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Dear Fellow Fanciers,

Having followed the Belgium Pigeon Racing scene on a weekly basis for the last number of years and made regular visits to handle many outstanding pigeons at many top European Lofts, on our desired and concerted approach to find the next family of pigeons that we think will go at least one step further in bettering out already successful family of Willy Van Herck's which have proved themselves at every race point right to Sennen Cove in the South of England a distance of 300 miles to our lofts sited in Dromore, Co.Down.

We are very excited to announce that we have acquired 26 Top Class and outstanding pigeons direct from the lofts of Frans Van Tilbourg of Belgium at considerable cost and have a further complete round on order such is our belief that this family which is made up of the following bloodlines including Jos Soontjen, Flor Engels, Alfon Slaets and Bros Soetaway are the sprint/middle distance strain for the future. Since our enquires many months ago, Frans Van Tilbourg has now come to the attention of many of Europeans elite with many stories coming out of his bloodlines already being involved in a number of top racing stables. Many fanciers have already handled and witnessed the sheer quality of this family of birds at or lofts over recent weeks and we are already looking forward to the fourth coming breeding season.

Many fanciers are also winning on the continent with pigeons sourced from this small team fancier who notches up between 20  30 1st prizes yearly racing within the Antwerp Union, last year (2008) for example Fran Van Tilbourg finished 4th in the Championship in the Half Fond of the Antwerp Union which comprises of some 8,000 fanciers. One of the most decorated fanciers in Holland namely Willem De Bruijn was advised to purchase pigeons from Frans Van Tilbourg and he has made a number of visits and purchased a number of top class pigeons over recent years. Ludo Claessens has also had success with the Van Tilbourg Strain, as had Frans Van Linden who topped the Orleans National with a Van Tilbourg pigeon. Last year Frans Van Tilbourg in his own very competitive Club had the ACE Y/Bird, ACE O/Bird and ACE Yearling at the age of 84 this is some achievement considering he is racing out of his skin year in year out. To crown an exceptional year in 2008 Frans was crowned King of N.A.V. Federation with a membership numbering close to 2,000.

2009 has started and continued just like 2008 for Frans Van Tilbourg which just justifies our belief and excitement that we have brought possible the most exciting team of sprint/middle distance pigeons into Ireland in recent years.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and reading our results which are updated weekly on our "Fancier Own Web Page" link which is displayed on the Home Page of Photos of our new family will be added over the coming weeks so please call back and witness what we consider to be one of the most outstanding families of pigeons we have had the honour off handling and indeed purchasing.

Yours In Sport,

Philip & Joe Boal.

P&J Boal  - Northern Ireland ...

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The great Willy Jacobs (l) at his loft with the Northern Ireland visitors Philip Boal and (r) Tom Wilson of Gilford & Dist winner of 1st Open Irish YB National. Van Leest Peeters and son Paul with Philip Boal (R) at the lofts in Nijlen. They are holding the Golden Duif Champion of All Antwerp Trophy 2003 and the Silver Duif for runner-up to the above in 2002 The spacious lofts of P & J Boal Northern Ireland Willy Van Herck (L) pictured with Jos Van Der Veken legends of the sport in Belgium.