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INFC Skibbereen OB National 2008: National Double for Hutchinson Bros of Ashfield

Davy and Annette Hutchinson holding both the NIPA Rosscarbery Inland O/B National winner and the INFC Skibbereen Inland O/B National winner, back to back Nationals wins, some performance.
Wayne Doonan of Cock Crow Breeding Stud pictured with his father Rowan Doonan of the Doonan & McGuinness partnership who finished 2nd Open INFC Skibbereen National, beaten by the second decimal point.

A nice little photo of the 5th & 6th Open INFC winners Ian Gibb & Son and McCartan & Woodsides. From (l) Ian Gibb, Paul McCartan, Darren Woodside and Peter Gibb.

You would not think this man is 80 years young and still at the top of the game. EDC Fancier of the Year many times John Patterson from Ballylesson finished 4th Open Skibbereen.

Richard and John Donnelly from Newry City scored 3rd Open in the INFC Skibbereen National.

Tom Marshall and son David had a super Skibbereen Nat with six birds in the result including 7th Open INFC.

The S & K Duke partnership from Crossgar finished 8th Open INFC. He is pictured here just after putting his birds through at Lisburn (little did he know he would do so well).

Ligoniel & Dist fanciers at the Race Marking in Lisburn, from (l) Harry Anderson, Norman Armstrong and Darren McMurray. The Ulster Fed Transporter was on site.


Dromore also figured as usual at the top of a big race result, this time it was Joe Vage who timed his Dk Cheq cock racing widowhood to take 9th Open INFC.

Crumlin & District fanciers return clocks to the Muckamore Centre after Skibbereen. From (l) George Grant, John Scott and Jimmy Galloway.


The Mid Antrim early arrivals in Skibbereen included from (l) David Lowry (Ahoghill), Alan Darragh (Cullybackey) winning 1st Comb for the second year, and Albert Young (Ahoghill).
Former winners G & K Moxham from Larne & Dist were well placed again with the best in Muckamore Centre (r) Alistair Bell (Muckamore HPS).

The birds were held in Skibbereen on both Wednesday and Thursday due to weather problems at the race-point, conditions improved on Friday 30th May and release was possible at 12.30pm in an ESE wind. Hutchinson Bros from Ashfield have won 1st Open INFC beating the Doonan & McGuinness team from Dromore in a decimal point finish. Ten days earlier Hutchinson Bros won the NIPA Rosscarbery Nat for back to back National wins, something very unique. Some consolation for Doonan & McGuinness who won the 1st Prize of £2,500 in the Dundonald 3 Bird Championship.

The attendance at the Lisburn Marking Station and birdage was down on the previous year which had seen a 33% rise but this was reverted back to normal, the reports of dodgy weather mid week didn’t help and the uncertainty as to whether they would seek to liberate on Tuesday as they had previously done the last couple of years left many wondering what way to feed, really the weather was very unpredictable during the course of the whole week and this resulted in holdovers on both Wednesday and Thursday, with the race controller holding the faith and nerve on Friday with the convoy of 2,413 birds presented by 354 fanciers from all over Ireland being liberated in Skibbereen at 12.30pm in a East/South East Wind. Many of the experienced war horses knew how long it would take with the wind conditions and also taking into consideration the birds had been in the Geraldy built Transporter from Monday tea time. Many I spoke to were spot on with their timings.

D Hutchinson & Son (Ashfield) 1st Open INFC plus £740
Overall winner by .08 of a yard was the loft of Davy Hutchinson for those of you excluding the fanciers from Ireland who are reading this and saying to themselves I know that name, well last week in the RP a loft profile was published on this very same fancier after he topped the NIPA National from Rosscarbery last Monday, so back to back National with two different organisations in the O/Bird racing programme, I put Hutchinson Brothers down as the first to ever accomplish this fate although I stand to be corrected as always. The winning pigeon very similar to the last weeks National success, yet again a Blue Yearling hen racing on the Widowhood system, coming down from the excellent family of Soontjens sourced from Tony Marden all those years ago, (refer to last weeks loft profile, also available on pigeonnetwork for further info). This National winning hen “Unbelievable” was clocked at 17.41pm flying 234 miles, sire is a direct Luc Geerinckx when mated to a pigeon carrying the bloodlines of two fantastic racers namely ‘Impreza’ she is 99 bred and has produced countless winners year in year out including 2 x 1st Section winners including 4 x pigeons over a 4 year period that competed in the NIPA Five Bird Mallow race they finished 1st Section, 2nd Section, 2nd Section and 4th Section, she herself has won over 16 x NIPA Open positions as well as 8 x 1st Club’s and 2 x 1st Sections some of the highlights of her incredible racing career included 5th Open against 6,256 pigeons, 16th Open against 18,277 pigeons, 8th Open against 21,704 pigeons, 29th Open against 25,163 pigeons and 95th against 16,768 pigeons. In 2006 a son of this hen won the Dromore National Centre by 115 yards out of the Mallow 5 Bird race, and finished 12th Open. ‘Leo’ is the other outstanding pigeon on the Sire’s side of things and what a pigeon he is also again 8 x 1st Clubs to his name and 2 x 1st Sections he is also sire of the pigeon that finished 2nd Open Mallow 5 Bird Race last year the one that Davy was beat by decimals for the Open. As you can see decimal points are a thing for the Hutchy loft but this time they favoured the right side, very well done to Davy, Annette and daughter Leanne.

Doonan & McGuinness (Dromore HPS) 2nd Open INFC plus £814
Second Open, and you must feel so sorry for a pigeon coming so close beat by the second decimal point, this is the loft of Doonan & McGuinness of Dromore they timed a couple of good arrivals first one at 5.43pm flying 236 miles with the next one landing at 6.03pm. Only a couple of months back 75 year old Rowan Doonan suffered the loss of his racing partner of 20 years 81 year old John McGuinness who was an inspiration about the garden on a race day, many quoted to me his bark was worse than his bite, a more dedicated fancier and friend you will search long to find. Together they raced impeccably into the Dromore town topping the NIPA Open in no less than 3 occasions namely from Mallow 17,165 birds, Fermoy 1247 birds and Rosscarbery O/B Derby 7,949. We will not even mention the section positions as there were many, John passed away in April of this year and Rowan decided to continue to race in the name that had brought much success over the long enjoyed 20 year period, assisted by son Wayne who has set about establishing a stud in the Dromore Town by the name of Cock Crow Breeding Stud. The Doonan & McGuinness partnership clocked a Blue 2 year old widowhood cock of Janssen/Van Loon breeding what a racer he is previously winning 1st Club, 27th North Section, 56th Open Skibbereen O/B National; 1st Club, 6th Section D, 23rd Open Mallow 5 Bird; 1st Club 3rd Section D, 28th Open Roscrea and 2nd Club, 20th Section D, 112th Open Rosscarbery Inland O/B National. Bred at the new Breeding Stud by young Wayne himself. Now the Sire is a super racer himself a Van Loon named “Rambo” winner of 1st Club, 1st Section D, 17th Open Mallow 5 Bird; 1st Club, 2nd Section D, 3rd Open Mallow 5 Bird; 1st Club, 6th Section D, 19th Open Mallow 5 Bird; 1st Club, 5th Section D, 18th Open Carnsore Point; 3rd Club, 10th Section D, 100th Open Barleycove 60th Anniversary Race winning £1,000. To put the icing on the cake for the Doonan boys, the Dundonald HPS decided to run a 3 Bird Challenge at the start of the season, you had to nominate 3 pigeons before the end of April priced at £50 each these birds would then compete against each other come the O/B Skibbereen Inland National, Rowan’s pigeon was one of the nominated birds and will lift the newly presented glass cut Gibb & Byrne trophy plus a cool cheque for £2,500. Very well done to Rowan and son Wayne.

Donnelly Bros (Newry City) 3rd Open INFC plus £663
3rd North Section and 3rd Open goes to a partnership of brothers who are no strangers to the big stage namely Donnelly Brothers of Newry City, they clocked their 2 year old Roundabout Blue Bar Cock at 5.29pm flying 224 miles of the top of my head, this cock was timed previously in the Yearling National finishing 9th Open and finished in the top 20 from the Rosscarbery Y/B National, he is a direct son of the 1st Open Bude winner “Ballybay Destroyer” bred by Tom Nelson of Dublin what a class pigeon of the Donnelly’s and one to look for in the future.

John Patterson (Ballylesson HPS) 4th Open INFC plus £365
4th North Section and 4th Open is the East Down Combine maestro John Patterson, what a record this man has and at the age of eighty still going strong some say stronger than ever, called to see him on Saturday afternoon to arrange a loft profile very soon, this will cover some pages when completed so keep an eye for that one. Anyway back to the task on hand John timed a 2 year old Soontjen Cheq hen flying on the Widowhood system at 6.11pm flying 250 miles. She has been a very steady racer over the last couple of season and was a Glenavy Gold Ringer a couple of seasons ago finishing 7th Open, she is bred down from the famous ‘33’ hen who has bred a stack of Combine winners of the years, I do believe Ronnie Johnston is in the process of doing a piece on this magnificent breeder.

McCartan & Woodsides (Crossgar HPS) 5th Open INFC plus £271
5th Open another loft who are no strangers to the limelight Paul McCartan & David Woodside of Crossgar this loft won the Y/B version of this race a couple of seasons ago finishing 1st North Section and 12th Open. This time they finish 5th North Section and 5th Open with a Soontjen Smokey Blue Yearling Cock flying on the roundabout system. They timed their winner at 6.04pm flying 243 miles. The dam of this cock is a class pigeon in her own right, she is the lofts representation in this year Single Bird Challenge organized by David Black, previously she has finished 75th Open Kings Cup, 24th National Portsmouth and will certainly be battling her way home this year trying to complete the treble. She is carrying the best of the Frank Sheader bloodlines coming down from the lines of the ‘601’. The sire is an exceptional pigeon also who has two very credible Red Cards to his name before being put to stock, well done boys.

Ian Gibb & Sons (Lagan Valley) 6th Open INFC plus £379

Lisburn bound for 6th Open again no strangers to success the One Loft Maestros Ian Gibb & Sons of Derriaghy, they timed their Blue W/F Cock at 6.08pm flying 246 miles and this pigeon was also nominated in the Dundonald 3 Bird Challenge winning the second cut of the prize money, so a cool payout of £1,000. This yearling widowhood cock is already a prize winner at club level and should have been setting nicely at the top of the NIPA Open a couple of weeks ago having arrived home early with a stray and flew around and around as they do losing close to 7 minutes (didn’t fly around so much this time). He is bred from a Van Loon hen of Kevin Lawson breeding when mated to one of the partnership’s own Soontjens this particular stud cock has already sired 4 winners. The Gibb Lofts boast one of the most impressive families of the Soontjen strain probably in Europe. The boys sent five pigeons and I was present with them for most of the evening including at the Hillfoot clocking centre, they had four of the five home before we left for the centre and the first three home were the 3 nominated in the 3 Bird Dundonald Challenge how’s that for picking. The Gibb & Byrne team have a pretty impressive Stud Catalogue out, and well worth a look if you get the chance.

Tom Marshall & Son (Newtownbreda) 7th Open INFC plus £347
7th Open shifts down the road a couple of miles and like the Gibb Family Tom Marshall & Son are also very well organised and supported feed merchants. Tom Marshall & Son David have a very impressive set up and equally impressive birds, seen Tom at the Hillfoot clocking centre and as always was working very hard, the boys timed a very well experienced 3 year old Blue Cock flying on the Widowhood system again of Soontjen breeding, just look how many Soontjens are in the top ten of this result one of the most consistent families of pigeons to ever come into Ireland and as proved by McCartan & Woodside who finished 5th Open they have timed them from France. Tom & David Marshalls experienced cock arrived at 6.06pm flying 244 miles and this pigeon was 6th Open in the East Down Combine result last week, Tom tells me that he is absolutely bouncing and is only now starting to hit peak form no surprise really as this is were Tom Marshall seems to take over when others start to fall back, the loft having a quick count have 6 in the money, great team work obviously by a loft of birds in tip top form.

S & K Duke Crossgar HPS) 8th Open INFC plus £165
8th Open takes us back down to Crossgar and to the loft of Sammy Duke racing as S & K Duke, the team are racing very well and it is a name I am often typing each weekend flying with the East Down Combine. Sammy timed his Blue yearling cock racing widowhood at 6.08pm flying 245 miles, a very good pigeon on the day and having been clocked in the East Down Combine Y/B Derby Result last year looks the makings of a real good pigeon a full brother of him finished 9th Open East Down Combine from the same race point last weekend. Sammy is currently taking on the role of stand in Secretary for the East Down Combine and is doing a great job.

Joe Vage & Son (Dromore HPS) 9th Open INFC plus £278
9th North Section and 9th Open goes to the consistent Joe Vage Junior. Was talking with Joe on Sunday and made enquires about his father Joe Senior but Joe junior tells me there has been very little change but he is still taking an interest in the pigeons and that is often the topic of conversation when he visits him. Joe sent four pigeons to this race and got 3 recorded arrivals in the space of 22mins with the 4th arriving before he left for the Banbridge Clocking Centre, the first one home at 17.56pm was a Dark Cheq yearling Widowhood cock flying 236 miles, this pigeon was the 3rd pigeon to the loft last year from the Rosscarbery Y/B National and the nest mate of it has already scored a 1st club, 2nd Section D and 15th Open from Fermoy. The breeding is Soontjen on the Sire’s side when mated to a Van Den Bosche hen. Well done Joe and pass on my regards to your father.

John Dowey & Sons (Tandragee) 10th Open INFC plus £80
To round up the Top 10 we are back down the country a bit to the lofts of John Dowey & Son of Tandragee in County Armagh. John is having a smashing season this year and I think this makes it his 7th Club success already in 2008. The Dowey loft timed a 2 year old Cheq Cock at 5.43pm flying 226 miles this pigeon has been a steady racer every week this year but pulled out all the stops to beat the rest home this time he is bred of pigeons obtained from the late Cyril Fletcher son of the late Bertie Fletcher not surprising then that the bloodlines are Frans Van Wildemeersch and Zantboer, very well done John and keep up the good flying.

Well that’s a very quick round-up of the Top 10 in the first INFC National of the year, and with the Yearling National due to be flown next Wednesday it won’t be to long before you will be reading yet another National round-up. To enable the news reports to be published when still fresh we require any results immediately following the race and as usual info on the Top 10, brief details and any photos.

INFC Skibbereen OB Nat 354/2,413
North Sect – Hutchinson Bros Ashfield 1324.38 IJKLM £740, Doonan & McGuinness Dromore 1324.30 IJKLMN £814, Donnelly Bros Newry City 1300 IJKLMN £663, J Patterson Ballylesson 1287 IJKLM £365, McCartan & Woodside Crossgar 1284 KLM £271, I Gibb & Sons Lagan Valley 1278 IJKLMN £379, T Marshall & Son Newtownbreda 1278 IJKLMN £347, S & K Duke Crossgar 1277 LM £165, J Vage & Son Dromore 1275 IJKLMN £278, J Dowey & Sons Tandragee 1269 £80, Gordon Bros & Sons Killyleagh Cent 1258 IJKLM £152, A & E Bell Muckamore 1267 £44, T Mooney & Son Millvale 1265 KLM £111, M/M G Mallen Banbridge Soc 1265 IJKLMN £201, M/m G Mallen Banbridge Soc 1264 £44, C McArdle Banbridge Soc 1263 IJKLM £120, L Magee & Son Lisburn & Dist 1263 IJKLM £116, R Adamson Corcreeney 1260 £44, McMurray & Anderson Ligoniel & Dist 1260 IJKLMN £196, R Williamson Bondhill 1260 £44, Gordon Bros & Sons Killyleagh Cent 1259 IJKLM £102, G Buckley & Sons Annaghmore 1258 LM £83, T Marshall & Son Newtownbreda 1258 IJKLMN £182, H Jennings & Sons Hills & Maze 1257 IJKLMN & NOM £305, R & A Gore Lagan Valley 1255 IJKL £69, E McAlinden & Sons Drumnavaddy 1255 IJKLMN £166, McKitterick Bros Corcreeney 1253 IJKL £69, T Marshall & Son Newtownbreda 1253 IJKLM £102, Donnelly Bros Newry City 1252 IJKLM £102, J McErlean Alexandra 1250 LM £83, M/m G Delaney Dromore 1249 IJKLMN £166, M Murphy & Daughter Alexandra 1249 £30, R Hunter Ballynahinch Soc 1249 LM £83, McKitterick Bros Corcreeney 1247 IJKL £69, Doonan & McGuinness Dromore 1245 IJKLM £102, T Marshall & Son Newtownbreda 1244 IJKLM £102, G K & I Moxham Larne & Dist 1243 IJKLMN £155, C Quinn Milltown 1243 £30, G Buckley & Sons Annaghmore 1243 LM £73, C & E Mallon Hills & Maze 1242 L £40, McGann Bros Britannia 1242 IJKLM £91, E McAlinden & Sons Drumnavaddy 1242 IJKLMN £123, E McAlinden & Sons Drumnavaddy 1241 IJKLMN £123, D & R Topping Ballynahinch 1241 £30, D & B Lyness Lurgan Soc 1241 IJKL £54, R Topping & Son Lisburn & Dist 1240 IJKLMN £118, S Curran Lurgan Soc 1238 IJKLMN £114, J Harkness Crumlin 1238 £30, Grattan Bros Eastway 1237 IJKLM £66, J Adamson Gilford 1237 M £46, J Cleland Annsborough 1236 £22, J Young & Partners Dundonald 1235 IJKMN £95, R McMeekin Kingsmoss 1235 IJKM £47, A Cousins & Sons Ballylesson 1234 IJKMN £95, T & K Mawhinney Donacloney 1233 IJKM £47, R McDowell & Son Annsborough 1233 IJK £31, Rafferty & Toman Gilford 1232 £22, J McErlean Alexandra 1232 £22, R Adamson Corcreeney 1231 £22, Capper Bros Bondhill 1229 K £26, J Greenaway Hills & Maze 1229 £22, A Darragh Cullybackey 1228 £22, B & M McCorriston Dromore 1228 IJ £26, Hutchinson Bros Ashfield 1228 IJ £26, M Murphy & Daughter Alexandra 1226 IJN £74, M/M G Delaney Dromore 1224 N £70, Connor Bros Kingsmoss 1223 £22, J Cleland Annsborough 1223 £22, T & K Mawhinney Donacloney 1223 £22, T Marshall & Son Newtownbreda 1222 £22, A Galloway Lisburn & Dist 1222 £22, R McMeekin Kingsmoss 1222 £22, McCartan & Woodside Crossgar 1222 £22, M Hughes Edgarstown 1221 £22, M McDowell & Son Markethill 1221 £22, M/M G Delaney Dromore 1219 £22, Turner Bros Moira 1218 £22, A Darragh Cullybackey 1218 £22, A Darragh 1216 £22, Hutchinson Bros Ashfield 1216 £22, S S Cairns Gilford 1216 £22, R Williamson Bondhill 1216 £22, R Williamson 1215 £22, E McAlinden & Sons Drumnavaddy 1215 £22, D & J Campbell & Bigger Glengormley 1215 £22, Hutchinson Bros Ashfield 1214 £22, J Vage & Son Dromore 1214 £22, M/M C Hayes Ballyclare 1214 £22, N Murtagh Millvale 1213 £22, Grattan Bros Eastway 1213 £22, Burgess & Brennan Bangor 1213 £22, G Douglas Wilton Cross 1213 £22, P & K McCarthy Grosvenor 1212 £22, Rafferty & Toman Gilford 1211 £22, E Murtagh & Sons Armagh 1211 £22, P & K McCarthy Grosvenor 1211 £22. End of Prizes. G Benson Lisburn & Dist 1211, Rafferty & Toman Gilford 1210, C McArdle Banbridge Soc 1210, Rafferty & Toman Gilford 1209. The full result inc. South Sect will follow. Tauris ETS Nom won by Gordon Bros & Sons 1268. The race was sponsored by Bamfords Top Flight.

South Sect – G O’Mara & Family Ind South 1256 OPQR & NOM £227, Dobbs Bros Wexford Utd 1240 OPQR £150, Dobbs Bros 1239 OPQ £102, R & M Hillis Wexford Utd 1238 OPQRST £180, P Caughlan Monaghan 1235 OPQRT £125, J Graham Monaghan 1232 £35, G Furlong Wexford N & S 1210 £35, Dobbs Bros 1207 OPQR £60, B Cullimore Wexford N & S 1206 OPQRST £125, P Arthur Jun Boyne Valley 1193 OPQRS £79. J Reilly Drogheda Inv 1187 £27, Dobbs Bros 1166 OPQRS 66, M Driscoll Wexford Utd 1164 £27, G Furlong 1163 OPQRST £98, Dobbs Bros 1157 OPQR £46, Dobbs Bros 1135 £27, B Martin Boyne Valley 1134 OPQRST £84, E Matthews Enniscorthy 1130 OPQR £38, P Rock & Son Skerries 1123 £27, Byrne & Mooney Stillorgan 1119 £27, B Cullimore 1116 £27, Byrne & Mooney 1116 £27, E Campbell Balbriggan 1112 £27, J Graham 1108 £27, Dobbs Bros 1105 £27. End of Prizes. R Mulligan Monaghan 1105 OPQRST £39, L Donnelly & Son Finglas 1095 OPQRST £39, Dobbs Bros 1083 R £5, W & M Hore Wexford N & S 1073 S £11, Harris Bros Bray South End 1059 S £11, P Byrne & Son Dundalk South End 1056 S £11, B Cullimore 1049 ST £23, T Madden Malahide & Dist 1019 S £6, G Furlong 1017 S £6, F Fanning Wexford Utd S £6.     

Muckamore Centre Skibbereen – A & E Bell Muckamore 1267, McMurray & Anderson Ligoniel 1260, G K & I Moxham Larne & Dist 1243, J Harkness Crumlin 1238, Grattan Bros Glengormley 1237, R McMeekin Kingsmoss 1235, A Darragh Cullybackey 1228, Connor Bros Kingsmoss 1223, A Galloway Lisburn 1222, R McMeekin 1222, A Darragh 1218, A Darragh 1216, M/M C Hayes Ballyclare 1215, D & J Campbell & Bigger Glengormley 1215, Grattan Bros 1213, P & K McCarthy Grosvenor 1212, P & K McCarthy 1211, G Benson Lisburn 1211, Fleming Bros Crumlin 1209, S G Briggs Lisburn 1208, J Scott Crumlin 1207, W Ringland & Son Derriaghy 1206, D Dixon Rasharkin 1203, D Lowry & Sons Ahoghill 1203, N Armstrong Ligoniel 1203, R Duddy Ballyclare 1202, P & K McCarthy 1202, Connor Bros Kingsmoss 1202, L & S O’Neill & Sons Larne & Dist 1201, Fleming Bros 1200, D Lowry & Sons 1200, McFarlane & Agnew Kells 1199, A & N Young Ahoghill 1197, M Simpson & Sons Shankill & Dist 1196, S Rodney & Son Ballyclare 1195, J Burrows Eastway 1190, G K Porter Glenavy 1188, S G Briggs 1185, McDonald & Wilkinson Chimney Corner 1182, Milliken & Barkley Rasharkin 1179, R Duddy 1178, R McMeekin 1178, N Armstrong 1177, Grattan Bros 1177, J & N Simpson Broughshane 1175, S Rodney & Son 1174, J Burrows 1173, S Rodney & Son 1172, R Duddy 1172, G Grant Crumlin 1171.

Mid Antrim Combine Skibbereen OB Inl Nat - A Darragh Cullybackey 1228, A Darragh 1218, A Darragh 1216, D Dixon Rasharkin 1203, D Lowry & Sons Ahoghill 1203, D Lowry & Sons 1200, McFarlane & Agnew Kells 1199, A & N Young Ahoghill 1197, Milliken & Barkley Rasharkin 1179, J & N Simpson Broughshane 1175, D Dixon 1166, D Dixon 1159, D Dixon 1153, Milliken & Barkley 1146, D Dixon 1125, Richmond Bros Ballymena 1109, D Houston & Son Broughshane 1106, D Houston & Son 1099, G McStravick New Antrim 1097, G & A Eagleson Broughshane 1077.

East Antrim Combine Skibbereen OB Inl Nat - A & E Bell Muckamore 1267, McMurray & Anderson Ligoniel 1260, G K & I Moxham Larne & Dist 1243, Grattan Bros Glengormley 1237, R McMeekin Kingsmoss 1235, Connor Bros Kingsmoss 1223, R McMeekin 1222, M/M C Hayes Ballyclare 1215, D & J Campbell & Bigger Glengormley 1215, Grattan Bros 1213, N Armstrong Ligoniel 1203, R Duddy Ballyclare 1202, Connor Bros Kingsmoss 1202, L & S O’Neill & Sons Larne & Dist 1201, S Rodney & Son Ballyclare 1195, J Burrows Eastway 1190, R Duddy 1178, R McMeekin 1178, N Armstrong 1177, Grattan Bros 1177, S Rodney & Son 1174, J Burrows 1173, S Rodney & Son 1172, R Duddy 1172, J Burrows 1171, N Armstrong 1168, G K & I Moxham 1167, E Logan Ballyclare 1167, A Thompson Ballyclare 1164, Connor Bros 1157.

Orchard Combine Championship Club – P Caughlan Monaghan 1235, E Murtagh & Sons 1210, S Corrigan Loughgall 1204, P Grew Charlemont 1199, E Grew Charlemont 1196, E Murtagh & Sons 1157, D & C McArdle Armagh 1147, S Corrigan 1143, E Grew 1140, P Grew 1135, E Grew 1131, S Corrigan 1120, P Grew 1120, E Grew 1115, R Mulligan Monaghan 1105, E Murtagh & Sons 1088, P Campbell & Son Armagh 1073, E Grew 1031, Cooney Bros Monaghan 1023, P Grew 1018.  

Northern Ireland Clubs Skibbereen Nat

Crumlin & District – J Harkness 1238, Fleming Bros 1209, J Scott 1207, Fleming Bros 1200, G Grant 1171.

Monaghan HPS – P Caughlin 1235, J Graham 1210, 1106, R Mulligan 1105, G Gormley 1053, Cooney Bros 1023. The winner had already won from Rosscarbery finishing 2nd Sect & 16th Open NIPA.

Cullybackey – A Darragh 1228, 1218, 1216.

Dundrum HPS – A Murray & Son 1209, 1171, J Maguire & Partners 1166, A Murray & Son 1155, J Maguire & Partners 1086.

Portadown Invitation – D Love 1206, 1189, 1156, A McDonald 1131.

Charlemont HPS – P Grew 1199, E Grew 1196, 1140, P Grew 1135, E Grew 1131, P Grew 1121.  

Rasharkin & District – Milliken & Barkley 1179, 1146, C Tweed 830. D Dixon 1203, 1166, 1159, 1153, 1125.   

Ahoghill Flying Club – D Lowry & Sons 1203, 1200, A & N Young 1197.

Ballymoney HPS 7/60 – D Dixon 1203, 1166, 1159, D & G McMullan 1156, D Dixon 1153, D & H Stuart 1141, A & M Boyle 1133, J McConaghie 1130, D Dixon 1125, D & G McMullan 1122, A & M Boyle 1120, J McConaghie 1106.

Kells & District – McFarlane & Agnew 1199, 1004.

Glenavy & Dist 6/30 – G K Porter 1188, D Scott 1145, G K Porter 1135, 1068, H Mallon & Son 1052, 960.

Newry & District – Mark Maguire & Sons 1185, 1179, M Maguire & Son 1170, 1157, K Byrne & Sons 1073, M Maguire & Son 1071.

Broughshane & District – J & N Simpson 1175, D Houston & Son 1106, 1099, G & A Eagleson 1077, J & N Simpson 1016, 1004, 946. 

Dervock IPS 5/42 - D & G McMullan 1156, D & H Stuart 1141, A & M Boyle 1133, J McConaghie 1130, D & G McMullan 1122, A & M Boyle 1120, J McConaghie 1106, W & L McCaw 1102, A & M Boyle 1092, D & G McMullan 1080.

Ballymena & Dist – Richmond Bros 1109, W & J Smyth 1062, Richmond Bros 1038, B O’Rawe 1015.

New Antrim Amalgamated – G McStravick 1097.
Ballymoney West Combine – W Blair 1021.

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