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NEW RACING SEASON 2008: Mixed weather conditions on 12th April

Brian and Ann McCammon had a super result from Navan 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Larne & District with over 500 birds, plus a big slice of the pools.
The winning team in Horseshoe HPS D & P Harvey with Paddy O'Lynn who presented the new John Topping Memorial Trophy to the club over the weekend.
Derriaghy HPS members on Saturday evening when I dropped in just in time to catch the pulling of the clocks.

James Maguire of the Grosvenor (l) congratulates club winners Tony Ferran (Colin) and Ian Gibb (Deriaghy).

Three generations of the Mallen Family from Banbridge. From (l) Dean, Ernie who has been involved with the birds for 75 years and local trainer Kenny.
Met this trio on my travels through Donacloney last weekend. From (l) Geoff McMullan, Tom McKinstry and new NIPA Committee member John Donaldson.
Peter Kennedy from Stillorgan in County Dublin. Still the only fancier in Ireland to time a pigeon into Ireland from the British Barcelona Club.
Billy and Jack Whiteside with Jack's boy the weekend winner in the Eastway HPS from Navan. Also well placed in the Loughview Combine.

The late decision to nominate Navan as the opening race proved successful, a perfect morning had the birds released at 9.00am in a West, North/West wind and the winners recorded at the home end around one and a half hours. Hugh Fullerton from Kells took the top honours with his winner timed at 10.26am recording velocity 1634 for 1st Mid Antrim Combine. I do believe this is the first time the loft have topped MAC, a super performance in the opening race of the year. Ian Gill was telling me the bird was a Mealy cock bred from his German distance family of birds. Nearly a dream start for Tommy McMillan in Randalstown having moved from Chimney Corner, he takes 1st Club in his first race and runner-up in Mid Antrim on velocity just ahead of clubmates Houston Bros. Roy Clements had the top three in Harryville and best in Ballymena on velocity 1620, Conor Magill from Ballee had the top five in New Antrim with his winner doing velocity 1603 and Blair & Rankin had 1st & 2nd in Ballymena & District. Winner for Roy Clements was a yearling Blue w/f hen a darkness youngster last year sent sitting two days. Bloodlines were again the best Ron Williamson, the sire from Banker Cock x Reliant Hen and the dam from brother to Millennium Superstar and the Favorite Hen, a strain of birds that win every year for this loft. Jimmy Smyth had 1st Ahoghill FC, this one timed at 10.32am to record velocity 1564 it was bred from birds purchased at the Clearance Sale for Hanlon & Lavery. Brooke Supplies 2 Bird Club was won by Young McManus & Sons doing velocity 1508 one yard ahead of A & N Young.  A super opening race of the old bird season, almost full returns, and on to Tullamore next week. 

MID Antrim Combine Navan 93/1,710 – H Fullerton & Son Kells 1634, T McMillan Randalstown 1629, Houston Bros Randalstown 1623, R H Clements Harryville 1620, Surgenor Bros Kells 1619, B Swann & Son Kells 1617, R H Clements 1613, Scott & Clements Kells 1611, Surgenor Bros 1608, R H Clements 1607, C Magill New Antrim 1603, W & N Gilbert Harryville 1598, Blair & Rankin Ballymena 1598, J Millar & Son Harryville 1597, A McBride Harryville 1596, Houston Bros 1595, R H Clements 1594, Blair & Rankin 1589, D Houston & Son Broughshane 1589, R H Clements 1588, G McDowell Kells 1586, Houston Bros 1584, S Millar Randalstown 1583, D Houston & Son 1583,G Gibson Cullybackey 1579, S Millar 1579, A McBride Harryville 1579, Scott & Clements 1579, W McIlveen & Son Harryville 1578, Houston Bros Randalstown 1577.

The NIPA old bird season commenced last weekend with an Area Liberation in Navan the Mid Antrim fanciers had decided that the shorter toss was a better idea and the birds were released with the East Antrim convoy at 9.00am. There was some bad weather and showers in Ireland but the early release in Navan missed most of the problems and birds were back in home lofts under 90 minutes. Best reported in the Sect B is in Muckamore where Tommy Patterson & Son timed a Blue cock bred by Glen Magill at 10.17am to record velocity 1658, this one won as a youngster. Following their move from Chimney Corner and installed as Secretary in Muckamore, Amanda Mitchell was next best followed by M/M A & E Bell. The high flying Fleming Bros won Crumlin & District in a photo finish with Jimmy Galloway, both lofts doing velocity 1627. Hugh Fullerton had 1st Kells & District doing velocity 1634 and is best in the Mid Antrim Combine where just over 1,700 birds were competing. Tommy McMillan was next best having moved to Randalstown HPS from the Chimney Corner winning in his new club doing velocity 1629 at 10.21am and almost topping the Mid Antrim Combine. Houston Bros were next best here having four prizes including 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  

The top end of the NIPA Sect A joined the Mid and East Antrim birds in Navan and were released at 9.00am in a North NW wind completing the 100 odd miles into Coleraine in two hours. Trevor McDonald who races his birds into Bushmills had a race to remember with his winner timed on the new ETS System at 11.03am recording velocity 1490 to record 1st Coleraine Premier and 1st in the Coleraine Triangle. Better than that he had the Top 10 places in the Coleraine Premier HPS and that might just be a record. The winner was a Blue cheq hen racing on Roundabout a Soontjen from Hansen & Harper and the runner-up was a Blue cock, Busschaert bloodlines off Raymond McCann. Horner & Scott who race in the NIPA Sect B topped the Windsor Social doing velocity 1482. INFC Committee member Sammy Thompson has 1st Coleraine & County Derry again into Bushmills. Danny Dixon was best in Ballymoney another fancier on the ETS System and would have missed the fist bird at the weekend had it not been for the ETS. He was working round the yard waiting on birds and checking the system to make sure it was running and the birds returned a little bit quicker than was expected and when he checked the unit the next time a bird was recorded. Had he been clocking in on the ordinary clock he would have missed this arrival and probably missed 1st Club. The winner was a Blue Cheq cock from a daughter of Jim Logan’s Clare Express and a son of his own 3rd Open Derby bird, top Frans Van Wildemeersch including Champion 05. Runner-up A & M Boyle had 1st Dervock and young Christopher Tweed had 1st Rasharkin & District this bird bred by A & R McAuley was winning for the fifth time.  

NIPA Sect A Clubs Navan

Coleraine Premier HPS – T & G McDonald 1490, 1468, 1466, 1462, 1462, 1446, 1437, 1437, 1425, 1423.

Windsor Social 7/84 – Horner & Scott 1482, T Stewart 1447, K Glass 1444, T Stewart 1423, Horner & Scott 1421, R & T Parke 1420, 1417, Horner & Scott 1412, R & J Parke 1409, 1399. J & S Brennan 1383, J Fulton 1287, W Henry 1236.

Limavady 4/52 – G Kearney 1283, R McIlmoyle 1235, 1232, 1104, 1192, B Mailey 1079.

CITY of Derry Federation Navan (1) 46/538 – D McClintock Foyle 1305, L Flanagan Londonderry 1276, L Hegarty & Son Foyle 1257, J Houston & Son Maiden City 1256, D Wick Londonderry 1251, L Flanagan & Son 1244, A McCrudden Foyle 1242, A McCrudden 1241, J Gallagher Foyle 1238, L Flanagan & Son 1238, Coyle Bros Maiden City 1235, Mr & Mrs Maxwell Foyle 1235, D McClintock Foyle 1227, N Murray Londonderry 1221, M Concannon Maiden City 1208, F Ramsey Maiden City 1205, F Ramsey 1201, L Hegarty & Son 1200, F Ramsey 1192, J Diamond Foyle 1191.  

NIPA Sect B Clubs Navan

Muckamore HPS 12/249 – T Patterson & Son 1658, A Mitchell & Son 1625, M/M A & E Bell 1622, T Patterson & Son 1616, M/M A & E Bell 1613, W & N McClenaghan 1609, 1605, G Magill 1574, A Mitchell & Son 1573.

Crumlin & District 6/100 – Fleming Bros 1627.7, J Galloway 1627.2, G Grant 1623, J Galloway 1609, G Grant 1605, Fleming Bros 1605.

Ballymoney HPS 16/404 – D Dixon 1553, A & M Boyle 1548, J McDowell & Sons 1544, A & M Boyle 1539, D Dixon 1519, J McDowell & Sons 1515, D & H Stuart 1514, 1509, J Hutchinson & Son 1502, S Laverty 1494, M Gamble 1492, J Connolly 1486.

Dervock IPS 6/147 - A & M Boyle 1548, 1539, D & H Stuart 1514, 1509, J Hutchinson & Son 1502, S Laverty 1494, W Neill 1385, D Devenney 1374, 1367.

Ballymoney West Combine – J McDowell & Sons 1544, J Hutchinson & Son 1502, W Blair 1461, L Neill 1430.

Rasharkin & District 11/175 – C Tweed 1462, 1458, L Davidson 1452, Milliken & Barkley 1450, W McFetridge 1448, L Davidson 1447, W McFetridge 1445, Milliken & Barkley 1435. Danny Dixon velocity 1553, 1519, 1519, 1518, 1508. Christopher Tweed wins DTW. W McFetridge wins NOM. Special donated by J L Madden. Race sponsored by Leck Scaffolding (Ballymoney).

The new Mid Antrim Champions League an item passed at the AGM will be up and running from next week, the first round of the competition will have 4 Sections one member from each club in each section. Points will be allocated on the basis of Mid Antrim Combine results for all the inland race points excluding the Area Lib on 12th April with the League phase finishing on May 24th at Pilmore Beach. Points will count for the Top 27 in Mid Antrim Combine, 1st will be 27 Points and 27th will get 1 Point. The top four lofts in each section will qualify for the Round 2 Knock-Out. In the event of competitors with equal points the highest velocity in Rosscarbery OB Inland Nat to be the deciding factor. The draw for Round 1 was made by Homer and Linda Kernohan of Ballymena Pigeon Supplies. James Harris is the League Secretary.  

Sect A – Ahoghill A & N Young, Ballymena & Dist Joe Devlin, Broughshane & Dist George Connolly, Cullybackey Gary Gibson, Harryville K & K Kernohan & Sons, Kells & District Surgenor Bros, New Antrim R McFall & Son, Randalstown Tommy McMillan, Rasharkin & Dist Milliken & Barkley.

Sect B – Ahoghill Yong McManus & Sons, Ballymena & Dist George Barr, Broughshane & Dist D Houston & Son, Cullybackey H & R McCloy, Harryville Allen McBride, Kells & District Harry Boyd, New Antrim M/M F Clarke, Randalstown Stewart Bros, Rasharkin & Dist Danny Dixon.

Sect C – Ahoghill T & G Cotter, Ballymena & Dist Blair & Rankin, Broughshane & Dist J & N Simpson, Cullybackey Des Robinson, Harryville R H Clements, Kells & District George McDowell, New Antrim T Picken & Son, Randalstown John Millar, Rasharkin & Dist Steele & McNeill.

Sect D – Ahoghill D Lowry & Sons, Ballymena & Dist Richmond Bros, Broughshane & Dist G & A Eagleson, Cullybackey Alan Darragh, Harryville J Millar & Son, Kells & District T & M Morrow, New Antrim D Jackson & Son, Randalstown Hugh Boyd, Rasharkin & Dist Christopher Tweed.

Mid Antrim Combine Clubs Navan

Kells & District HPS 10/135 – H Fullerton & Son 1634, Surgenor Bros 1619, B Swann & Son 1617, Scott & Clements 1611, Surgenor Bros 1608, G McDowell 1586, Scott & Clements 1579, 1573. Gold Minute (26) won by George McDowell.  

Randalstown HPS 8/177 – T McMillan 1629, Houston Bros 1623, 1595, 1584, S Millar 1583, 1583, 1579, Houston Bros 1577.

Harryville HPS 12/215 – R H Clements 1620, 1613, 1607, W & N Gilbert 1598, J Millar & Son 1597, A McBride 1596, R H Clements 1594, 1588, A McBride 1579, W McIlveen & Son 1578.

New Antrim Amalgamated 5/46 – C Magill 1603, 1577, 1557, 1544, 1532, D Jackson & Son 1499, McFall & McManus 1493, R McFall & Son 1450, T Picken & Son 1011.  

Ballymena & District HPS 9/128 – Blair & Rankin 1598, 1589, C Quaite 1565, B O’Rawe 1551, C Quaite 1549, Richmond Bros 1549, W & J Smyth 1547, Richmond Bros 1539, W & J Smyth 1530, Smyth Bros 1522. Bertie Blair starts with 1st and 2nd, two good prizes for Cecil Quaite into Broughshane and Brian O’Rawe well placed training now in his own little transporter.

Broughshane & District 11/215 – D Houston & Son 1589, 1583, A Purvis 1554, G & A Eagleson 1552, 1534, G Connolly 1522, 1520, J & N Simpson 1520.

Cullybackey HPS 15/395 – G Gibson 1579, Russell Bros 1573, A Darragh 1566, 1562, Des Robinson 1559, Russell Bros 1555, S Steele 1550, 1540, Des Robinson 1534, G Gibson 1523.  

Ahoghill Flying Club 12/224 – J Smyth & Son 1564, A & N Young 1555, 1524, Young McManus & Sons 1508, A & N Young 1507, Young McManus & Sons 1507, 1505, G Dickey 1505, D Lowry & Sons 1501, J Orr & Son 1498. Brooke Supplies 2 Bird Club – Young McManus & Sons 1508, A & N Young 1507.  

Rasharkin & District 11/175 – C Tweed 1462, 1458, L Davidson 1452, Milliken & Barkley 1450, W McFetridge 1448, L Davidson 1447, W McFetridge 1445, Milliken & Barkley 1435. Danny Dixon velocity 1553, 1519, 1519, 1518, 1508. Christopher Tweed wins DTW. W McFetridge wins NOM. Special donated by J L Madden. Race sponsored by Leck Scaffolding (Ballymoney).

The East Antrim Sect C birds were in Navan for the opening race of the old bird season an early liberation at 9.00am and most birds home the first week. It was a lot better than was expected and a lot of fanciers missed the opportunity to send and those who did so had they been able to predict the conditions would no doubt have sent many more than what they did. It was a fantastic start and with it being an Area Liberation no Sect Results, just the Open will be published. East Antrim were released with Mid Antrim and the top part of Sect A but the shorter flyers will dominate the result. A lot of early birds are reported into Ligoniel & District but the result is not available when going to press, due to the distances needing obtained. They were expected very soon but its not possible to release any result due to a close finish that involves Dickie Smyth & Son, McAuley Kell & Bowles, T Longman and Bingham & Seaton. All the leading birds are expected to be well placed in the NIPA Result. Eastway HPS had a big race with Whiteside Bros (1719), Grattan Bros (1719) and M & A Pearson (1718) all well placed. D & J Armstrong & Son had another super race winning both local clubs and best in Carrickfergus. The Campbell & Bigger team had another 1st Glengormley (1713) and Brian McCammon was best in Larne (1707).

NIPA Sect C Clubs Navan

Ligoniel & District HPS 29/561 – McAuley Kell & Bowles 1732, D Smyth & Son 1731, Bingham & Seaton 1730, T Longman 1730, D Smyth & Son 1729, G & L Simpson 1726, Gregg Bros & McCandless 1717, 1717, 1715, G & L Simpson 1715.

Eastway HPS 10/180 – Whiteside Bros 1721, Grattan Bros 1719, M & A Pearson 1718, Grattan Bros 1708, 1707, G McKenna 1704. Whiteside Bros heralded a new era in Eastway HPS by timing the winner electronically. Billy and Jack recorded 'Jack's Boy' a Flor Engels/Huybregt bloodline, bred from John White stock for a super start to the new racing season.

Carrick & District 15/256 – D & J Armstrong & Son 1717, 1708, 1690, 1681, 1680, 1679, Elliott Bros 1677, D & J Armstrong & Son 1675, Elliott Bros 1671, M/M R Reid 1670, D & J Armstrong & Son 1666, T Creighton Sons & Welch 1658. D & J Armstrong & Son ABCDEF & NOM, D Elliott & Grandson ABCDEF.

Carrick Social RPC – D & J Armstrong & Son 1717, M/M Robinson 1711, D & J Armstrong & Son 1708, 1690, D & E Wilson 1669, R S Jackson & Son 1667, R Skelton 1665, J McMaw 1657, 1655, D & E Wilson 1649.

Glengormley HPS 4/125 – D & J Campbell & Bigger 1713, 1713, G & M Atcheson 1708, J Walker & Son 1675, G & M Atcheson 1632, T Cairns & Sons 1536.

Larne & District HPS 39/514 – B McCammon 1707, 1702, 1683, Marshall & Wilson 1665, Beggs & Hall 1665, Marshall & Wilson 1664, R Anderson & Son 1664, Marshall & Wilson 1664, B McCammon 1664, 1662, 1660, Crawford & Robinson 1657. Larne & Dist got the old bird season off to a start last weekend with a race from Navan with 39 members sending 514 birds. Most of the members decided to send even though the forecast was far from good. The race itself turned out to be a very good one with nearly all lofts reporting good returns. Brian McCammon started with a bang, 1st, 2nd, 3rd with six birds in the first eleven and a collection of pools to add, a terrific result. The consistent Marshall & Wilson finish 4th, 6th and 8th and last season’s top loft Beggs & Hall start with 5th. The local members are sad to learn that Billy McCluggage a past member has passed away after a spell in hospital. His dad Billy was a founder member of the NIPA and I believe the first Secretary, he also had a spell with the INFC and was a former winner of the famous Kings Cup. Another son Wilson is still a member racing as Doey & McCluggage, sincere condolences to the family from the fancy in East Antrim.

Ballycarry & District 8/125 – Arthurs & George 1699, 1690, N Arthurs 1677, J Reid 1672, Lynch Bros & Thompson 1646, N Arthurs 1643, 1643, Lynch Bros & Thompson 1643, George & Hall 1633, 1628.

Doagh & District 15/224 – J & A Wilson & Sons 1687, M/M B McNeilly 1650, 1648, J & A Wilson & Sons 1641, A & N Lewis 1633, J Blair 1625, D Tweedie 1620, A & N Lewis 1618, Collins & Pursley 1612, S & A Leitch 1607. The winning bird was a Dark Cheq Verheye cock, this cock was 2nd Club Rosscarbery and 4th Club from Mullingar last year.

Ballyclare & District 9/129 – S Rodney & Son 1680, 1657, Turkington & Robinson 1655, M/M C Hayes 1642, B & M Gilmore 1617, 1616, C Cameron 1585, J & R Blair 1574, A Gault 1562, P R Wilson 1455. Sect C Fancier of the Year Sammy Rodney & Son started with another 1st & 2nd Club.

Horseshoe HPS 14/237 – D & P Harvey 1672, Marshall & Wilson 1665, 1664, 1664, S & S O’Toole Sons & Daughter 1663, D & P Harvey 1659, R Mills & Son 1656, 1656, 1656, 1656. Taking the first Red Card of the season was the partnership of D & P Harvey. David and Paul timed a yearling Willy Thas cock racing on Roundabout. It was bred from stock obtained from Gerry Clements of Manchester. The Show Specials were won by Sam Burns and Joe Morrison and the pools shared by S & S O'Toole Sons & Dtr and J Morrison. 

Kingsmoss 10/143 – R McMeekin 1671, 1666, J Graham 1644, 1632, Knowles & Hill 1620, 1595, Connor Bros 1587, T Lillie 1571.

Ballynure & District – Rea & Magill 1642, 1642, 1641, 1641, 1641, B Rowney 1622.

Glenarm & District – G McWhirter 1560, R Robinson & Son 1557, G McWhirter 1555, 1549, O O’Neill & Son 1534, 1529, N O’Boyle 1528, 1511. The club wish to thank everyone who supported the recent Squeaker Sale, Larne & Dist for the loan of the clubrooms and Owen Donnelly who kindly sold the birds raising a grand total.


The NIPA and EDC got their racing seasons underway on Saturday from a couple of race points namely Mullingar and Navan. It was a bit of a mixed bag weather wise with a North/North West wind  the NIPA had hoped to liberate around half the convoy in Tullamore but due to increasing heavy showers of rain and hail they opted to move to Mullingar and liberate at 12 noon which proved to be a good decision as most lofts reported full returns a result mirrored by those pigeons competing from Navan they were liberated somewhat early at 9.00am but once again great returns and all looks good for next week as we head back to Tullamore.

Last week was a busy one for myself with a few days spent in the South of Ireland, this is now becoming a regular occurrence for myself and I hope to spend a few weekends down their to cover the latest news when available. Called when I was down in the South with Peter Kennedy from the Shankill area over looking the famous Wicklow Hills, Peter stills holds the record with his pigeon “Solo Dream” for being the first pigeon timed into Ireland in race time from the British Barcelona Flying Club this 1999 bred pigeon was timed the second morning from Nantes in 2002 flying 460 miles and recorded a velocity of 499. Both parents were bred by non other than W & L McCaw of Ballymoney these boys know especially what distance racing is all about. Peter has always liked the channel racing especially the long distance events a fancier for 37 years he has enjoyed varied levels of success at all levels of competition these more recently included finishing 1st South Road Federation, 2nd Open INFC Yearling National with a pigeon called “Blue Lady” also over the last couple of seasons he has finished 41st and 75th Open INFC Y/B National respectively. Many thanks Peter for the hospitality during my visit and look forward to catching up with you again during 2008. 

NIPA Section D Clubs Mullingar

Colin HPS 9/123 – T & A Ferrin 1575, J Gregory & Son 1560, M/M G Braniff 1551, 1523, T & A Ferrin 1500, J Gregory & Sons 1500, 1497, O & M Monaghan 1485, M/M G Braniff 1485, D McParland 1485.

Kingswood HPS 9/300 - 1st J Galbraith & Son (Snr) 1565, 2nd J Galbraith & Sons (Jnr) 1533, 3rd W Willis 1527, 4th C & J Long & Son 1522, 5th C & J Long & Son 1516, 6th E Salmon, 7th W Willis 1507, 8th J Galbraith & Sons (Jnr) 1500, 9th D Jackson 1489, 10th J Galbraith & Sons (Jnr) 1486.

Dromore HPS 8/222 - 1st B & M McCorriston 1564, 2nd P & J Boal 1557, 3rd P & J Boal 1556, 4th P & J Boal 1555, 5th P & J Boal 1555, 6th P & J Boal 1536, 7th J Kelly 1523, 8th P & J Boal 1520, 9th P & J Boal 1520, 10th B & M McCorriston 1518.

Lisburn & District 17/220 - 1st G McMullen 1560, 2nd G McMullen 1545, 3rd Spence Bros 1545,4th Spence Bros 1542, 5th G McMullen 1530, 6th Spence Bros 1529, 7th Spence Bros 1527, 8th Spence Bros 1523, 9th G & M Gibson 1521, 10th G & M Gibson.

Dunedin HPS 8/195 - 1st Gregg, Kemp & McBride 1553, 2nd Mark Foulis 1551, 3rd Mark Foulis 1541, 4th Kincaid & McCann 1540, 5th Gregg, Kemp & McBride 1530, 6th Gregg, Kemp & McBride 1529, 7th Tom McConnell 1507, 8th Gregg, Kemp & McBride 1507, 9th Mark Foulis 1504, 10th Tom McConnell 1503.

Derriaghy HPS - 1st I Gibb & Sons 1540, 2nd I Gibb & Sons 1519, 3rd Belshaw & Anderson 1503, 4th R Benson 1497, 5th Ian Gibb & Sons 1483, 6th Ian Gibb & Sons 1482.

Glenavy & District HPS 11/99 - 1st M Taylor 1535, 2nd M Taylor 1527, 3rd G Parker & Son 1515, 4th M Taylor 1512, 5th G Parker & Son 1501, 6th G Parker & Son 1501, 7th G Parker & Son 1501, 8th M Taylor 1500, 9th G Parker & Son 1499, 10th G Parker & Son 1498.

Largymore Inv HPS 7/114 - 1st S & A Hanna 1512, 2nd Milliken & McCartney 1505, 3rd S & A Hanna 1505, 4th Milliken & McCartney 1498, 5th D Irvine 1454, 6th J Erwin 1452, 7th S Shields 1406, 8th B McKeown & Sons 1392, 9th Walker Bros 1370.

Alan Galloway Training – From Monday 21st April he will be operating his transporter in the early evenings from Monday through till Thursday. Pick Up will be at Milltown Lay-by Derriaghy at 5.45pm each night and the Lagan Valley RPC in Lisburn at 6.15pm. Thanks to Adie for the NIPA Sect D update and his help with a number of other club results, one person would never complete this list unless they worked day and night.

NIPA Sect E Clubs Mullingar

Wilton Cross 6/118 – D Carville & Son 1563, 1545, M Rice 1544, G Douglas 1509, Toland & Lynch 1504, Furphy & Cairns 1482.

Bondhill Social 10/405 – R Williamson 1557, 1541, 1533, 1533, 1523, N Weir 1222, R Williamson 1520, 1507, 1505, 1504.

Moira HPS 7/129 - 1st Turner Bros 1556, 2nd Turner Bros 1546, 3rd E Russell 1506, 4th Turner Bros 1504, 5th G Lavery & Son 1494, 6th Turner Bros 1493.

Gilford & District – Rafferty & Toman 1535, J & D Breen 1497, T Greenaway 1492, P Hoy & Son 1487, 1479, T Greenaway 1471, J & D Breen 1469, T Greenaway 1459.

Lurgan Amateur – J P Nelson 1522, Dando & Bennett 1493, G Gillespie & Son 1476, G & F Hall 1461, J P Nelson 1460.

Annaghmore HPS – H Cordner 1521, W G Neill 1503, 1498, T McClean 1498, H Cordner 1487, Calvin & Calvin 1491, W G Neill 1490, G Buckley & Son 1484, 1483, Calvin & Calvin 1466. 

Edgarstown HPS – T & A Ford 1504, 1501, D Parr 1501, T & A Ford 1500. 1st T&A Ford 1504 with a yearling Willie Jacobs w/h cock,  2nd T & A Ford 1501 with another yearling Willie Jacobs w/h cock,  3rd D Parr 1501 with a yearling  Wildie w/h cock and 4th T & Ford 1500 with a yearling Willie Jacobs w/h cock. 

Charlemont HPC 8/134 - 1st Eamon Grew 1502, 2nd Eamon Grew 1498, 3rd Patrick Grew 1490, 4th Sam McConnell 1465, 5th Patrick Grew 1440, 6th Eamon Grew 1426, 7th Eamon Grew 1419, 8th Eamon Grew 1419, 9th Sam McConnell 1417, 10th Eamon Grew 1416.

Armagh HPS 15/279 - G & A Campbell 1480, E Murtagh & Son 1469, A Geraghty 1461, 1455, G & A Campbell 1450, E Murtagh & Son 1450, 1443, F McCaughley 1441, 1440, M Hughes 1439. The club members were using the ETS System for the first time and are well impressed. G & A Campbell timed at 13.14hrs and recorded velocity 1480 for the 63 miles. Anthony Geraghty was on holiday in Spain and had a Loft Man in charge, the local Butcher had the benefit of the ETS. Gerard Campbell will be keeping us up to date on the Armagh news during the season. 

Monaghan HPS 10/200 – P Coughlin 1409, S O’Brien 1359, R Mulligan 1333, P Coughlin 1293, 1281, Cooney Bros 1279. Winner was timed at 13.04hrs flying just 52 miles.

ORCHARD Combine C.C Mullingar – N Weir Loughgall 1522, E Grew Charlemont 1502, E Grew 1498, P Grew Charlemont 1490, G & A Campbell Armagh 1480, N Weir 1465, A Geraghty Armagh 1461, A Geraghty 1455, F McLoughlin 1441.  

NIPA Clubs Mullingar

Portavogie HPS 14/422 - 1st B & J Donnan 1636, 2nd B & J Donnan 1635, 3rd R Thompson & J Bailey & Son 1628,  4th R Thompson & J Bailey & Son 1626, 5th R Thompson & J Bailey & Son 1626, 6th R Keenan 1614, 7th R Thompson & J Bailey & Son 1602, 8th E & D Harper & Sons 1602, H & J Palmer & Son & Palmers 1600, 10th B & J Donnan 1597. Well done to Billy on topping the Club from Mullingar with his Blue Cheq Hen bred from birds obtained from good friends Henry McLaughlin and Sheldon Leonard.

Kircubbin HPS - 1st J Hall & Son 1612, 2nd J Hall & Son 1548, 3rd W & A Ritchie 1545, 4th W & A Ritchie 1542, 5th Arthurs & Smyth 1538, 6th Arthurs & Ledlie 1538.

Newry & District 13/209 – M Maguire & Son 1596, 1594, B Woods & Son 1562, 1561, M Maguire & Son 1553, 1552, T Hughes 1545, Mark Maguire & Son 1541, L Falloon & Son 1541, Niblock Bros 1536.

Ards HPS 8/84 - 1st W Ennis 1560, 2nd W Ennis 1545, 3rd B Griffiths 1543, 4th B Griffiths 1537, 5th Stewart & McCready 1535, 6th W Cleland 1534, 7th W Cleland 1521, 8th J & J Moore 1518, 9th Mr & Mrs McPeake 1512, 10th Stewart & McCready 1511.

Bessbrook – Cowan Bros 1545, 1535, 1509, E Niblock 1504.

Comber Central - 1st Alex Crawford 1540, 2nd W Gabbey 1513, 3rd A & D Crawford 1498, 4th A & D Crawford 1384, 5th A & D Crawford 1370, 6th W Gabbey 1324, 7th D Harvey 1247, 8th D Harvey 1239, 9th D McQuoid 1237, 10th E Donly 1085.

Coalisland & District 11/240 - 1st  M McPhillips 1506, 2nd M & R Hamilton 1504, 3rd M & R Hamilton 1482, 4th K Murphy 1472, 5th M & R Hamilton 1471, 6th M & R Hamilton 1470, 7th M & R Hamilton 1466, 8th M & R Hamilton 1464, 9th K Murphy 1463, 10th H McLaughlin 1463.

Strabane RPC 9/62 - 1st Quinn & Harper 1190, 2nd Quinn & Harper 1171, 3 rd Quinn & Harper 1148, 4th Quinn & Harper 1141, 5th N McGuigan 1138, 6th D Farrell 1079.

NORTHSOUTH Federation Mullingar – M Maguire & Sons Newry & Dist 1596, M Maguire & Sons 1594, N Murtagh Millvale 1571, N Murtagh 1568, B Woods Newry & Dist 1562, B Woods 1561, Mark Maguire & Sons Millvale 1554, M Maguire & Sons 1553, M Maguire & Sons 1553, Mark Maguire 1552, M Maguire & Sons 1552, P McAteer Millvale 1550, Mark Maguire & Sons 1550, Mark Maguire & Sons 1549, T Mooney & Son Millvale 1548, N Murtagh 1547, R & M Mulholland Millvale 1545, Cowan Bros Bessbrook 1545, T Hughes Newry & Dist 1545, P McAteer 1544.

Clubs are reminded to return the list for Irish National FC membership before the closing date of Saturday 19th April. The fees are £15 for existing members and any other members transferring to the club who were members in 2007. The fee for those who were not members in 2007 and wish to become members is £25. A levy of £2 will apply only until Saturday 3rd May after which no applications will be considered. Any queries contact the Secretary Trevor Topping Tel: (028) 92 641265. All permits have been applied for regarding the racing from France, the race programme will be.

Skibbereen North OB Inland Nat Wednesday 28th May, Sennen Cove Yearling Nat Wednesday 11th June, Kings Cup Vannes Friday 4th July, Friendship Nat Quimper Friday 11th July, Sennen Cove YB Nat/Old Hens Nat Sennen Cove Wednesday 10th September, Skibbereen North YB Inl Nat Saturday 20th September. Members should not apply for the Quimper distance, it will be obtained by the Secretary at the time of the race.

David Black has indicated a massive interest in the Kings Cup Single Bird Challenge with 284 birds to compete, with this race cancelled in 2007 the membership have responded in a determined way and all hope is the Kings Cup race will be flown as planned from Vannes in France on Friday 4th July. The Joe Doheny Challenge Cup is presented to the winner and it was also agreed that the new Hunniford Cup would be awarded to the Best Ave Skibbereen North OB and Skibbereen North YB races.

Top of the meeting agenda for the NI Channel Federation was to organize a Young Bird Sale to bring extra funds into the Federation. It was agreed that the sale would be held on Wednesday 16th April after the new Fanciers Combine club marking of the birds. It is hoped to have 30 plus young birds for sale from some of the top fanciers, not only in the Federation,  but in the NIPA as well. There will be guaranteed prize money of £100 which will be raced for in Rosscarbery National, with the best velocity winning the prize money. The young bird sale will be opened to all fanciers within the NIPA.

Membership this year again will be £5 and must be paid by the second old bird race ie. Tullamore on 19th April, and will be re-opened again for young bird racing. Entry Fee £1.50 for 3 birds and pools are optional. Prize money is paid out for Top 10 prizes and guarantee prize money for winner of Rosscarbery & Messac OB Nat, Rosscarbery & Talbenny YB Nat is £25. All pools are paid out.

Entry forms can be obtained from the following clubs: Drumcree Social, Portadown Inv, Edgarstown, Annaghmore, Drumannon, Lurgan Soc, Moira, Wilton Cross, Laurelvale, Tandragee, and Newry Invitation. Completed entry forms can be sent via the NIPA lorry, via email, by telephone (028) 38 392612 or delivered to 4 Alexandra Avenue, Portadown by the Friday night before the race. Forms will not be accepted after Friday. Verification forms MUST be received by the Wednesday after the race and any verification forms that arrive after this will be disqualified.

£2600 was paid out in pool and prize money during 2007. Top prize winner for the season was Tommy Ford of Edgarstown. Joint 2nd was E Matchett & Son of Edgarstown and Glen Buckley of Annaghmore. The Committee would like to thank all the fanciers for their support. Without doubt, the Northern Ireland Channel Federation is the club to join this year.  Yours in sport, John Reid Secretary. 

WILLIAMSON & CALVIN TRANSPORTER – Training each Tuesday, Thursday from Ardee and Slane Castle. Birds can be hampered the night previous or up to 7.45am morning of toss at 23 Farra Road, Portadown. Tel: Ron Williamson Yard (028) 38 339320 or Mobile 07841 762399. Collections from the same points as last year: Annaghmore Clubroom 8.00am, Ballyoran Hill 8.20am, Edgarstown 8.40am, Laurelvale Clubrooms 9.00am, Markethill Corner 9.30am, Armagh Clubrooms 9.50am.

BROWN TRAINING – The Dollingstown based operation will commence on Saturday 5th April, Monday through till Thursday the following week and from Monday 14th April just Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Pick-up arrangements are Moira 7.00-7.30am, Ashley Crescent Lurgan 7.45-8.45am, Ann St Lurgan 9.00-9.15am, Bleary 9.30-9-45am, and Gilford 10.00-10.15am. Those intending to use the Moira collection should make contact by phone. Contact Mark or Joe Tel: (028) 38 328293 or Mobile: 07709 077266.

Please remember fanciers all the early results will appear as usual at and on the radio at Sevenfm on a Sunday around 5.00pm with the weekend preview on Friday evening between 8.30pm and 9.00pm. The local radio station can be picked up in Coleraine, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Antrim, Ballyclare and Larne. 

THE FANCIERS COMBINE – First race of the season will be from Tullamore on Wednesday 16th April with the bird’s race marked at Edgarstown HPS the night previous between 6.30 and 9.30pm. The transporter will be on site and members can observe the excellent water system which runs the full length of the race crate.

BROUGHSHANE & DISTRICT – The annual Breeder & Buyer Sale will be held in the local clubrooms on Thursday 17th April at 8.00pm, all fanciers welcome. The prize will be £50 Breeder and £50 Buyer and the race selected is Roscrea on Saturday 9th August. Team members selected for the Mid Antrim Champions League are J & N Simpson, D Houston & Son, G Connolly and G & A Eagleson.

BALLYNURE & DISTRICT Open YB Sale will be held in the Larne & District HPS Clubrooms on Thursday 17th April at 8.00pm, birds on view from 7.00pm. They will have a three way divide for Breeder, Buyer and the Club, the race venue will be decided later. The RPRA License is No. IR 06/08.

COLERAINE & COUNTY DERRY RPS – Have arranged a YB Sale to be held in aid of the Building Fund, all fanciers very welcome. It will be held on Thursday 17th April in the Sperrin Sports & Social Club, Newmills Road, Coleraine, viewing from 7.00pm, sale at 8.00pm. Top lofts already promised including Donnelly Bros, Trevor Greenaway, T & K Mawhinney, D & J Armstrong, R Callaghan & Son, J L Madden, Diamond Bros, Anthony McDonnell to name but a few. Contact Terence McCrudden Tel: (028) 70 353378.

SPRINGVALE SOCIAL had a super sale in the Larne & Dist HPS Clubrooms and wish to thank all those who supported the event, supplied birds or made a purchase. The prizes will be £200 to Buyer and £150 to Breeder in the two NIPA Young Bird Nationals which are planned to be Talbenny on 30th August and Rosscarbery on 13th September. All ring numbers must be with the Secretary Campbell McGrugan before the end of April.

GLENGORMLEY & DISTRICT HPS have decided to opt for a Gold Ring competition during 2008 rather than the usual Breeder & Buyer event. It will be open to all competing lofts in the NIPA and will have a guaranteed 1st Prize of £1,000. The overall prize list will be determined by the entry, rings will be £40 each. Race will be the Rosscarbery YB Inland National, and the closing date for entry is 30th June. All ring Numbers must be supplied by 19th July. Contact any of the following members for further information Hugh Bigger Tel: 07796 848484, David Campbell Tel: 07886 451205, Tommy Gratten Tel: 07831 678910. Davy Campbell has young birds for sale out of the stock birds, Tel: (028) 90 862631 or Mobile 07786 451205. 

We have been members of Harryville previous joining in 1971 for young birds getting prizes in both Haverford and Skibbereen YB Derbies racing just 12 birds and the year after that timing in the OB Derby Dinard and winning the OB Ave in our first full season. Around this time my brother Michael was Secretary, it was just for a short time before he decided to move to USA and make a life there with a new wife. I remained a member myself for around 30 years although for most of that time not flying the birds, 12 young birds would hardly be good enough now. I have seen the Minute Book before and have managed to get a copy of the minutes recorded for the first two meetings of the club. It did not say where they were held or the members attending. The first meeting according to this report was on Wednesday 15th February 1957 with the following members elected to office. Secretary Samuel McCartney, Treasurer David Campbell, Ass Treasurer R Lindsay, Chairman Ken Gillen, Vice-Chairman Samuel Mackrell.

It was proposed by Joe Spence and seconded by W McPeake that no duplication be accepted all birds competing must be race marked through Harryville. (Passed).  It was proposed by David Campbell and seconded by Tom Eaton that invitations be sent to all Harryville fanciers to join the club. (Passed). At the second meeting of Harryville HPS held on  Wednesday 1st March the minutes of the first meeting were read and passed. It was proposed by S Mackrell and seconded by Tom Eaton that the club purchase a master timer. (Passed).  Proposed by J Lennox seconded by Ken Gillen that the club subscriptions be £2 and 10 shillings (Passed). Proposed by Ken Gillen and seconded by Matt McAdorey that that the club be kept exclusively for Harryville fanciers (Passed). Proposed by James Lennox seconded by Samuel Mackrell that birdage be 6d inland and one shilling across channel. This concluded the business for the evening and the minutes were signed by D Campbell and S McCartney.

A lot of water under the bridge from those days, Harryville was a hot-bed and I well remember Brooke Park full of lofts, at least one quarter of the 60 bungalows. One such loft was that of J Graham & Son and I asked Robert who is now the Chairman in Ballymena & Dist what he remembered about the early days in Harryville. His thought was the club was formed due to the formidable competition at that time in the Ballymena & Dist the big club at the top of the town. They had the likes of Tommy Harper, Billy Erwin, Smyth Bros, Bobby Law, Doey Bros, Bobby Law, Bob Kielty, Alex O’Rourke, Jack Rodgers, George Barr to mention just a few of the all time greats.

Some of the names involved with Harryville in those early days not sure if they were all founder members included Sam McCartney, Davy Campbell, Tom Eaton, John Surgenor, J Graham & Son, Roy Millar & Son, B Swann & Son, J McFall, Letters & Son, Robert Lindsay, Harry Knox, John Collins & Son, Quinten McFall, McMaster Bros, McPeake Bros, T Picken & Son, and there may be others.  The early meetings were held in rooms behind the Railway Tavern Bar, later moving to the Raglan Bar and then to the Goods Yard at Railway Street. Robert who was just 16 at the time said the meetings chaired by Chip Surgenor left a great impression from that time. There was a need for a club at the lower end of the town on the south side of Harryville Bridge which at that time was the main road through town. It was difficult to compete against some of the household names of the sport and Harryville itself had enough lofts on site to form a club. Robert Graham was involved in the early days as Treasurer, chip Surgenor was President, Chairman Davy Campbell who dominated racing over the early years and Secretary Sammy McCartney who was involved with an Insurance Company. Today Jackie Millar and James Letters remain connected to the club, Brian Swann is in Kells & Dist and Robert Graham as I said earlier is involved at Ballymena & Dist, his son Martin is a third generation and has already enjoyed good success with 1st Open OB Inland Nat and 2nd Open OB Derby France. The club have become one of the best in its 50 years winning 1st Open at Derby & Nat level numerous times and over recent seasons J Eagleson & Sons, Colin McBride and Roy Clements have all been crowned NIPA Sect Fancier of the Year. I can remember in my time the club were open for duplication and had an application from the late Leslie Mairs of Kells a super loft. He flew short was brilliant and the current Sect Fancier of the Year. It made no difference to the Harryville membership, he joined and won numerous top prizes, the attitude of the club was that if you were to reach the top you had to beat them all, no matter who they were. That might have had something to do with the fantastic success the club has enjoyed in its history.  

East Down Combine Clubs Mullingar

Bangor RPC 13/246 – R Moore & Son 1589, 1580, Burgess & Brennan 1564, 1560, 1557, R Moore & Son 1556, 1552, Lambert & Stewart 1547, F Davis 1536, W White 1532.

Ballylesson HPS - 1st John Patterson 1581, 2nd John Patterson 1567, 3rd John Patterson 1554, 4th A Cousins & Sons 1554, 5th A Crawford 1553, 6th A Cousins & Sons 1551, 7th A cousins & Sons 1527, 8th K & B McConaghie 1526, 9th C & D Smyth 1525, 10th C & D Smyth 1523.

Annalong HPS 13/277 - 1st S Ferguson & Son 1578, 2nd McLaughlin Bros 1573, 3rd K Rooney & Son 1569, 4th B Higgins 1564, 5th J Newell 1553, 6th Donnelly Bros 1551, 7th K Rooney & Son 1542, 8th K Rooney & Son 1533, 9th B Higgins 1532, 10th K Rooney & Son 1531.

Dundonald HPS 5/121 - 1st M Foulis 1577, 2nd M Foulis 1551, 3rd S Brown & Sons 1550,4th M Foulis 1548, 5th M Foulis 1545, 6th M Foulis 1540, 7th M Foulis 1537, 8th S Brown & Sons 1533, 9th T McKinstry 1525, 10th S Brown & Sons 1523.

Ballynahinch Social - 1st Rob Hunter 1538, 2nd R Hunter 1521,3rd S & P Logan 1514, 4th R Hunter 1514, 5th R Hunter 1504, 6th R Hunter 1493, 7th R Hunter 1484, 8th S & P Logan 1469, 9th J Gillespie & Sons 1468, 10th S & P Logan 1466.

Drumaness Mills HPS - 1st G Morrison & Daughters 1526, 2nd G Morrison & Daughters 1480, 3rd C Lavery 1479, 4th G Morrison & Daughters 1474, 5th G Morrison & Daughters 1472, 6th P Burns 1462, 7th J Kirk & Sons 1442, 8th G Morrison & Daughters 1440, 9th P Burns 1428, 10th P Burns 1427.

Dundrum HPS 5/58 - 1st B Chambers 1514, 2nd J Maguire & Partners 1495, 3rd B Chambers 1493, 4th J Maguire & Partners 1488, 5th G Foster & Connor 1482, 6th J Maguire & Partners 1481, 7th A McNamara & Partners 1479, 8th B Chambers 1477, 9th B Chambers 1477, 10th J Maguire & Partners 1468.

South of Ireland Results ISRF Thurles

Sarsfield RPC 37/732 - 1st Tucker Daniel 1842, 2nd Pat Byrne & Family 1840, 3rd Pat Byrne & Family 1835, 4th Mick Hoolahan Jnr 1825, 5th John Farrell 1822, 6th B Stafford & Sons 1796, 7th Anto Sweeney 1794, 8th Anto Sweeney 1789, 9th B Stafford & Sons 1787, 10th Anto Sweeney.

Ballymun RPC - T & Tr Emerson 1823, 1795, Brian Hoey 1793, J Kelly 1791, B Hoey 1785, J Byrne & Sons 1782, J McDonnell 1759, 1756, J Byrne & Sons 1756, 1752.

Training for the East End HPS will commence on 15th April morning and evening. Pick-up R Conlane’s Lord St from 6.50-7.20am and 4.30-4.45pm. J Carson Strandburn Sydenham from 7.30-7.50am and 4.55-5.10pm. East End Clubrooms Severn St from 8.00-9.00am and 5.15-5.30pm. Donegall Road from 9.15-9.40am and 5.40-5.45pm. Please ensure birds are at pick-up points at the above times. Contact D Scott for early am Tel: 07912 676267 and J Rainey for late pm Tel: 07724 253321.

THE Fanciers Combine Tullamore (1) 64 /952 released at 16.30hrs on Wednesday 16th April. 1st T McClean 1391, E Grew 1388, W G Neill 1366 NOM, W G Neill 1363, G Buckley & Son 1358.6, W G Neill 1358.4, P Grew 1357, S O’Brien 1348, M Brown 1335, J Parr 1326.9, M/M C G Gibson 1326.1, 1325.6, 1325.1, M Hughes 1323.48, R Major 1323.43, Buckley Buckley & Craig 1322, J Curran 1317, B Creaney 1314. Race sponsored by N D Tiling, Banbridge.

Homer & Adie

Adie McCormick
Ireland’s Own Pigeon Auctions
Tel. 028 92 604778.

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