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Maurice Verheye ( Veselgem Belgium ) - A Middle Distance Champion
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Maurice Verheye lives in the little west Flanders town of Veselgem, which is about 15 mins drive from kortrijk on the old road to gent. West Flanders is a real hot bed pigeon racing with many of Belgium's. Top lofts within a 15 mls radius of kortrijk, close to the French border.

Maurice Verheye is a very quiet and pleasant man and any one who visits his home is always of a sure welcome from him ad his family. Over the years this man has put up some fantastic performances with his birds. By Belgium standards he is a small team man. Keeping only a total of about 100 birds. Ten stock pairs and 40 widowhood birds and around 40 young birds. When you think of the number of races he takes part in each year it is indeed a small team but Maurice always believes in quality and not quantity.

In 1980 he won a total of 399 prizes of which 15 were 1st prizes. 10 with old birds and 5 with young birds. He also won for the 3rd year in succession the title of 1st middle distance Wevelgem. In 1981 he won a total of 317 prizes. In 1982 he won 23 1st prizes, Many fanciers in Ireland and England have won hundreds of prizes including may 1st Feds and 1st Opens.

When you think of the small number of Verheye birds sent to this country and the great numbers of winners that they have produced in the short time they have been here. They have really been outstanding.

No other family has ever made such an impact on the Middle Distance Racing in these islands.

Maurice says his birds do the best in a head wind from 120 to 275 mls. With a velocity about 100-1200 yds. The old birds are flown on the widowhood; with young birds being mated the last few races.

Feeding is much the same as most lofts in Belgium, a light mixture at the beginning of the week going onto heavy mixture by mid week. and the birds getting as much as they want on Wednesday and Thursday, on Friday which is basketing day the birds get a light feed in the morning and are given a little barley about 2hrs before basketing . The birds will be 2 nights away from home, as the races is flown on Sunday each week.

The training of the birds works much the same as the feeding, they are forced to fly 15 mins morning and night this being increased to 30 mins each time by mid week, never any longer, for middle distance racing. For races up to 20 mls the cocks must go each week when the distance goes over 200 mls then they only go every 2nd week.

I close this article on this wonderful man and his flying machines with some advice which he has given to many visitors too Veselgem.

by: The Irish Racing Pigeon

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