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 Experiencing The Sport In Another Country - 1
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I have been asked over and over again, what are the differences in racing the birds in another country.
I would have to say that me being in the USA and having competed in Ireland for many years prior to moving to the USA, I see many differences of which has to be expected being in another country.

The first thing that struck me was the number of fanciers there are in the USA apposed to other countries.

In the USA the number of active fanciers are in the region of 11,000 which sounds to be a fair number but when you take into account the actual size of the USA and the 52 states, in my state alone which is Texas you can take the entire worlds population which is 6 billion 6,450,219,806.

You could take the entire worlds population and accommodate them all in 1500 SQ homes and that is the actual size of Texas.

That being said spreading out 11,000 fanciers over the 52 states means there are very few fanciers in each state and even fewer in cities and towns.

This is one of the reasons for so many one loft races and futurities, in many cases this is the only way some fanciers can compete and enjoy their sport.

Where I am living now, I am fortunate enough to have a club practically right on my door step with a membership of about 24 members so I can still enjoy the experience of club and combine racing with the option to fly the futurities if I want to.

My first introduction to the sport on American soil so to speak was when I first spoke with Paul Walsh from Pa, who has just been fantastic to me regarding getting me up to par as to the way things are done in the USA, Paul is in many ways is like a brother to me, I've have known him for 10 years now and has always treated me as one of his own and then some, a truly wonderful person and family friend.

My next introduction to the sport was when I visited my local pigeon store which happened to be JEDDS, a fine store, one to be truly proud of, the proprietors Dick Rickard and Greg McKnight, both truly dedicated gentlemen of the sport and a great bunch of lads.

I introduced myself and Greg had mentioned that I should drop down and meet with the members, so I did and ended up joining the California Orange 395 club, the club is held in a corner pizza parlor with an area sectioned off for the members when they were to meet, pizza and cold beer at any given time.

I visited the club during a shipping night where I was able to see first hand how things were done in the USA which is very similar to the UK and Irish ways, the only difference being instead of loading the marked cock and hen creates into the truck, the creates were carried over to the truck and the birds were then released into the trucks fixed creates, excellent transporter system with air conditioning running water system etc...

I got talking to a number of the members and found them all to be a great bunch of lads, I then met another new member at the time, Dallas Kenny of which I had many a beer and some of the finest food prepared by his beautiful wife Megumi, truly wonderful people after a short while of knowing Dallas and Megumi, they moved to MI and have since lost track.

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Ray Delaney:

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