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Jean - Luc Van Roy And The Playboy
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There are many who believe that the great strain maker Van Wanroy won the Barcelona International but the truth is that it never happened. Of course pigeons who have won that marathon of marathons have and do carry the blood of that great strain of our thoroughbreds. Now our subject in this article did win the Barcelona International and because of his name many have mixed it up with that of Jef Van Wanroy and one can see how that could be possible. But now that we know the facts let us proceed.

Luc Van Roy was, as the saying goes, born into the sport for his uncle Leon Van Roy was a fancier of some repute. Luc was in short trousers when he first took part in club races. Like many others however he left the fancy when he was a young man. Also, his place of domicile has changed over the years although the area of his greatest triumph was Ronse in Belgium. The new start was in 1983 when he housed some late breds and this was his nth time of restarting. During this period Luc had listened to and absorbed the wisdom of such fanciers as Dejaegher of Melden, Pauwels of Herne, Cobut of Anderlues, plus Joseph De Ridder of St.Ulricks Kapelle. In addition he needed the right stock and he purchased from Beyer, Van der Eynde, and Van der Wegen. However his core foundation was his pigeon named Cahors which was successful from Cahors and elsewhere and who was descended from his Hoves, a bird which once belonged to a small local fancier.

Van Roy believed that management wise a fancier has to build oneself into ones stock and become part of it. That the sport was one that required as much of ones time as possible. That what was put in would produce a twice fold return or more. Emphasizing that the fancier must love each of his pigeons and get to know them individually. As for the Barcelona International winner this was a black Van der Wegen cock named Playboy International who was a son of Parel and grandson of Barcelona.Two of the legends of the Van der Wegens. In 1991 he arrived earlier than expected beating 27,166 other pigeons at approximately 6.40am on the second day having been released into a light northerly wind.

Luc Van Roy succeeded in the sport on innumerable occasions and cannot be referred to as a one bird/race winner. He has taken his rightful place amongst the elite of Barcelona International winners and who would not desire that? As for Playboy International, briefly after his great act of marathon flying he was sold to a foreign buyer at a price that Van Roy admitted he could not refuse and has produced winners since, according to my sources

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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