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Brinkman of Tuk, Holland
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The name Brinkman through successes at the distances throughout Europe has taken its place as one of the most exciting modern families of the sport. Confirmed by the fact that their pigeons scored 28 positions in the first ten of the Netherlands Nationals within a period of only 10 years.

It had its origins in the 1970s when Herman Brinkman got married and required some furniture. It was then that they made contact with Hans Eijerkamp who as well as being a well known pigeon colony owner was also a provider of needed household requirements. The contact in time provided the best of European bloodlines arriving at Tuk from the little village of Zutphen.Genes of the great van der Wegen's such as the lines of De Lamme,Het Oud Doffertje and De Barcelona. Incidentally when the four pigeons arrived at Tuk they looked like
nothing so Brinkman telephoned Hans Eijerkamp complaining about their appearance. As a response their provider promised Brinkman that he would replace them if in time they were proven to be rubbish. However three of the four became champion breeders.

Then through Vertelman & Son Brinkman also obtained the best of the Theelan family to add to the van der Wegen's and the purchase of 12 youngsters from this source proved to be a moment of brilliance for what they produced cemented the base of the Brinkman's solidly and ensured the emergence of a wonderful modern family of ultra distance racers. Another important source was a bird purchased by Herman's father Jan named De Fijne Zwarte which contained a lot of Jan Aarden blood through Ko Nipius and some of the Zilvervosje lines of Meesters running through its veins. This cock bird became one of the foundation birds at the Brinkman loft.

Herman and his father Jan have a great rapport and much of the managerial ability of the son is due to the influence of the father. And this also has marked the son and the grandson of the partnership, Rik. Time is given for the development of their thoroughbreds and their hallmark is simplicity itself. They are not hoarders of racing pigeons in fact they have a small colony in comparison with other European fanciers but what they have in the opinion of quite a number of
observers is the creme de la creme. Birds such as Brinkie Boy and Rode Barcelona, for example. The first achieving 1st National NPO Limoges, 6th National Creche, 20th National Bergerac, etc., and Rode Barcelona scoring 2nd Barcelona bird in the northern section. There is also the great Barca Boy who scored 49th National St. Vincent and 78th International Barcelona in 2004. At 1300 km for Barcelona. As for the present day cult of a mad rush to the medicine cabinet when something appears wrong- "No, unless it is really necessary, we leave our birds alone as much as possible." Herman also believes that observing pigeons is everything and if required all should be noted down in paper.

Yes, a brief insight into one of the greatest modern families for in 1994, '95, '96 and '97 Brinkman
was Champion of the prestigious National Fondspiegel Competition, and from 1994 until 1997 this
classification confirmed the Brinkmans as the best overnight loft of the Netherlands. Seventy-six times the loft from Tuk listed a top 30 National position.

Not surprisingly other fanciers obtained good results with Brinkman birds:
1st International Bordeaux in 1995 Alex Rans from Herent (Belgium).
1st National (2nd International) Bordeaux 1999 by Jan and Hanne Sas(Belgium).
1st National Bergerac 1998 by Bennie Homma from Balk.
1st National Bergerac 1994 by A. Kors from Steenwijkerwold.
1st National Brive 1997 by Wagteveld partnership from Heerenveen.
1st National Bergerac 1997 by A. Wassens from Hoonhorst.
1st National St. Vincent 2003 by Albert Vos from Nieuw Dordrecht.
1st National Perpignan by Ben van Munckhof through Frans van Wel from Bakel.
1st National Perpignan 2003 by W. de Schepper through Alex Rans from Herent.
2nd National Perpignan 2003 by Luc v.d. Gucht from Hulst.
2nd International Barcelona by J. Korver from Graft.
3rd National Barcelona 2003 by Marcel Michiels from Messelbroek.


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by: Liam O Comain

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