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Maintaning Seasonal Health: Chlorinated Tap Water
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This is something that I believe mesmerizes fanciers each and every year, fanciers all over the globe, we see hear year after year and the same questions asked.

Q: How is it that I've treated my birds with various health products, medicines etc ...but yet all efforts and usage seem to have little of no effect on my birds and wasting money on all the expensive products.

What are we doing wrong?

I am not a self claimed veterinarian or health advisor but have traveled a lived in a number of countries, with each country picking up a little something I feel has made me a much wiser fancier in regards to pigeon husbandry and the sport of pigeon racing.

When I left Ireland 11 years ago, I left thinking that there is little or absolutely nothing that anyone could teach me about pigeons. Being raised around pigeons from the age of 5 I had absolutely no choice but to listen to it all, the best strains, the best methods, the best health, the best of everything! I’m sure many of you can relate, from my home to the pubs and bars across Dublin, wall to wall and corners of the bars full of fanciers all sharing their best of everything, as a teenager I found this all to be amazing and later to be an absolute crack up, with many a great laugh, from fanciers being tagged with pigeon related nick names because of their knowledgeable contribution to the sport, everyone has them in the family even me, ours is known in Dublin as Bang Bang, yes you figured it, always having one in the clock, late early in different there was always one in the clock, but what a character!.

Anyway the point being I’ve seen and heard it all as so many of you can relate, upon leaving Dublin I thought nobody could teach me anything about the sport because I had lived and breathed pigeons daily for 30 plus years, I was ready for the new world and in my own way of thinking, a mind of knowledge and such the expert in pigeon racing from the back streets of Dublin. Oh how ignorant I was! I didn't’t know it at the time but was about to embark in a lesson in the art of pigeon husbandry beyond all prior comprehension.

So I would like to share with you a few little things I have picked up on my travels but have such a major impact in pigeon husbandry.

This article I would like to discuss the usage and effects of Bleach, Clorox, (Chlorine)

Chlorine, a wonderful element for maintaining seasonal lasting health. It can also be the number one cause for lowering a pigeon’s seasonal lasting level of health.

I have seen it so many times in both the UK and Ireland, fanciers using unfiltered tap water to treat or administer medications to their birds. Chlorine is a very strong chemical that can change the chemistry identity of certain products making them a lethal toxin, as many of you already know this but in most cases pigeon diseases are transmitted via the birds drinking water.

When you are treating your birds, whatever your flavor may be use filtrated water, to treat with regular unfiltered tap chlorinated water you are just flying blindfolded and just throwing away your hard earned money on expensive products. You are not really getting to the core of the treatment, yes a number of your birds are going to be treated but there are also a number of your birds that are just not receiving the adequate chemical ingredients from the product that they need to be a success in health, hence, you are destined for seasonal brake in health.

When you see lofts braking down during the season 98% of the time is because of poor product administration, your birds have started off great showing vigorous signs of health and half way through the season your birds are down showing clear signs of sickness of which you originally thought you combated this in the beginning with the appropriate treatment but the fact is a very clear and simple one, you weakened and in many cases changed the solution content with Chlorinated tap water.

Just as so many you are aware of the benefits of probiotics and the build up of a birds immune system after administration of harsh antibiotics, you must also be aware that your regular Chlorinated tap water is setting you up for seasonal health failure among your birds when used to administrate or treat your birds.

As so many of you are guilty of this, so was I at one point in time, treating my birds, looking good for the season and into the first half of the season my birds would be down showing clear signs of illness and again like so may fanciers would also be reaching, grasping for possible causes and any possible treatments, once again flying blind just not knowing what to do. I'm sure many of you have found yourself in this situation.

The treatment for seasonal health is to administrate correctly and use a carbon filter over your pigeon tap water, to remove all traces of Chlorine, once your birds are treated correctly you can remove the carbon filter because Chlorine also has many added benefits, but during any form of treatment it’s an absolute No No.

When I was first told all about Chlorine, I personally thought it was just another fancier’s opinion in regards marinating pigeon health, since enforcing and conditioning myself to take the correct steps when administrating medicine and treatments, I have to tell you I have not had a seasonal health brake down in over 10 years.

It's such an easy thing to do, administrate correctly because your birds will maintain seasonal health.

Keeping them healthy!

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Ray Delaney:

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