin Ballymena 986, H Cubbitt Rasharkin 985, H Boyd Randalstown 985, G Gibson 985.
NIPA Sect B Clubs Tullamore (1)
Bushmills Invitation – T & J McDonald 1099, T Stewart 1030, K Glass 1018, R Callaghan & Son 1004, Horner & Scott 1002, S Thompson 960, R & J Parke 948.
Ballymoney HPS 22/664 – A & R McAuley 1083, 1082, A & M Boyle 1060, J Connolly 1023, A & M Boyle 1022, M Simpson 1018, J McDowell & Sons 1015, Wilson McGarry & Son 1012, J Hutchinson & Son 1000, D & G McMullan 998, D Laverty 998, W Blair 991.
Dervock IPS 9/311 – A & M Boyle 1060, 1022, R Callaghan & Son 1004, J Hutchinson & Son 1000, D & G McMullan 998, D & H Stuart 987, D & G McMullan 985, R Callaghan & Son 982, D Devenney 982, W & L McCaw 974.
Muckamore HPS 13/279 – A Mitchell & Son 1045, 955, C Close & Son 925, T Patterson & Son 922, 918, J Sinton 917.
Ballymoney West Combine – J McDowell & Sons 1015, W Blair 991, B & I Stewart 973, L Neill 961, R J Elliott 885.
Crumlin & District 9/157 – G Grant 982, J Lowry 978, G Grant 973, 969, Fleming Bros 961, J & A Galloway 954.
Mid Antrim Combine Clubs Tullamore (1)
Rasharkin & District 14/216 – Milliken & Barkley 1068, 1045, C Tweed 987, H Cubbitt 985, C Tweed 953, J & D Surgenor 942, Steele & McNeill 931, J Lennox 917. D Mairs won NOM. D Dixon 971.85, 969.64. Race sponsored by Leck Scaffolding (Ballymoney). The winner was a gift bird from good friend Willie Greer from Ahoghill and the second bird was a Hartog both on roundabout.
Broughshane & District 13/250 – D Houston & Son 1043, J & N Simpson 1027, G & A
Eagleson 1006, G Connolly 978, 966, D Houston & Son 962, G & A Eagleson 959, A Purvis 942. G Price Nom and Ballymena Pigeon Supplies Nom won by G Connolly.
New Antrim Amalgamated 9/130 – McFall & McManus 1029, 954, D Jackson & Son 951, C Magill 942, C McDowell 902, M/M F Clarke 901, C Magill 901, M/M F Clarke 892, G McStravick 874, C Magill 860.
Ahoghill Flying Club 14/352 – G Dickey 1029, W Livingstone 1019, J Smyth & Son 1002, T & G Cotter 998, C Young 993, Balmer Young & Son 992, G Dickey 989, J Smyth & Son 987, J Orr & Son 983, G Dickey 980. Brooke Supplies 2 Bird Club Young McManus & Sons 977, G Dickey 888.
Cullybackey HPS 20/480 – D Robinson 1029, G Gibson 1014, 1002, A Darragh 986, Reid Bros & McCloy 966, A Darragh 959, S Steele 947, 935, Ross Bros 932, D Robinson 930, B Herbinson 921, A Greenwood 921.
Randalstown HPS 9/260 – T McMillan 1018, 1010, Stewart Bros 991, S Millar 987, H Boyd 985, S Millar 981, 979, 977.
Ballymena & District HPS 10/176 – W & J Smyth 1014, 1005, J Devlin 986, Blair & Rankin 969, 967, J Harris 960, G Barr 954, C Quaite 949, Smyth Bros 939, Richmond Bros 933.
Kells & District HPS 14/204 – G McDowell 987, 979, H Boyd 979, McFarlane & Agnew 972, G McDowell 967, G McDowell 861, T & M Morrow 956, Surgenor Bros 956. Gold Minute (41) won by Maurice Agnew.
Harryville HPS 17/332 – A McBride 972, 963, J Millar & Son 958, A McBride 956, R H Clements 954, K & K Kernohan & Sons 935, R H Clements 912, J & C Letters 905, T Johnston & Son 898, 894. Winner was a yearling Blue w/f cock timed at 12.47hrs recording velocity 972 for the 125 miles into Letercreeve. Sire is from a son of 21st Yearling Nat from the top pair Blue Bull x Blue Diamond while the dam is the bloodlines Young Super Bull and Diamonte.
NIPA Section C
LOUGHVIEW Combine Tullamore (1) 1,064 Birds – McMurray & Anderson 1087.4, W Campbell 1087.2, G & L Simpson 1079, W Campbell 1074, G McKenna 1074, D Brown 1073, E Heaney & Son 1059, G Kincaid & Son 1049, G & M Atcheson 1049, W Gilmore 1039, W Corbett & Sons 1028, Bingham & Seaton 1027, W Gilmore 1025, McMurray & Anderson 1015, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1013.
In the East Antrim Section C the Larne & Dist HPS had most birds competing, 42 members had sent 721 birds to Tullamore. It turned out a hard race many birds taking four hours to cover the approx 135 miles flying into a cold north easterly wind. Noel Ferguson timed a yearling cock to record velocity 1090, some 50 yards ahead of the next arrival in Larne. This loft is the favourite to take 1st in the NIPA Sect C and will be well placed in the Open. The consistent Marshall & Wilson had five birds in the result including 2nd, 4th and 5th and well done to Reggie Anderson who finished 3rd. The big Ligoniel & Dist had another top result with McMurray & Anderson topping Loughview Combine with a yearling doing velocity 1087 just decimal points ahead of 1st Club W Campbell who had a second arrival split with G & L Simpson. Gary McKenna recorded his first win of the year in Eastway and Joe Morrison had 1st & 2nd in the Larne based Horseshoe. G & M Irvine had best in Carrickfergus taking 1st Carrick Social doing velocity 1028 and a top four places for Elliott Bros in the Carrick & Dist with the winner collecting all pools including Nom and DTW.
NIPA Sect C Clubs Tullamore (1)
Larne & District HPS 42/721 – N Ferguson & Son 1090, Marshall & Wilson 1041, R Anderson & Son 1034, Marshall & Wilson 1030, 1024, J McAuley 1021, Beggs & Hall 1017, 1016, Marshall & Wilson 1013, S & W Gray 1010, Marshall & Wilson 1007, L & S O’Neill & Son 1001.
Ligoniel & District 38/681 – W Campbell 1087, G & L Simpson 1079, W Campbell 1074, D Brown 1073, E Heaney & Son 1059, G Kincaid & Sons 1049, G & M Atcheson 1049, W Gilmore 1039, W Corbett & Sons 1028, Bingham & Seaton 1027.
Eastway HPS 11/240 – G McKenna 1074, M & A Pearson 1007, J Burrows 1006, M & A Pearson 981, 981, Gratten Bros 972. Gary McKenna timed a Blue Yearling widowhood cock at 12.20hrs, in this 122 mile race from Tullamore, to record his first win of the season. The winning pigeon is a Gaby Vandenabeele, bred by Harmony Lofts of Ballynahinch, which has turned out to be a star performer. This is his second win having previously been 1st Eastway HPS and 7th Open NIPA Rosscarbery Young Bird National.
Horseshoe HPS 21/318 – J Morrison 1073, 1061, Marshall & Wilson 1041, 1030, 1024, 1013, 1007, C Campbell & Son 988, 986, S & S O’Toole Sons & Daughter 986. Joe Morrison takes the top two from Tullamore. Joe's first was a yearling cock racing on Widowhood and is of the Van Moorsel line. His second is a two year old natural hen, being a granddaughter to R Robinson & Son's National winner. The Show Specials were won by Joe Morrison and Colin Campbell & Son, pools won by S & S O'Toole Sons & Dtr.
Doagh & District 17/280 – A & N Lewis 1072, J & A Wilson & Sons 1070, M/M B McNeilly 1065, F Simpson 1029, J Blair 1011, J & A Wilson & Sons 1008, A & N Lewis 973, S & A Leitch 940, J McGrugan & Son 934, Collins & Pursley 926. Winning Bird Blue Yearling Widowhood cock Norman Kyle and Alan Darragh Breeding.
Kingsmoss 11/208 – R McMeekin 1054, 1022, Cully & Cosby 1011, P R Wilson 990, Connor Bros 982, Cully & Cosby 970, W Gault & Son 964, Knowles & Hill 964.
Glengormley HPS 8/143 – G Kincaid & Sons 1049, G & M Atcheson 1049, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1013, G & M Atcheson 983, D & J Campbell & Bigger 980, G Kincaid & Sons 962, G & C Lowry 951, T Cairns & Sons 910, R Johnston 743.
Carrick Social RPC 28/535 – G & M Irvine 1028, D & J Armstrong & Son 1008, M/M Robinson 1003, T Peel 995, W R McClean 994 ABCD & NOM, R McMurtry & Daughter 973, D & J Armstrong & Son 966, B & J Duddy 964, W R McClean 962, D & E Wilson 960, R McMurtry & Daughter 949 ABCD, Hall & George 943. Special won by W R McClean. Winning Minute (41).
Ballyclare & Dist 16/297 – S Rodney & Son 1024, J & R Blair 997, B & M Gilmore 996, S Rodney & Son 994, Horner Bros & Son 993, P R Wilson 990, J & R Blair 974, A Gault 969, G McNeilly 965, B & M Gilmore 954.
Ballycarry & District 10/170 – M Delaney 1024, A Cooke 1021, Arthurs & George 1003, 979, N J Arthurs 974, 969, George & Hall 952, M Delaney 952, A Cooke 947, Lynch Bros & Thompson 943.
Ballynure & District – Rea & Magill 1021, Magill & Rea 1009, B Rowney 982, Magill & Rea 978.
Carrick & District HPS 19/382 – Elliott Bros 1018 ABCDEF, NOM & DTW, Elliott Bros 1017, 1015, 1014, D & J Armstrong & Son 1006, T Creighton sons & Welch 1002 ABCDEF, T Creighton sons & Welch 999, S Beattie & Daughter 996, D & J Armstrong & Son 965, T Creighton sons & Welch 957, Degnan & McKee 953, 953. Winning minute (43) won by M Wallace.
Glenarm & District 6/137 – N O’Boyle 1003, G McWhirter 993, 985, R Robinson & Son 984, G McWhirter 976, R Robinson & Son 974, N O’Boyle 963, 961, R Robinson & Son 959, 953.
Springvale social 8/181 – R Scott & Son 969, 968, R Davidson & Sons 955, A C McGrugan 954, 950, R Davidson & Sons 940, 939, A C McGrugan 921, Turkington Bros 910, I Horner 904. Race sponsored by A C McGrugan.
NIPA Section D Tullamore
Section D of the NIPA this week seen the specialist loft of John Gregory & sons racing with the Colin HPS return to the winners enclosure. They timed their Blue Yearling Widowhood hen at 12.09pm flying 115 abd at the minute look set to win the Section Diploma. This hen as a youngster finished 1st Club, 5th Section D, 74th Open Y/B National Talbenny with a Velocity of 1263 with some 3,420 pigeon competing. Breeding is of no surprise coming down from their good pair of Gaby Vandebeele’s from the M & D Evans stock.
Colin HPS 8/132
1st J Gregory & Sons 1068, 2nd J & J Neeson 1008, 3rd J Gregory & Sons 989, 4th J & J Neeson 989, 5th Mr & Mrs G Braniff 988, 6th Mr & Mrs G Braniff 987, 7th J Gregory & Sons 982, 8th J Gregory & Sons 977, 9th Mr & Mrs G Braniff 920, 10th Mrs & Mrs G Braniff 917.
Lisburn & District HPS 24/462
1st S G Briggs 1054, 2nd Spence Bros 1048, 3rd G Benson 1029, 4th Spence Bros 1028, 5th H Mackin & Son 1002, 6th M Laffin 995, 7th S & M Gibson 985, 8th G McMullen 978, 9th S G Briggs 972, 10th H F Browne 970. Sammy Briggs is proving the amount of time the delegates job took up, having given it up to concentrate more on his racing along with fellow Club Mate Mervyn Gibson both men have made the prizes the last couple of weeks with Sammy taking the Red one this week.
Derriaghy HPS 8/175
1st W Ringland & Son 1046, 2nd I Gibb & Son 1020, 3rd W Ringland & Son 987, 4th I Gibb & Son 971, 5th R Benson 960, 6th I Gibb & Sons 958. Well done to the George Ringland who races in the Milltown estate area of Derriaghy, he timed a yearling Blue Cock gifted to him last year as a youngster from fellow club mates Ian Gibb & Sons. This cock is one of nine in a section and the only one without a mate, or was he up to something in the dark ??? A very Well done to George and his father on a very good result on a hard day.
Dromore HPS 11/330
1st B & M McCorriston 1042, 2nd D & I Edgar 1019, 3rd P & J Boal 1014, 4th B & M McCorriston 1013, 5th D & I Edgar 1005, 6th B & M McCorriston 991, 7th Doonan & McGuinness 990, 8th Doonan & McGuinness 989, 9th B & M McCorriston 985, 10th Doonan & McGuinness 974. Mo McCorriston is the lady once again this week and proving very hard to get in front off, very camera shy hence the difficulty getting a photo in. Well done and keep up the good work.
Kingswood HPS
1st C & J Long 1031, 2nd C & J Long 989, 3rd E Burton 981, 4th E Burton 959, 5th C & J Long 937, 6th R Burton 936, 7th R & T Conlane 935, 8th E Burton 919, 9th E Burton 916, 10th W Willis 915.   
Dunedin HPS 11/314
1st Major McIntyre 1022, 2nd Mark Foulis 1001, 3rd Mark Foulis 981, 4th Tom McConnell & Son 972, 5th Paul McClean 969, 6th Mark Foulis 967, 7th Tom McConnell & Son 967, 8th Gregg, Kemp & McBride 966, 9th Gregg, Kemp & McBride 941, 10th Kincaid & McCann 938.
Glenavy & District HPS
1st G K Porter 992, 2nd P McGarrity 978, 3rd P McGarrity 972, 4th G Parker & Son 965, 5th S McLaughlin 955, 6th M Taylor 954, 7th H Mallon & Son 938, 8th G Parker & Son 904, 9th M Taylor 903, 10th K Carson 878. Called to see Mrs porter on Saturday after I heard of this wonderful ladies success from Tullamore. Wife of the late Kirker Porter who was a past INFC President and the 1st winner of the National Championship, the complete family have always been involved for as long as I can remember with the Belfast Show and son Samuel was present just last year taking and printing out photos for everyone concerned. When handling the pigeon Mrs Porter was asking if I thought the Mealy cock had good eye sign, not a surprising question considering her late husband swore by it and in fact mated my own stock pigeons up a lot of years ago with much of the selection based then on the eyesign. Getting back to the task on hand and Mrs Porters 1st Club, the pigeon in question a Blue W/F Cock was timed 12.21pm flying 113 miles to the lofts on the Farmhill Road area of Crumlin. Mrs Porter is greatly assisted around the lofts by fellow fancier Phillip Johnston who is a fine fancier at that, just last year he and Mrs Porter had the only two birds in the Glenavy Club from the Sennen Cove Y/B National Mrs Porter finishing 40th Open and Phillip finishing 69th Open, the pigeon that Mrs Porter timed this week lifting the Red Card is a full brother to that same pigeon that finished 40th Open last year in the Y/B National. Breeding of the pigeon is the old blood that Kirker loved best the ’Jurion’ Lines when crossed with Cattrysse and Coyle bloodlines, and what a great balanced pigeon it is containing many of the great distance lines, surely now set for the Yearling National all being well. Many congratulations to 75 year old Mrs Porter and Phillip on a great result.  
Largymore Inv HPS 11/205
1st C & D Smyth 981, 2nd Gary Smyth 978, 3rd Gary Smyth 965, 4th B McKeon & Son 963, 5th S Shields 940, 6th S & A Hanna 918. The East Down Combine Golden Couple C & D Smyth are proving just as hard to work with at NIPA level within the Club with Colin’s Brother Gary finishing 2nd & 3rd with their excellent family of Busschaert’s no doubt. 
Dromara HPS
1st J Abernethy 799, 2nd J Abernethy 769, 3rd J Abernethy 757, 4th Russell Bros 753, 5th Don McCandless 689, 6th Mr & Mrs Stevenson 593.
Section E Tullamore
In the Orchard Combine championship club Nelson Weir has pride of place for the second race on the trot, a super start for the Loughgall star. Roy Parkes & Son from Armagh were runner-up followed by the top two in Monaghan Richard Mulligan and Gerry Swift. The local fancy are sad to learn that founder member in Loughgall Billy McKitterick has passed away at an advanced age. The local club was one of the first in the area and Billy would have been involved in the early days of the NIPA, racing for around 60 years. Sincere condolences to the family circle at this sad time.
NIPA Sect E Clubs Tullamore (1)
Loughgall – N Weir 1091, 1033, 1013, 940, M Young 933, N Weir 922, M Young 921.
Armagh HPS 19/367 – R Parkes & Son 1072, Hawthorne & Prescott 1040, E Murtagh & Sons 1020, Hawthorne & Prescott 1017, M Hughes 1014, G & A Campbell 1012, A Geraghty 1003, G & A Campbell 988, Hawthorne & Prescott 988, E & M Curran 984. Armagh 2 Bird – E Murtagh & Sons, Hawthorne & Prescott, M Hughes, M Hughes. E Murtagh & Sons Pools. Last year Roy Parkes & Son topped the NIPA in this same race, after winning 1st club again at the weekend they will be up near the top again. The Hartog cock racing widowhood was timed at 11.19am and records velocity 1072 for the 85 miles. Hawthorne & Prescott were 2nd and 4th and had the best bird in the town at 11.27am. E Murtagh & Sons were 3rd Club and 1st in the 2 Bird.
Monaghan HPS 10/240 – R Mulligan 1069, G Swift 1040, Cooney Bros 991, P Coughlin 986, R Mulligan 977, J Graham 975.
Gilford & District HPS
1st J Adamson 1068, 2nd T Greenaway 949, 3rd T Greenaway 948, 4th T Greenaway 943, 5th R & W Harper 925, 6th G O’Dowd 921, 7th T Greenaway 918, 8th G O’Dowd 913.
Lurgan Social
1st J Curran 1065, 2nd K Henderson 1034, 3rd D Lyness 1009, 4th Furphy Bros 1004, 5th J Curran 996, 6th McNeice 977, 7th J curran 977.
Edgarstown HPS
1st T & A Ford 1061, 2nd R & J McCracken 1008, 3rd R & J McCracken 1001, 4th T & A Ford 969. Well done to T & A Ford on winning the Club for the second week on the trot with their Soontjen Widowhood cock, followed with two for the McCracken both Putman & Kenyon Breeding, with the Fords back to take 4th place with a Willy Jacobs.
Wilton Cross HPS
1st M Rice 1061, 2nd M Wilkinson 1029, 3rd C & J Ferris 1028, 4th Toland & Lynch 1010, 5th M Wilkinson 1007, 6th Toland & Lynch 996, 7th M Rice 992, 8th D Carville & Son 977, 9th Cooper & McGrath 948, 10th Furphy & Cairns 916.
1st B Creaney 1058, 2nd G & C Simmons 1048, 3rd Slone & Reed 986 and 4th G & T Richie.
Bondhill – W Neill 1050, R Williamson 1026, W Capper 974, 973, R Williamson 959, 929, 928, O Jackson 925, R Williamson 921.
Annaghmore HPS 11/252
1st R D Calvin 1036, 2nd G Buckley & Son 1031, 3rd T McClean 976, 4th Calvin & Calvin 974, 5th Calvin & Calvin 973, 6th T McClean 972, 7th T McClean 962, 8th G Buckley & Son 958, 9th W G Neill 957, 10th T McClean 942.
Lurgan Amateurs
1st D McBride 1006, 2nd G & F Hall 964.7, 3rd D McBride 964.5, 4th J P Nelson 956, 5th R Bothwell 947.
Portadown Inv HPS
1st M Livingstone 999, 2nd D Love 982, 3rd M Livingstone 970, 4th A Fearon 952, 5th A McDonald 949, 6th W & N Davidson 943, 7th E McKnight 934.
Charlemont HPC 12/180
1st P Grew 998, 2nd P Grew 945, 3rd S McConnell 930, 4th M McGlinchey 927, 5th E Grew 927, 6th P Grew 916, 7th P Grew 916, 8th Sam McConnell 907, 9th P Grew 906, 10th P Grew 901.
The Orchard Combine
1st N Weir 1091, 2nd R Parks & Son 1072, 3rd R Mulligan 1069, 4th G Swift 1040, 5th Hawthorne & Prescott 1040, 6th N Weir 1033, 7th N Weir 1023, 8th E Murtagy & Sons 1020, 9th G & A Campbell 1017, 10th Hawthorne & Prescott 1012, 11th A Geraghty 1003, 12th P Grew 998, 13th Cooney Bros 991, 14th G & A Campbell 988, 15th Hawthorne & Prescott 988, 16th P Coghlan 986, 17th E & M Curran 984, 18th Hawthorne & Prescott 980, 19th R Mulligan 977, 20th G & A Campbell 948, 21st P Grew 945.
Section F Tullamore
Portavogie HPS
1st H & J Kelly Sons & Palmer 1001, 2nd L Young 960, 3rd E & D Harper & Sons 956, 4th K Ambrose 950, 5th G Coffey 940, 6th Thompson & Bailey 938. Congratulations to Billy Donnan who topped the NIPA last weekend. The Kelly & Palmer team this week timed a Janssen and De Klak bird from the top UNC partnership of Jobie & Gordon.
Comber Central 107 Birds
1st Alwyn Crawford 972, 2nd C Hutchinson 950, 3rd W Gabby 920, 4th C Hutchinson 913, 5th W Gabby 865, 6th C Hutchinson 849, 7th D Harvey 835, 8th Alex Crawford 825, 9th Norman Thompson 815, 10th Alwyn Crawford 812.
Ards HPS 10/147
1st Plunkett & Pollock & Nelson 945, 2nd B Griffiths 934, 3rd W Ennis 927, 4th Plunkett & Pollock & Nelson 921, 5th A Todd & Son 916, 6th Plunkett & Pollock & Nelson 915, 7th W Cleland 907, 8th J McClenaghan 902, 9th W Ennis 898, 10th J & I Moore 886.
Millisle & District HPS 12/259
1st Alan Brown 937, 2nd R Strain & Son 936, 3rd M & T Ferris 919, 4th Alan Brown 911, 5th J & J Hollinger 905, 6th M & T Ferris 881, 7th Alan Brown 880, 8th O’Doherty & Son and B Nicholls 880, 9th J Orr & Son 875, 10th R McCormick 863.Well done to Alan Brown who timed his Harper bred pigeon at 12.51pm flying 123 miles. The winning blue cock was on the Roundabout System.
Kircubbin HPS
1st J Hall & Son 896, 2nd J hall & Son 885, 3rd J Hall & Son 882, 4th Arthurs & Ledlie 851, 5th Arthurs & Smyth 848, 6th Arthurs & Smyth 842.
Downpatrick HPS
1st P Lue & Sons 1626, 2nd F black & Sons 1547, 3rd P Lue & Son 1529, 4th P Lue & Son 1529, 5th P Lue & Son 1528, 6th P Lue & Son 1517.
1st T Crossan 875, 2nd T Crossan 867, 3rd R Connelly 858, 4th F Black & Sons 853, 5th P Lue & Son 831, 6th C & N Fitzsimmons 830.      
Section G Clubs Tullamore
Banbridge Social HPS 10/153
1st Mr & Mrs G Mallen 1029, 2nd D Robinson 1029, 3rd E Mallen 1025, 4th J Beck 933, 5th J Beck 916, 6th C McArdle 912, 7th E McAlinden 893, 8th C McArdle 880, 9th Mr & Mrs G Mallen 877, 10th J Beck 871.
Newry & District HPS 13/235
1st B woods & Son 988, 2nd M Maguire & Son 931, 3rd Mark Maguire & Son 912, 4th Mark Maguire & Son 900, 5th Mark Maguire & Son 900, 6th Mark Maguire & Son 881, 7th Mark Maguire & Son 878, 8th Mark Maguire & Son 877, 9th M Maguire & Son 875, 10th B Woods & Son 874.

Bessbrook HPC
1st Cowan Bros 965, 2nd Cowan Bros 917, 3rd R McMinn & Daughter 890, 4th Cowan Bros 888.
Drumnavaddy Inv HPS 7/127
1st H Copeland 909, 2nd H Copeland 888, 3rd S ogle 843, 4th L,F & B McGrath 825, 5th L, F & B McGrath 822, 6th D McBride 817, 7th S Ogle 813, 8th S Ogle 788. Many thanks Brendan for the result and last weeks which I forgot is listed below.
Drumnavaddy inv HPS Mullingar
1st S Ogle 1428, 2nd  S Ogle 1419,  3rd S Ogle 1392, 4th  S Ogle 1392, 5th  S Ogle 1385, 6th  S Ogle 1345, 7th D McBride 1318, 8th McDowell Bros 1312.
The Fanciers Combine Tullamore (1) 64/1604
1st T McClean 1391, 2nd E Grew 1388, 3rd W G Neill 1366, 4th W G Neill 1363, 5th G Buckley & Son 1358.6, 6th W G Neill 1358.4, 7th P Grew 1357, 8th S O'Brien 1348, 9th M Brown 1335, 10th J Parr 1326.9, 11th Mr & Mrs C Gibson 1326.1, 12th Mr & Mrs C Gibson 1325.6, 13th Mr & Mrs C Gibson 1325.1, 14th M Hughes 1323, 15th R Major 1323, 16th Buckley, Buckley & Craig 1322, 17th J Curran 1317, 18th B Creaney 1314. Excellent first race enjoyed by the newly formed Combine and kindly sponsored by N D Tiling, Banbridge
I had hoped to get down to the marking last week, but will be giving them a call some of these weeks when I have a bit of free time.
North/South Federation Mullingar
1st M Maguire & Sons, Newry & District 1596; 2nd  M Maguire & Sons, N & District 1594;
3rd  N Murtagh, Millvale 1571; 4th  N Murtagh, Millvale 1568; 5th  B Woods,  Newry & District 1562, 6th  B Woods, Newry & District 1561, 7th  Mark Maguire Sons, Millvale 1554, 8th  M Maguire & Sons, Newry & District 1553, 9th  M Maguire & Sons, Newry & District 1553, 10th  Mark Maguire, Millvale 1552;  11th  M Maguire & Sons, Newry & District 1552; 12th  P Mc Ateer, Millvale 1550; 13th  Mark Maguire Sons, Millvale 1550; 14th  Mark Maguire & Sons Millvale 1549;  15th  T Mooney Son, Millvale 1548; 16th  N Murtagh, Millvale 1547; 17th  R & M Mullholland, Millvale 1545; 18th  Cowan Bros, Bessbrook 1545; 19th  T Hughes, Newry & District 1545; 20th  P Mc Ateer, Millvale 1544; One of the big winners last year at the north South Federation dinner was that of the Maguire Family of Newry and  they have started 2008 just as forcefully. Well done.
East Down Combine Tullamore
Bangor RPC 15/299
1st D Hamilton & Son 1023, 2nd Burgess & Brennan 993, 3rd R Moore & Son 986, 4th R Moore & Son 986, 5th R Russell & Son 978, 6th Phillips Bros 975, 7th Burgess & Brennan 964, 8th Burgess & Brennan 945, 9th R Moore & Son 935, 10th D Hamilton & Son 912. Well done to Davy on topping the Combine with a Grand-Daughter of “Champion Super-Glue” winner of the Channel Challenge One loft Race 2005. Now owned by the Gibb & Byrne Stud in Co.Antrim. This Blue Pied Yearling Hen was operating on the Semi Roundabout/Jealousy system as Davy has twice as many hens as cocks in the O/Bird Team this season. The Winner was timed at 1.14pm flying 130 miles into Bangor. As mentioned above the hen is off a son of “Champion Super Glue” when mated to a full sister of Steven Brown’s Meritorious Award Winner who race in the Dundonald HPS. Very Well done Davy on your success. 
Ballylesson HPS 12/253
1st John Patterson 999, 2nd John Patterson 998, 3rd John Patterson 970, 4th A Cousins & Sons 958, 5th H Patterson & Son 954, 6th C & D Smyth 943, 7th W White & Son 930, 8th John Patterson 918, 9th W White & Son 916, 10th C & D Smyth 912.
Dundonald HPS 6/147
1st B & E Foulis & Gill 961, 2nd S Brown & Sons 933, 3rd M Foulis 902, 4th B & E Foulis & Gill 894, 5th M Foulis 888, 6th M Foulis 888, 7th L McKinstry 870, 8th S Brown & Sons 853, 9th M Foulis 850, 10th M Foulis 845.
Drumaness Mills HPS
1st G Morrison & Daughters 939, 2nd G Morrison & Daughters 935, 3rd J Kirk & Son 891, 4th G Morrison & Daughter 869,5th M Flynn 869, 6th M Flynn 867, 7th F Valentine 859, 8th P Burns 856, 9th J Kirk & Son 856, 10th P Burns 848.
Ballynahinch Social
1st R Hunter 920, 2nd R Hunter 886, 3rd J Gillespie & Son 876, 4th M Hunter & Sons 849, 5th J Gillespie & Son 844, 6th J Gillespie & Son 835, 7th J Gillespie & Son 832, 8th R Hunter 815, 9th R Hunter 814, 10th M Hunter & Sons 800.
Crossgar HPS 11/264
1st S & K Duke 891, 2nd McGiverns & Adairs 890, 3rd McGiverns & Adairs 878, 4th T Horner & Sons 864, 5th A & A Cheevers 862, 6th B Palmer & Son 850, 7th T Horner & Sons 849, 8th T Horner & Sons 840, 9th T Horner & Sons 836, 10th J B Macmilan 836. 
Annalong 13/266
1st K Rooney & Son 881, 2nd S Ferguson & Son 842, 3rd K Rooney & Son 834, 4th K Rooney & Son 833, 5th C McVeigh 829, 6th K Rooney & Son 825, 7th K Rooney & Son 803, 8th G Maginn 787, 9th McLoughlin Bros 754, 10th S Ferguson & Son 752.
Dundrum HPS 6/87
1st J Maguire & Partners 873, 2nd B Chambers 852, 3rd B Chambers 800, 4th B Chambers 794, 5th B Chambers 794, 6th G Foster & Connor 771, 7th A McNamara & Partners 757, 8th J Maguire & Partners 735, 9th J Maguire & Partners 721, 10th G Foster & Connor 721. Well done to J Maguire & Partners on topping the club on a hard day with a Willy Van Herck pigeon coming from the home of this wonderful family namely P & J Boal of Dromore.
The Ulster Fed were in Kildare for the opening race of the new season some 106 miles into Belfast City. The strings were cut and birds released at 10.15am into an East N/E wind, a cold wind for standing waiting never mind flying in it! With all results in bar one its congratulations to William McIntyre of the West Belfast HPS who timed at 13.03pm to take 1st Club and 1st Open Ulster Federation doing velocity 1132. This loft has been up at the top for several seasons, the one to beat at West Belfast. Just next door the runner-up spot is to A Taylor & Son of the Shankill & Dist. Robert’s first arrival was also timed at 13.03pm doing velocity 1130ypm. It’s up the road to find 3rd and 5th Fed at the Laurelbank lofts of the top Grosvenor HPS partnership of Paul & Kathleen McCarthy. The team had a fantastic race with four places in the top 10, the early arrivals were recording velocities 1128 and 1126. The training is paying off for Paul, usually the team to beat at Grosvenor. The one and only, Legs McCullough takes 4th Fed for Fortfield on 1128. Big Ears Healy says he is giving you a start this season and Dave Russell was in tears after finishing 2nd club with his all pooled and DTW widowhood cock. Its up to Lisburn to the Lagan Valley RPC, 6th Fed for A & R Milliken doing velocity 1124, followed by 1st Club Andersonstown for P Elliott & Son on 1123. Its back to the Shankill for 8th Fed won by J O’Boyle hope this is the first of many cards Jimbo. West Belfast take 9th Fed for Bell & Faye and the Top 10 is completed in Grosvenor with Sammy Moulting on velocity 1114. Eat your heart out Big Farrelly. Looking down the result Frankie Mudd has a cracking race in East end taking the first seven. Some of the lads told me that Davy Bell has put up the White flag already! Big Ronnie Kenna is off to a super start with 1st & 2nd in South Belfast and the Likely Lads (McManus & Rea) top the Glen Invitation. Any news or info, contact Joe Flood. Tel (028) 90 225999 or Fax (028) 90 200848. Many thanks Joe for the Column and good to see you back at the job this year.
Ulster Federation Results Kildare
West Belfast HPS 23/233
1st W McIntyre 1132, 2nd Bell & Foye 1115, 3rd Kinner & Potts 1065.
Shankill & District HPS 17/274
1st A Taylor & Son 1130, 2nd J O’Boyle 1122, 3rd McAuley, Kell & Bowles 1087, 4th D Balloch 1067, 5th J Gibson & Son & Tosh 1064, 6th J Wallace & Son 1055, 7th Calder wood & White 1055, 8th J Wallace & Son 1054, 9th D Balloch 1053, 10th J O’Boyle 1053.
Grosvenor HPS 35/468
1st P & K McCarthy 1128.9, 2nd P & K McCarthy 1126.9, 3rd S Holden 1114.9, 4th O Farrelly 1111, 5th P & K McCarthy 1107, 6th Toner & Conlon 1106, 7th O Farrelly 1105, 8th J & P Leathem 1104, 9th J McAlourm 1086, 10th P & K McCarthy 1078.
Fortfield HPS 14/201
1st R McCullough 1128, 2nd D & S Russell 1105, 3rd K Doherty 1102, 4th P Phillips 1098, 5th P Phillips 1093, 6th Martin & Tabb 1078, 7th R McCullough 1078, 8th P Phillips 1073, 9th R McCullough 1072, 10th P Phillips 1056.
Lagan Valley 18/300
1st A & R Milliken 1124, 2nd Smyth & Adams 1087, 3rd Spence Bros 1085, 4th Smyth & Adams 1084, 5th H Jennings & Sons 1075, 6th R & A Gore 1072, 7th R & A Gore 1064, 8th M Patton 1064, 9th R & A Gore 1045, 10th R & A Gore 1044.
Andersonstown RPC 10/139
1st P Elliott & Sons 1123, 2nd O’Hara Bros 1085, 3rd A O’Hanlan 1062, 4th O’Hara Bros 1060, 5th R McManus 1036, 6th G Boyle & Sons 1032.
Alexandra HPS 10/203
1st M & T Griffith 1114, 2nd J McErlean 1091, 3rd J McErlean 1081, 4th R McCrystal & Son 1070, 5th D McGuiness & Son 1060, 6th J McErlean 1060, 7th M & T Griffith 1054, 8th j McErlean 1052.
South Belfast HPS 9/88
1st R Kenna 1092, 2nd R Kenna 1081, 3rd Redfern & Nixon 1080.
Britannia HPS 8/120
1st H Clinton & Partners 1069, 2nd P Reid & Son 1036, 3rd T Curran & Son 1035, 4th P Reid & Son 1032, 5th M Kelly & Sons 1022, 6th  P Reid & Son 1020, 7th McGann Bros 1016, 8th M Kelly & Sons 1014.
Glen Invitation 10/112 – McManus & Rea 1057, K Nolan & Son 1053, 1052.
Sydenham HPS 4/56
1st R & S Skates 1056, 2nd J & J Skates 993, 3rd J & J Skates 952, 4th J & B Carson 944, 5th J & J Skates 925, 6th J & J Skates 893, 7th J & J Skates 883, 8th R & S Skates 878.
East End HPS
1st F Mudd & Sons 1022, 2nd F Mudd & Sons 1010, 3rd F Mudd & Sons 1010, 4th F Mudd & Sons 1009, 5th F Mudd & Sons 1006, 6th F Mudd & Sons 1001, 7th F Mudd & Sons 992, 8th T Brown 991, 9th F Mudd & Sons 978, 10th D Jackson & Son 952.
East End 4/50
1st Jim Rainey & Son 950, 2nd John Scott 946, 3rd John Scott 937, 4th John Scott 930, 5th John Scott 927, 6th Jim Rainey & Son 909, 7th John Scott 903, 8th John Scott 873, 9th  Jim Rainey & Son 802, 10th Jim Rainey & Son 760.
Irish South Road Federation Pilmore Beach
Sarsfield RPC 39/670
1st B Stafford & Sons 991, 2nd John Farrell 989, 3rd Tucker Daniel 982, 4th Pat Craven 963, 5th Mr & Mrs Kevin Barry & Son 962, 6th Mick Byrne 950, 7th Tony Byrne 947, 8th Pat Craven 943, 9th Tucker Daniel 940, 10th Pat Craven 936.
Ballymun PFC
1st  Murphy & Johnston 978, 2nd Kavanagh T & Farrell 944, 3rd Nolan Bros 941, 4th John McDonnell 924, 5th Mr & Mrs Emerson & Sons 914, 6th Mr & Mrs Emerson & Sons 911, 7th Brian Hoey 908, 8th James Kelly 908, 9th Peter Kelly & Son 904, 10th Murphy & Johnston 894.
I would like to finish this week by thanking all the Clubs who have sent their info into either our website or emailed or phoned my father or myself, the response is excellent with the season only started, although there are still a lot of Clubs missing if yours isn’t their then I didn’t get it before Mid-Night on Sunday,  in the above column 99 Clubs are mentioned with their results we would hope to have nearly everybody covered this year it only takes 5 minutes out of your day to phone or email the Club result, we are very fortunate to have the coverage that we do in the pigeon publications, so please make the most of it send on any info to the address below or get your free club site on, lets see if we can beat 99 Clubs next week remember my column is open to All Ireland.

Adie McCormick
18 Tonagh Gardens
Lisburn, Co.Antrim BT28 1BX
Tel 028 92 604778


by: Adie


Malachy Maguire & Son Mark have started the season where they left off in 2007 with 1st Open North South Federation Mullingar.

Winners of 1st Club Colin HPS and 1st Sect D in the NIPA from Tullamore, John Gregory & Sons.

Winners in Glenavy & Dist from Tullamore 75 years young Mrs Dorothy Porter assisted by Philip Johnston. They are holding the lofts hopefuls for the Yearling Nat, the two birds have already won 40th & 69th in the INFC Young Bird Nat.

The NIPA Open winner from Tullamore Mickey McPhillips of Coalisland. The Blue hen was timed at 11.33am and records velocity 1135 for the 99 miles.

The very well maintained lofts of the leading pigeon in the NIPA raced by Mickey McPhillips of Coalisland & District.

Geordie Ringland from Derriaghy won 1st Club from Tullamore with a gift bird from clubmates Ian Gibb & Sons.

A & N Lewis of Doagh & District win 1st Club from Tullamore, another hard day victory.

Noel Ferguson with two grand-daughters the loft was best in Larne and expected to win 1st NIPA Section C from Tullamore.

The Milliken & Barkley team from Rasharkin & Dist won 1st & 2nd Mid Antrim Combine from Tullamore.

Paul & Kathleen McCarthy won 1st & 2nd in the big Grosvenor HPS racing with the Ulster Federation.

Robert Taylor and grandson Andrew took 1st Club Shankill & District from Kildare and finished 2nd Open Ulster Federation.

Tommy Ford takes the Red Card in the Edgarstown HPS from Tullamore.

T & J McDonald of the Coleraine Premier HPS. Two wins on the trot Jennifer is holding 1st Club Navan and Trevor is holding 1st Club Tullamore

Weekend winners from Tullamore Allen McBride (l) with Ballykeel fancier Adam Tweed and Geoff Dickey & son Jonathan.

Ian Stewart from Randalstown, the Stewart Bros have been top prizewinners three seasons on the trot.

Mid Antrim Combine Secretary George McDowell had a super card in the Kells & District HPS including 1st Club from Tullamore.

Sammy Briggs has had a very good start in the Lisburn & District, he retired from the NIPA Committee at the AGM.












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