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Cor de Heijde Of The Netherlands
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Cor de Heijde raced into Made, the Netherlands, and for decades scored at the distance, being one of their top pigeoners. He was a flyer who was influenced by Piet de Weerd, a pigeonologist who was known world wide. Since their first meeting when Cor was twenty years old he gathered what can only be described as an encyclopaedia of pigeon sport knowledge from De Weerd, which he decided to utilize on his own behalf in the sport. Setting his sight on the long distance races of Holland and Europe.

In the early 1990s de Heijde went to Zegge and contacted Piet Lazeroms, who was one of the greats of modern distance flyers whose base were of the Aarden strain. There our subject bought eight old birds from Lazeroms breeding stud, one of which was NL 84 1870149, a dark cock whom the new owner named De Klapper. An act of shrewdness or a touch of the green for within a few years the children of this cock were finishing within the top 50 places of national races. In time de Heijde travelled to Belgium and purchased from John Lambrechts a bird which he called Old Lambrechts. This pigeon was a wonderful racer and breeder who in turn for its new owner bred birds to win at the distance. Even today the pedigrees of this family includes references to Old Lambrechts. It should be noted however that the number one as a breeder was the Klapper.

In the pedigree of the Klapper there is De 500 on the sire's side with the great Dolle on the dam's side. Thus the best of bloodlines of the Steenbergen dynasty lies at the base of the de Heijdes. To add to that base was a daughter of the Klapper who was a great racer and flyer known as Sint Vincentduif who, amongst other great results, scored 26th and 44th Nationals from St.Vincent. Thus the reason for the name.

Within a relatively short period of time the family of Cor de Heijde became a worthy part of Europe's long distance racing community. Reflecting the importance of starting with the right stock if one desired to specialize at the long and marathon distances. Which our subject obviously did. As a result in the Internationals the loft was scoring 37th Perpignan, 38th Dax, 55th Barcelona. 74 Marseille and 90th Marseille. Whereas the results at National level included 1st Bordeaux, 3rd Dax, 8th Perpignan, 14th St.Vincent and so on. Also Cor de Heijde won the prestigious and coveted Europe Cup in 1999.

All of this phenomenal success, however, was achieved inspite of the fact that in 1998 his lofts were broken into and the best of his pigeons including the Klapper and Sint Vincentduif were stolen. The criminal or criminals took over 40 of the lofts best and such an evil deed was enough to devastate any person but not Cor de Heijde, for this great fancier continued with what was left and has not lost his place amongst the elite of Europe's best flyers. Of such is the man made.

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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