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The Donaldson's of Scotland
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Jim Donaldson of Peterhead in Scotland came into the sport via obtaining some pigeons for his young son but in due course the young man became a seafarer and Donaldson senior was left to take care of the pigeons obtained from various sources.Thus was born one of the greatest distance fanciers of Scotland, indeed of Europe, for he has a record second to none when it comes to tough races into the north of the island of Britain.Covering marathon distances such as Niort 775 miles after Sartilly 605 miles, Rheims 620 miles, Rennes 650 and Nantes 709 miles.In fact this family of outstanding racers have won over 100 Diplomas as members of the Scottish National Flying Club as well as being the winners of the North Section of the SNFC 16 times.Fantastic racing and managerial ability by any standard!

The foundation of the Donaldson loft are pigeons from another Scottish fancier David Scott of
Brechin which contained the bloodlines of the Welsh wizards i.e. the Atwell Bros.Also the blood of
Norman Dall of Ladybank and a grizzle hen of Mr Geddes of Greengaris.The initial foundation of the Donaldson's after the original liquorice allsorts when first catching the pigeon racing bug.Eventually other bloodlines such as that of Lancashire Rose and Blue Anglia came via Sid Beard of Hemel Hempstead.The latter input was of immence importance for from them (and Scott) came the famous foundation stud cock bird Circus Boy.Incidentally at time of writing (October 2005) the great Circus Boy is still alive aged approximately 23 years.

An interesting point about the great producer Circus Boy was that when he was broken to another site and sent to a 120 miles race he failed to return for sometime.During this period his offsprings began to score well at the races entered. Jim Donaldson was on high heaven when a fancier in England reported the pigeon although upon his return he only looked a spark of his original self.Circus Boy pulled through however under the expert care of his master and lived to produce some of the best pigeons that the sport has ever experienced.

I should state that although Jim Donaldson lost a partner to the seafaring life today his wife Ann is his partner in the sport.A partner who in recent years has shared with him the joy of 1st,4th,6th,7th,7th Open in the SNFC.May they have many more years of our sporting life!

Liam O Comain  -
by: Liam O Comain

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