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 The Schloemer Strain of Germany
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The surname of Schloemer is a name not known to the world's racing pigeon community as well as Thone or Muller yet it is one of the modern long distance families which canbe defined as a strain. For years the Schloemer's, Josef and Rolf, has won at the distance in all types of elemental conditions and long since have reached the elite status of European pigeons for conquering the long distances. Perhaps the crown and glory of their successes so far is their winning of the Barcelona International at a distance of 1130 kilometres from 18,076 of a convoy in 1986. In fact from amongst the thousands of pigeon fanciers in their native Germany they have won the national from Barcelona on two occasions.

The strain has the old Huyskens- van Reil at its foundations and as a family it has not been in existence for very long. Initially the father Josef Schlomer raced with a small number of pigeons. Success was not lacking however nor was it to be hindered for the stud won the 1994 national long distance championship of Germany in which the Schloemer birds ran away with twenty eight of thirty possible prizes.

One of their undoubted champions is the hen called 'Emirates' which was the best long distance bird ( hen) in Germany in 1994. Prior to this in 1988 a half sister of this great hen won three international prizes within a few weeks from Pau, Dax and Perpignan. There is also another inmate of their lofts who has won three international prizes that is the famous 08421/96/166. Also the partnership has scored in the top 50 results from Pau, Barcelona, and Bordeaux in 1988.

Of course the outstanding star is the International Barcelona winner called 'Lady Barcelona '. For aside from this success she is the source which has achieved the following fantastic breeding results in fact I doubt if any other national or international winner has been as successful as this beautiful bird . Amongst its grandchildren are: 1st national Bordeaux 1998; 1st international Pau in 1996; 1st national Pau 1996; 1st ace pigeon Germany 1994; 1st ace hen Germany 1990; 1st national Barcelona 1992; 1st prize Tours with a yearling at 588 miles with 10,068 birds competing; and 2nd prize Tours with 33,000 birds competing. Yes the latter were predominantly grand children of one of the best winners of the marathon Barcelona International.

As stated the Huyskens-van Riel was at the base of their family but there also were representatives of the Delbar strain and the Janssen brothers. It was the Delbar especially of the 'Stallion' line which projected the Schlomer's unto the European stage of long distance pigeon racers. One will also find representatives of the Van der Wegen and Brakhuis in the strain's pedigrees and apparently the Janssen lines were brought in for the latter Aarden based families because of the necessary requirement of speed.

An innovative import in 1997 were representatives of the New Zealand master Roy McFadyen of Christchurch. And like earlier crossings the latter were carefully integrated into the Schloemer's.

The partnership take most joy from the reality of welcoming one of their arrivals after a flight covering hundreds of miles across the tough terrain of Europe reflecting the God given gift and miracle of pigeon orientation. A miracle and a gift to a non human being which I personally hope science will never unravel. In the meantime this European strain will continue to lead the way amongst others in conquering the distances.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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